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Receive the Blessing of God

iStock_000076634161_Large There is an army of emergent ones arising – young and old! I see the glory of God and the potential of God’s plan through you! I see the unique packages of calling, gifting and anointing that your Father has given you! But I grieve because I also see the scheme of the enemy against this cohort. I see the … Continue reading

What is God saying to us? January 2020

2020 At the beginning of the 2020 year and decade Australia was on fire. [This map shows the locations of active fires in Australia, 2nd January, 2020.]   How do you respond to these extraordinary prophetic words ? by Australians: Adam Thompson Australia on Fire 7.1.20 Elijah Spirit Katie Barker Word for Australia – Fire – Rain and Divine Shift 9.1.20 Mark Hopper  Resurrection of … Continue reading