Love Your Neighbours



God has asked you to love your neighbours.

“…may the Lord increase your love until it overflows toward one another and for all people…” 1 Thess 3:12

You will love your neighbours when you see them from our Father’s perspective, with Jesus’ compassion and Holy Spirit’s divine leading.

You can love your neighbours by praying for them.
Pray for them as you walk by. Walk at times when you might meet them.
Pray for them by name  – or street number if you haven’t met them yet.

You can love your neighbours by declaring God’s blessing over the land, environment and your neighbours’ health, finances and relationships. Blessing puts a smile on your face when you meet them and a ready word of encouragement when you greet them.

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see what God is doing in your area.
Expect to meet others who God has assigned to pray regularly with you
– as a local house of prayer in your neighbourhood.
Expect to see assigned angels, Godly timed opportunities, contacts and miracles –
His kingdom come in your neighbourhood!

In what ways does God invite you to be His light & salt in your street?
Declare the authority, grace and mercy of Jesus over everything that needs life, hope and love.
Pray for the new neighbours that God can bring to occupy empty houses or shops.
Let compassion move you to make a difference to your neighbour’s needs.
Invite them to have a cuppa with you.

You can love your neighbours by sharing the good news of all Jesus offers them.
Be equipped so you can share the gospel simply:

  • Prepare, practise & share your own 2 MINUTE TESTIMONY, “I used to be…  I asked Jesus to forgive me and he … Now I’m…”
  • Download the tool WAY OF LIFE to your phone so you can show them these questions, texts and invitations.  This tool is leading many Aussies to Christ. Join a training campaign in your area.
  • Share the THREE CIRCLES IN THREE MINUTES to change someone’s life! Share this when someone is describing their challenges.,

When people you meet receive Jesus, invite them to meet regularly with you so you can pray with them and encourage them. Help them learn how to Discover the Bible for themselves. See them become Spirit filled baptised followers of Jesus. Jesus’ strategy in Luke 10 will guide you. If you meet them in their home, their family & friends will also hear about Jesus and together you can establish an ongoing group that your friend can quickly lead.

Here’s some more content that can help you:

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We believe that we are entering a season of great harvest for Australia & the nations. Going into 2020, we are calling you to pray & support harvesters so we all see people coming to Jesus and becoming His disciples.

Partners in Prayer & Evangelism will:

  • Raise prayer for the harvesters and the harvest
  • Raise support for evangelists who equip & catalyse harvesters into the harvest
  • Release equipping soul winning tools, and information on training course & campaigns
  • Release updates of people being saved & healed by Jesus
  • And much more +

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