40 Days of Delight Report from Sherry Lowah – Alice Springs

Sharon Lowah

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your encouragement today…. greatly appreciated!

As I mentioned, we are so excited here in Alice Springs, NT to be able to celebrate with you all by joining with you in the National Day of Prayer & Fasting and the 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting.. it truly has been amazing and already I can sense a real shift in the atmosphere, especially here in Central Australia.

I had the opportunity to speak at my local church, about the National Day of Prayer & Fasting, and how it is important for all Australians, especially Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people to be committed to praying for this great nation of ours Australia, as we are the custodians, caretakers, traditional owners of this country, that the Lord has placed here.  I went on to encourage them about our forefathers (Indigenous/Non-Indigenous) fighting for freedom for this country, in all the wars that Australia was involved in, and also the fact that Indigenous Australians have always fought for this country from the very beginning.

I also explained that Australia has a Black history, a White history and a Christian history, and encouraged the congregation to research these histories and celebrate them all, and especially as believers to acknowledge our Christian heritage.  There were Indigenous people in the congregation and I once again encouraged them to ‘fight spiritually’ for this country, because we have to protect it like the Garden of Eden – it is our responsibility to be Watchmen/Gatekeepers….. watch what comes in and what goes out.. we are protectors of the land!  (By that time everyone in the room was crying… as it was a very powerful, Holy Spirit message!).


The following opportunities have also opened up in Alice:


  • Our prayer group, has been part of the prayer & fasting and have encouraged others to do so as well.
  • Tonight we will open up the prayer for all believers from various denominations/ministries to join with us to pray for Australia.
  • There is potential for a House of Prayer for children aged 3-6yrs, which will encourage children to grow spiritually.

I am very happy and totally blessed that these opportunities are happening!  Thankyou Sue and Partners in Prayer Team for this wonderful opportunity to pray for our country! I am beginning to see the promises that the Lord has for Alice Springs/Central Australia and Australia becoming a reality!


Many, many Blessings,


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