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Discern which are God’s invitations to you…

“From that time on Jesus began to preach,
‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.
Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’
” Matthew 4:17,19

1. Overflow Our Father’s Love:
40 Day Prayer Relay 

6 March – 14 April

REGISTER See Weekly Guides, Videos & Podcasts
Join Weekly Prayer online 8-9pm (AEST) Wednesdays via Zoom https://zoom.us/j/875202700
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The Overflow Event: 14 April 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Melbourne 
Join the body of Christ in South Melbourne for a time of unified prayer & worship on the last day of the 40 Days of Prayer. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER  

 2. Three Days of Prayer and Fasting for the NSW Election 
Wed 20 March – Fri 22 March

Join with us and your fellow Australians in Three Days of Prayer and Fasting for God’s intervention in the NSW State election this coming Saturday the 23 March 2019. These dates coincide with the Jewish celebration of Purim,  commemorating what happened when Queen Esther called for three days of prayer and fasting for God’s intervention in her nation.  We encourage you to pass the Christian Values Checklist on to your friends in NSW, and pray for NSW and the people of NSW in the lead up to the NSW election. Together we can make a difference.  Source: Canberra Declaration


3. 24/7 Bible Reading Marathon Melbourne State Library Square

2pm Wednesday 27th March – Saturday 30th March 2019

We are looking for people to be on site for 1-3 hours reading the Bible aloud in 15 minute segments. Bring a friend or your team. We invite Koreans, Chinese, Indians and other others to read in their own or any other language.

We, from the 24/7 Prayer Tower at Arrow on Swanston and from different churches, believe it’s powerful to broadcast the Word of God to our nation because the word of God will not return void.

Jenny Jack jjackblik@gmail.com 0432 660 097
Geraldine Roelink 0432 477 411


4. What Can We Learn from the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon?

Melbourne 9am-6pm Sat 30 March 

Jordan Peterson via Satellite, John Anderson & Rev Paul VanderKlay
St James Old Cathedral 2-10 Batman St West Melbourne
Register: https://petersonphenomenon.org


5. Worship on the Mountains around Melbourne and around you! 

Anzac Day Thurs 25th April 

Declare Jesus as King of Kings and Lord across our region in Australia and New Zealand!

After a season of worshipping on various mountains around Melbourne the Lord is calling us to worship simultaneously on these mountains on Anzac Day at the time of the dawn services. Let’s remember and declare Jesus’ death for all. “Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Please text Paul Kube (0401 252 605) or Sue Tinworth (0418 389 419) if you’d like to join a Melbourne team or worship from a mountain near you.


6. Movement Day
Sydney 8-9 May & Perth 3-4 May

Movement Day is inviting Intercessors and praying people from the different prayer networks in Australia to attend Movement Day Australia to be refreshed in the vision of God’s purposes
for our cities, towns and communities. These purposes will be expressed through the unity of the church and collaboration around the gospel to bring blessings and meet needs in the communities from which folk will come.
Our prayer is to be able to cast a vision of  blessed cities and communities and to motivate the praying people of our nation with the need to under gird and contend in prayer for this  outcome. This is a powerful assignment for praying people to be involved in.

Movement Day Australia is a two day conference to catalyze leaders spiritually & socially to impact their cities through rigorous research,  uniting prayer, unified local leadership, and powerful
collaboration between diverse sectors. REGISTER HERE. 
Ian Shelton contact@oneheart.com.au
Video Report: Movement Day Australia 2018 Highlights (5.17 mins)


7. Pray for Australia’s Federal Elections
– probably May 2019

Let’s pray together for a righteous and just Australian government:

  • Repent of our lawmaking – all laws that are not aligned with God’s laws.
  • Pray that the people’s will, which determines government in our democracy, is aligned with the will of God. Pray that the people exercise the privilege they have to release what is true, good & right & fair & kind for our families, neighbours and the children who will inherit what we pass on.
  • Pray that we, the church, do not pray or speak or act in bitterness – from judgements that cut off relationships and options. Pray that the bitterness of adversarial attitudes behaviour in Parliament are dissolved. Then we can unite with God and each other for the well being of our nation- rather than battle with each other.

See: Media support for prophetic guidance on how crucial this election is for Australia’s destiny.

You were born to reflect the image of your Father at this time. Rise and fulfill your part in releasing the knowledge of the glory of God over the earth!


8. PIPES RETREAT: Thursday 13 June – Saturday 15 June 2019 

Walking in His Glory

Venue: El Kanah, Marysville Victoria. Registrations will open soon.

walking in glory

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