An Army of Glory

By Victoria Boyson

Victoria felt led to release this chapter of her new book, His Passionate Pursuit. Below you will find that chapter.

We are hearing back testimonies of people who have been delivered and restored through encountering God as they read this powerful resource.

An Army of Glory

You don’t have to wait to be in Heaven to experience God’s glory! God wants to make you a representative of His power to bring Heaven to earth. God wants you to encounter Him and experience His glory on earth, for you are a portal for the power of Heaven to embrace the earth, releasing His glory to a very needy world.

God has shaped you and prepared you for this hour and for this day, to be a part of His last day army of glory. He wants to infuse you with His glory and make you a radiant beacon of light empowered by Him to illuminate the world around you.

The darkness of the world is increasing at an incredible rate, and many are crying out to God for help. However, His plan for illuminating the darkness is to send His children as lights all over the world. As darkness increases, His children become even more radiant in contrast.

The Lord showed me a glimpse of His incredible last day army of glory; I saw God’s children filled with Him. I saw Him literally impart Himself into each individual, and as He did, they were transformed. They were not only radiant in the darkness, but also seemed alien to the rest of the world around them in their countenance and behavior. They were indifferent to the things that seemed to compel the world. Not driven by selfish desires, their only thoughts were for God’s purposes to be executed on earth, and this empowered them with incredible joy.

In the vision, the earth was indeed in a truly darkened condition, yet God had established His people all over the world. Standing firm with quiet peace, they emitted incredible strength and confidence. They radiated immense peace when all around them was chaos and fear. The peace they carried was a glorious beacon of hope to the world, and it gave them great influence and authority.

I felt they easily represented the Scripture, “Each one of you will put to flight a thousand of the enemy, for the Lord your God fights for you…” (Joshua 23:10 NLT).

They were truly an army of great strength. Their strength lay in purposing to live only for the Lord’s Kingdom. They were filled with Him and purposed for God to be glorified in and through their lives, no matter the personal sacrifice required.

In fact, they didn’t even recognize their sacrifices as being such; indeed, they viewed the sacrifices they made as gifts God had given to them. The pleasure they felt in Him needing them was an incredible blessing. They longed to be a blessing to Him, because He had rescued them and loved them when they felt unlovable – such was their appreciation of His love for them.

Through the blessing of their Christ-centered lives, they worked together in one accord, so much so that most of the time they would not need words to communicate with one another. They perceived by His Spirit what was needed.

I saw them as being one straight line of warriors; the rank of the soldiers in this army seemed inconsequential. They shared equally the roles of leadership, so no one would be overtaxed by bearing the burden alone. When one leader would need a rest, someone equally qualified would take their place.

It was unimportant to them who led, as they moved as one with no thoughts of competition or betrayal – to get more for themselves – but were very pleased to give help and encouragement to their comrades. Their minds, bodies, and actions were filled with His radiant glory and they were therefore free to work with each other with complete trust and reliance.

As God dispersed them around the globe, they continued to be connected to one another through His Spirit. Wherever they were sent they reigned with significant authority that has yet only to be seen in Christ. They were truly God’s sons and daughters and loved each other with an indescribably deep love. They were bound together as if they were the same person, feeling each other’s joys and pains as though they were their own.

They sacrificed their lives, their agendas, and desires all to joyously embrace God’s plans for them. They were numb to the things of this world as though they were already dead, yet lived still to display the glory of God on earth. They were the perfect depiction of Revelation 12:11 (ASV): “They loved not their life even unto death.” Inside each of them I sensed a deep yearning to be with the Lamb of God in His glory, yet they valued their time on earth to fulfill the purposes of the Kingdom.

The Enemies of Light

Some on earth, however, did not appreciate the light these saints radiated. They loved the darkness and saw anyone with His light as a violent threat against themselves and all they valued. They would do and say anything they could to deter others from following those who radiated the light, even to the point of trying to destroy them.

As those caught in darkness tried to expel the army of God, it seemed as though they would have their way. There were many more who were caught in the grip of the enemy than the number of those who held His light, and it looked like only a matter of time until the enemy would consume them. Yet they resisted them, not in anger but in love. They pitied those who would come against them; and hungered for them to receive the love of Christ.

Seemingly defenseless, they stood before a massive army of darkness yet did not waiver, standing firm. Closer and closer the chaotic violence came toward them. It wasn’t until the enemy attacked them, however, that I saw an increase in the glory that pervaded them. With the glory came incredible authority over the darkness, and as they were assaulted, they used their authority to lead those who came against them to Him who is light, revealing to the army of darkness an incredible sight.

Then, I saw the saints of God step aside, revealing to the lost the source of the light: a river filled with the glory of God. And that glorious river, teeming with the same power and light that emanated from the army of God, was a shocking sight in the midst of such great darkness.

Stopped by this breathtaking sight, some of those caught in darkness began to soften their hearts in His presence. They suddenly saw how passionately they were loved by God rather than hated as they had been told. As they allowed the love of God to penetrate them, I watched as the glory of the Lord washed through them, easily consuming the darkness that gripped them. It was a wonderful sight.

Time and again I saw them come to the river and be washed by His great love and grace; over and over as they came to attack, they found profound grace and forgiveness.

Still there were others, even at that incredible moment, who ran from the light seemingly to protect the very pain and darkness that gripped them. But the army of light had saved many from the grip of evil, giving them all reason to rejoice.

A Gateway For Eternity

As you surrender your life to God, you will see more and more that you truly are not of this world but are influenced continually by the eternal world you belong to. You are changed by the glory of that realm and are continually and increasingly in its power. You begin to see yourself as the eternal being that you are, endued with the power and presence of His Kingdom. You’ve encapsulated the heart of Heaven and have brought Heaven to earth. Indeed, you’re now an ambassador of eternity – empowered by and teamed with all the children of Heaven.

Compared to eternity, the life you’re now living on earth is as short as a vapor or mist (see Psalm 39:5). So, the more you can embrace eternity in this life, the more you will experience freedom from what holds this world captive. And the things of this world that seem so important begin to seem ridiculous by comparison. Indeed, they are not true reality but a facade to keep you from finding true joy, to keep you from experiencing true peace.

God’s ways are so much higher than ours, but it is vital that we seek to know His ways and follow in them for the sake of our eternal souls and the destiny God has placed before us.

Just as the elders in Heaven were consumed with worshipping God and pursuing what delighted Him, your life is made more abundant as you too pursue His glory, worshipping and delighting in Him. Your simple delight in Him will light the world.

Not Much Time

Our time on this earth is very short, and one of the greatest challenges of your life is how you choose to live the short time you have here. How will you use the time you have on earth?

People need to experience God’s love, and truly, you may be the only “Jesus” some will ever know. God wants to use you to display His glory to the world. You are indeed a mighty beacon – a lighthouse in a dark and dangerous harbor. Your voice can release the life and power of Heaven and transform those around you with a great awakening. You are a portal of Heaven – the only hope the earth has to know of His great transforming power. Literally, as you speak you release the power of Heaven and change lives, breaking bondages of the lies of the enemy.

So, speak! Speak out the glory of Heaven! Open your mouth and transform this world. Let the lost know He is searching for them and longing to give them a brand new life.

Surrender this life, every moment, to Him to be lived fully for Him. Give Him all you are. There’s not much time…

Source: Elijah List
Written by: Victoria Boyson

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