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 Wales: The Way of Blessing

The last two weeks we published the encouraging story of Ffald-y-Brenin, a house of prayer and retreat centre in Wales that has become the hub of a unique work of God’s Spirit. Last month Joel News skyped with Roy Godwin to receive an update on recent developments in Ffald-y-Brenin.

The level of God’ Spirit is rising, says Roy. “God is now opening doors for us internationally. Already years ago God spoke to us that the whole of Wales would become a house of prayer for the nations, and that He would raise up people in Wales to carry God’s fire to the nations. Not because of their gifting, but just because they had met with God.”

‘People regularly encounter angels and hear angelic voices join in the praise and worship.’

“Here at the centre we’ve alway resisted the label ‘revival’ to describe God’s work at Ffald-y-Brenin, we rather call it “waves of God’s blessing”. Visitors regularly wake up in the middle of the night, overcome with joy. Thousands of people from around the world have come over to experience God in a new way. He proves himself more kind and gentle than people thought He was. Many received healing. Just recently a deaf woman, and a depressed person, and someone with severe trauma. People regularly encounter angels and hear angelic voices join in the praise and worship. These kind of miracles happen all the time. We have double capacity now, and are booked out at least a year ahead.”


The moving testimony of a mother of 7 children who was blind, but can now see. (Click on the image to watch the video)


An important focus for Roy and Daphne and their team is to train people in the principles of prayer, who then train others.

“Several years ago a large man came up to Ffald-y-Brenin. He entered our kitchen, slammed his fist on the table and exhorted us: “This is what God says: how dare you bring many babies to birth and then put them on the draining board to die? We realized it was not sufficient to talk about the principles we discovered over the years, we intentionally had to start training people, network them and multiply.”

‘The man slammed his fist on the table and exhorted us.’

This prophetic warning was a preparation for what was to come. “Since 12 months we see a real explosion of God’s work across the nations,” says Roy. “Many local houses of prayer are springing up. In Africa God is bringing national leaders together from every nation, and we’re invited to train them to bless their lands. We’re responding to national bodies and denominations to start movements, by their invitation. We train the facilitators of national networks to go out across the nations and develop new networks. There are key leaders in nations who’ve never heard of Ffald-y-Brenin, who received dreams in the night in which God told them to call us, because He wants to release something new in their nations.”


How the outpouring from Wales ignited the town of Te Puke in New Zealand, with 34 gang members and many high school students coming to Christ.
(Click on the image to watch the video)


Roy doesn’t get carried away with it. “All this is the Lord’s initiative, we just seek Him.”

This year a new book will be released – ‘The Way of Blessing’, an update of the last eight years at Ffald-y-Brenin. “It presents a different way of discipleship and looking at the Christian life. What Jesus actually said and taught versus what we grew up with in church,” says Roy. It should be out in Autumn.

Source:Roy Godwin, interviewed by Marc van der Woude (Joel News)

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