2015 Prophetic Word by Dutch Sheets

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2015 Prophetic Word by Dutch Sheets

We are crossing over into the fullness of a new season but we are moving into the fullness of it.   There will be more transition in 2015 than we have seen in our lifetimes…..  At that place where the first known revival took place that our prayers have tapped into the root of awakening in the earth.  The appeals to heaven HAVE been heard and we are now moving into the next phase of this new era which will be a new awakening into the world.

God is not taken by surprise by what is going on in the world- He knows what He needs to do- and He’s ALWAYS AHEAD of the devil in His strategies and so DO NOT TELL ME that we are not going to reap a great harvest, DO NOT Insult God with your theology/religion WE ARE RIGHT where we need to be and if we weren’t He would just catch us up!
The number 2015 is a number celebrated with victory/harvest- 2015- in Strongs means to OVERTURN/OVERTHROW- or to turnaround/transform OR BE REVERSED!

We are  moving into a season of reversal- divine reversal/divine turnaround – this is a year where the plans of the enemy boomerang and hit the devil! There will be awakening where rivals will awaken in places we never thought we’d see them in.

Balaam’s curse was turned by God into a blessing because God loved them!  Where God turns mourning into JOY!  THIS YEAR- THIS is a year of GREAT divine intervention!

EPPYPHENIA- TO SHINE FROM- word that has to do with light- that which has to do with darkness- to become visible or known- to talk about God’s grace being revealed- epiphany of love- this is a year when God will reveal things to us that He has kept in hiding because we weren’t ready.   But this year those strategies will be released because this is a year of divine revelation of what we are to do in ALL Things to TAKE OUR LANDS- being released this year like we have not seen in the past 10/15 years….We will now have strategies to implement what we have been birthing!

2 Dreams:

  • Hawaii- week of ministry/vacation- Dutch was speaking to an apostolic friend, and he said very slowly to him:


Meaning: we are about to see in a new way- the Kingdom of God come to the earth in a more full way- that which we have warred for spiritually- PHYSICAL Manifestation of these things- cities being changed- we will not just cry out for harvest and hope it happens, WE WILL SEE IT HAPPEN- WE WILL SEE THE FRUIT OF THE WHIRLWIND!

WE WILL SEE A MIXTURE of the whirlwind glory of God into the earth and it will bring it in ways we’ve never seen before!  REAL PHYSICAL literal change into the earth!


We are moving into a season where God is about to release a new measure of Grace!  TO do II COR 9:8- talks about God making all Grace abound to us!

We don’t have to work/strive to get it- its just coming to us!  The next 6 months is a divine FAVOR/window of opportunity to release Grace to the church!  For being able to tap into His power like we’ve never seen!  The decisions that we make over the next 6 months will define our lives…. If we go after Him through this window over the next 6 months it will define our lives!!!!!!!!!!

Mantles for region/nations being released….  The last 10 years have been to prepare us for the next 6 months so that we can Step into the fullness of what God has called each of us to do for our lives!!!  God has been shaping those gifts in us and God is getting ready to release us into the fullness of those gifts so that God can do them THROUGH US!

Portal opening…….The spirit of God says:

You just think that you have been walking in the fullness of your anointing but instead you have been walking in the preparation for that anointing- God has been working through you, to you and now God is demanding manifestation, the sovereign that sits in authority says that HE IS NOW CALLING FORTH the fullness of the FIVE FOLD in the church like we’ve never seen before!  God is going to release us, pull us up higher in ways that we’ve never seen before- IT’S A FULLNESS OF TIME!

The alarm clock of heaven is now ringing on the nightstand of a sleeping church.

God says its time to GET UP!  God has Lions in hiding- His lions will be FIERCE/BOLD, and they will not retreat when the enemy advances- but FIERCE/BOLD announcing God’s proclamations/authority against hell’s intrusions, they will move forward in My power- moving forward with God shouting that God’s heirs are establishing God’s throne in the land…..Passive appeasement is now being replaced with JERICO’s SHOUT- NO SHARED RULED ANY LONGER says the Lord!

Power to prevail is being poured out! Power to conquer demon kingdom doctrines- they will find themselves stuck in their own mire- ROAR WITH MY KINGDOM!  GREAT REVIVAL FIRE will now begin to burn with intercession soaked regions- those regions will now become activated with My glory- I am shaking the heavens- hells defenses are now being shaken down- and My intercessors will help to birth that revival!

The ancient healing wells are opening! Miracles will multiply – My angels are pumping those wells- behold I will do a new thing and NOW IT SHALL SPRING FORTH!  Because your cries have come before Me- DO NOT THINK HE HAS NOT BEEN LISTENING or that He has not heard your cry- Your worship has become sweet savor!  The Lord of Angel ARMIES DECREES OVER HIS WARRIORS YOU SHALL NOW SEE REAL CHRISTIANITY CHURCH- ORDAINED REALITY CHURCH!  A TURNAROUND!  THE REAL POWER OF GOD- God is removing arrows of betrayal of Jezabel, religious spirit,  ALL THOSE ARROWS ARE BEING TURNED ON THE ENEMY THIS YEAR!  YOU WILL SEE THE JOSEPH ANNOINTING THIS YEAR!  7 Fold return of what the enemy has stolen!  Health is being returned!  You will be 70 and have the health that you had at 50/60!  GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!  ARROWS OF DISEASE ARE BEING REMOVED from generations past, THIS BROKEN OUT OF YOUR DNA- the blood of Jesus pulls that out of you NOW!  NEW FRESH BEGINNING!  NOW!
The LORD SABIOTH!  The LORD OF THE ANGEL ARMIES!  God is commanding his armies to act AGRESSIVELY on our behalves!  A Divine coalition of His willing- those who run to battle and not from it!  Thrones of inequity/idolatory/rebellion/witchcraft- batallions of angelic host are being dispatched and awaiting the word/prayers of the saints so that Gods children can sit in heavenly places with HIM!  Align your words with God and His angelic forces shall align with YOU!  Speak the word, prophetic words- angels are waiting to hear it so they can act!


  • New season springing forth- what you have prayed for/fought for is now being released- the greatest PUSH of God’s kingdom NOW BEING RELEASED! Those that don’t bow to the darkness will have the countenance of Daniel- Governors of the culture will NOW come forth!

Remnant warriors will NOW emerge with the heart of David and they can’t be bought – they WILL NOT COMPROMISE!  REGULATORS of the culture will return to their post!  God will arise with his power/firey hosts- this will become evident- to destroy the enemy in your region!  God will rise to battle for MY people- I will NOT STAND DOWN!  I WILL NOT BE INDIFFERENT, I will thunder of those that mock Me!  I will rise against Antichrist Government that mocks ME~ BUT I WILL NOT RELENT!

GOD WILL REVEAL REVIVAL FIRE ENGINES- VORTEXES of Holy Spirit TORNADIC FIRE will spread through regions! God will answer Baal’s fire with HIS FIRE! God is sending FRESH FIRE, God’s warriors will burn with MY message/My Presence- they shall be Holy Ghost REFORMERS!    Demonstrations of My mightiness will be seen and reported- ITS TIME!

A NEW PENECOST!  You will inhale the sweetness of My Anointing!  You will experience Holy Spirit Wind and You will war DIFFERENTLY!  YOU WILL WAR DIFFERENTLY in this season!  Breathe deeper- and dominate hell’s kingdom!  Dominate hell’s kingdom as intended!  PUSH!  Its time for My reigning church TO PUSH!  You shall MORE than conquer!  SO SHIFT into the new season that I have ordained!

The FULLNESS OF A NEW SEASON!  SHIFT!  SHIFT SHIFT! I RECEIVE THAT NOW into relevance/purpose- it’s the day of the saints- the day of My power!  Move forward into destiny RISE WITH ME SAYS THE LORD





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