11-11-11 Global Day of Worship 11th November 2011

The first annual Global Day of Worship (GDW) to be held on November 11, 2011 is a call for a unified, global worship movement to see the name of Jesus Christ lifted up throughout the earth. It will be a day that will unify many denominations within the body of Christ while embracing and celebrating the differences in our expressions of love for Jesus Christ. Through a unified, celebration and adoration of the name of Jesus, the world will see that we are His disciples. www.globaldayofworship.com

You can join in by registering at www.globaldayofworship.com You can participate from wherever you are in via webcast streaming for 24 hours, from 24 time zones around the world from the 7.30-8.30 portion of global gatherings.

11-11-11 Australian Gatherings

Let me know via sue@partnersinprayer.org.au if you are hosting an Australian gathering.

11-11-11 Melbourne, Fri 11th November
Solemn Assembly 10.30am-11pm at Church of Christ, 680 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster.
We will share a time of silence at 11am for Remembrance Day with others across Australia, followed by Holy Spirit-led peaceful worship, listening to God, prayer and intercession.
Please pass on this invitation to others from your church, network, ministry etc.
You are welcome to join us in fasting and assembly across all or any part of this day.
If you are coming or participating from other sites let me know. Invitation with map attached.

11-11-11 Sydney Fri 11th November
Global Day of Worship New Life Baptist @ Dee Why 12 hours of worship & from 11:11am through till 11:11pm on Nov-11 28 Fisher Road, DEE WHY, NSW 2099 Church Office (02) 9971-5209

Global Day of Worship 7.30pm Newtown Mission 280a King St Newtown
See www.generationfire.com.au Events and News for other details and other venues.

‘Arise 11-11-11’ Brisbane Fri 11th November
Celebration from 11am – 11pm at the Glory Gathering, 46 Kelvin Grove Rd., Brisbane.
The emphasis is that we as the body of Christ arise from this transition period into being the mature bride of Christ, taking up her authority to live in the fullness of who she is and in that authority – bring all the of Christ in his love, mercy and healing and to est. love, justice, rightly reflecting the goodness of God and bringing his transforming power into our nation today!! Charles Stock (HIM, USA) will be speaking at night. www.harvestim.org.au

Australian Forerunners

At the beginning of 2011 the Lord impressed on Jenny Jack to call a sacred assembly on this day and a Melbourne group have met each month most of this year to pray toward this – so we were amazed to hear about the GDW! I see 11-11-11 as one step in a movement of united prayer across Australia.

We believe our Lord wants His people to come together from all denominations, networks and ministries to PRAY with 1 voice.

11-11-11 calls us to 1 place in 1 accord1 body and 1 Spirit, 1 hope, 1 Lord, 1 faith, 1 baptism; 1 God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Acts 2:1 KJV, Eph 4:4-6)

Unity – even collaboration – is impossible in our strength but God cherishes our diversity and invites us to be one as He is 1. (John 17:21-23) When we are 1 with Him, we are 1 with each other! 1 Bride!

In Australia 11-11-11 is Remembrance Day

At the 11th hour this Remembrance Day – pause to pray for Australia. Do you see the condition of our neighbourhoods and cities across this nation? Australia is made up of people who haven’t found what they are looking for. Many are lost and stuck in unhealthy living. Most don’t know God is a loving Father available to fulfil them. I am convicted that we have misrepresented to our neighbours who God is and how God sees them. Instead of the good news of reconciliation with our Father – we speak with judgement, condemnation and rejection. Do you know the good news? Do you have good news to share? See below.

1.1 Intimacy
“The most important 1,” answered Jesus, “is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is 1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’” (Mark 12:29-30) On 11-11-11 we invite you to focus on worshipping God. Stop what you are doing and still the noise in your world to hear from God. Seek His face; His perspective; His promises; His word to you. This Remembrance Day – remember who your loving Father is – and how much He loves world. Remember the covenant of His promise with all living creatures of every kind on the earth (Gen 9:16) and the land. (Lev 26:42) “Seek Me and live!” (Amos 5:5-6)

11th hour Repentance. When we have 1 focus – seeking our Lord – His gentle conviction frees and empowers us to truly repent and turn from our ways to His. (Joel 2:15-17) On 11-11-11 we will wait on our Lord for His conviction but we already see that the Lord is sickened by our religious ways (Amos 5:21-26) and by our lack of passion for Him. (Rev 3:16) We, as the Church, can be still stuck in old testament religious rituals of sacrifice and offerings for sin; missing out on the joy, intimacy and power of the new covenant in Jesus’ blood! Your level of joy is a test of how deeply you have received the good news.

Do you know the good news? When we are set free through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we know our sins are not counted against us and we are righteous in Him! (2Cor 5:18-21) We can enjoy living in God’s Kingdom – through righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17); free of condemnation; with His Spirit living in us; as sons and  co-heirs; able to reveal Jesus’ kingdom on earth – His glory in our world. (Romans 8:1,11,17-21) Hear podcast at www.stairway.org.au/media.php?pageID=6 ‘Peter McHugh evening 2/10/11.

See a word on 11-11-11 by Ps. Robin Johnson, from Beyond Here at www.beyondhere.org.au/~joseph00/beyondhere.org.au/ministry/exhorter.html

New Australian Prophetic Council

Many of us were blessed to meet in September in Brisbane with many of the members of the new Australian Prophetic Council. (I know there are prophets of God in Victoria who will gradually be recognised too.)  The council links with others in Canada, Britain etc You may like to register to receive updates on words from the Council at http://www.australianpropheticcouncil.com.au/ You can go there to see published words: e.g.

A Word of the Lord for Australia by Cindy Jacobs 25.9.11 “There is a coming shaking of the continent in order for a great awakening. I saw… Australia as a giant, old-fashioned alarm clock and it was ringing to awaken the church to the hour of destiny….”

This word was spoken at the H.I.M. RIM of FIRE 2011 with Che Ahn, Cindy Jacobs & Lance Wallenau Audio CDs and DVDs available from Resources page www.harvestim.org.au

Early bird registrations for H.I.M. Burning Ones Conference 27-29 September 2012 with Che Ahn, Patricia King, Kris Vallotton, James Goll www.harvestim.org.au

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