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An Open Letter to the Church

Bible ben-white-197680-unsplash (sm) 20th March 2019 Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing to you as a partner in prayer & evangelism who is seeking Jesus’ kingdom harvest & transformation in Australia. Please pray that the provision of God for evangelism will be unlocked and flow from the church into the harvest field. Many advocate that tithes and offerings are to be gathered into the … Continue reading

JOIN NOW: Worship on the Mountains, Anzac Day Thursday 25th April

Uluru Worship and declare Jesus as King of Kings and Lord  over your part of Australia & New Zealand at dawn on Anzac Day Thursday 25 April 2019!   Worship Warfare After a season of worshipping on various mountains around Melbourne the Lord is calling us to worship simultaneously on these mountains on Anzac Day at the time of the dawn services. … Continue reading


Shot of a group of people holding hands and praying together FASTING: MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE NEVER BEEN TAUGHT HOW OR WHY TO FAST Many Christians practice fasting during Lent.  As Lent is now upon us, some theologians are drawing attention to the fact that the practice of fasting might be waning because many Christians have never been taught why it’s necessary or even how to do it.  But it’s undoubtedly biblical … Continue reading