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National Forgiveness Week

Forgiveness (1) SUMMARY National Forgiveness Week (NFW) is a movement of conviction by the Holy Spirit that brings people, leaders, people groups and nations to their knees, seeking God’s forgiveness and offering forgiveness to others. In several nations it has culminated in annual nationwide events where the need for forgiveness is focused upon. NFW is to be funded by government and organised … Continue reading

What is Truth to you?

truth-in-midst-of-lies- This email offers you ways to explore Truth through times of waiting on God and a paper on The Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination. What is Truth to you? Jesus was silent when Pontius Pilate asked him, “What is truth?” A colleague said this question in Latin is an anagram for “The Truth is the man standing in front of us.” This … Continue reading

Updated: Ethics of Covid-19 Vaccination

Corona masks international united-nations-covid-19-response-5hp3iqwZXD8-unsplash Dr David Tinworth & Sue Tinworth First written March, 1, 2021  Updated January 12, 2022 We are constantly being asked about Covid-19 vaccination, by people who do not have the background to interpret scientific papers and who are confused by misinformation. In this paper we seek to simply share facts from evidence based data about Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccination in response to common questions … Continue reading