Bible Reading Marathons

Day 1


 in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne

in association with 15 Feb 2015 National Day of Prayer & Fasting: DESTINY

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Write up of the Melbourne Bible Reading Marathon

We had an amazing time!  With less than two weeks to organise such a large team of bible readers, the Lord was very gracious to us.  We contacted many churches but not very many said they would help.  We are so grateful to those who sent a team, and some with even less than a week’s notice.

We managed to secure the forecourt of the State Library but upon arriving were told that events can only be for one day.  Thankfully after that time we were allowed to move onto the very wide footpath and continue our reading as that area is available for freedom of speech.  We praise the Lord for His provision.  We were also given permission to read outside the church of Christ across the road due the generosity of the pastor there, but didn’t end up having to do so.

Upon arriving and setting up while waiting my turn to read, I had such a sense of the presence of God.  At that stage we were stationed at the top of the steps and were looking down over the street, and I just wept as I looked down upon Melbourne and thought about the privilege of being able to speak the Word of God over a City that needs it so much.

We made declarations over the City before we began the readings – Jesus is Lord over the City and many others, salvation, repentance, renewal – the Lord gave us Isaiah 60:1-3:

60 Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
And deep darkness the people;
But the Lord will arise over you,
And His glory will be seen upon you.
The Gentiles shall come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.

The Gideon’s had given us four boxes of bibles and all were given out to many interested people, and a number engaged in conversations with those who weren’t reading.  Quite a few young people listened, asked questions and were impacted by our stand for the Lord and by hearing His word, and it was a very worthwhile time.

Several of the readers spoke of an amazing presence of God as they read, and were excited about doing it.  It was especially interesting in the middle of the night, because there were so many young people about and it was very noisy even though it was 2am or 3am.  To me it was like the city was writhing in its sin and even singing about it.

As time went on, we began to have some opposition, and as we prayed on the Thursday afternoon and did warfare I saw a picture of a huge wave of water (somewhat like a tsunami) gushing down from the top of the steps of the State Library and right down into the City, and it was said, “it’s the blood of Jesus” and I agreed.  Also the Lord brought to mind that scripture from Amos 5:24 which says “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream”.

That Scripture is written just after the prophet Amos says “I hate your religious festivals”, and I think the Lord is saying, more important than our worship, feasts and everything we do is going out on the street and speaking His truth to the lost world.  We are also reading the bible to impact the spiritual realm.

On Saturday night, the rain began to come down.  At that time we didn’t realise what it meant, but later we understood that the Lord was prophetically washing the city to cleanse it of its iniquity.  Hallelujah! Thankfully it didn’t rain all night, as we prayed, but began to pour down in the early hours of the morning.

As we drove home at around 9am, everywhere there was water and flash flooding and streams opening up.  This also was also a prophetic picture to show us He is going to bring revival to our City.

We ended up for some reason reading the book of Jeremiah at least 3 times because of some confusion (I think the Lord wanted us to) and then had to have 4 people reading together on the last morning, and then we finished by repeating the psalms and the book of Revelation.

A security guard mentioned to one of our people that it had been much quieter there in the City since the reading of the bible had been taking place. Glory to God!  Hallelujah!

Call to Join

Bible Reading Marathons  are not under any ministry name. This is simply Christians uniting to read the whole Bible aloud publicly in our cities. Can you do a 15 min shift?

Brisbane: from 7 Feb Jason Rawlings

Sydney: from 6 Feb Di Taylor

Canberra: from 12 Feb 2 locations Hilary Moroney

Melbourne: from 12 Feb Gerredina Kovac

To initiate this in your region contact:  Marilyn Rowsome

MELBOURNE: forecourt of the State Library
           12 – 15 FEBRUARY 2015  – continuously day & night
 8 am Thurs 12 February – 10 am Sunday 15 February

For more Melbourne information Contact Catch the Fire Office 9703 1620 in office hours Or Elizabeth 0427 301 161 Or Erika 0417 315 223 Or Jenny 0432 660 097

 Bible Reading Marathon Letter to YOU!

Dear Friends,

Many of you will have heard of the ‘Bible Breakthrough’ initiative to read the entire bible through aloud in every major city in Australia over three days February 12th-15th 2015. This initiative is supported by and will lead into the National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

We are seeking permission to read the Bible in the City of Melbourne From 10am Thursday Feb 12 up til 12 noon Sunday Feb 15.  Hopefully we will finish about 10 am or sooner.

What is required are Faithful, faith-filled Bible believing Christians who will volunteer. Below is the way that we have been recommended to do this.  If you desire to slot into this or have any other ways that you could help, please let us know.

We are looking for-

Site Captains  oversighting 3 hour time Watches & gathering 6 to 12 Bible readers to accomplish the vision

Bible Readers who will read for 15 minute time slots, or do several slots.

Men who are willing to be safety supervisors, to be seen to be present and protective.

We need 24 leaders who can bring 12 readers (reading for just 15 minutes each) to cover 3 hour slots. This will give 288 readings over the three days (72 hours). Time slots begin at 10am Thursday February 12th and finish 10am Sunday February 15th.

Time Slots are: 10am -1pm, 1pm- 4pm, 4pm -7pm, 7pm-10pm, 10pm -1am, 1am-4am, 4am-7am, 7am-10am over the three days ending 10am on 15/2/15.

Please pray for this opportunity for Melbourne.  It would be good if readers would arrive 15 min before their time, to pray for the person reading before them and maybe the one after.

Will you volunteer – for such a time as this? If so please ring or email: Elizabeth Ryan Mob 0427 301 161 or email

Or Erika on 0417 315 223 or Jenny 0432 660 097



Dear Church Leader,

We would like to introduce you to an exciting new opportunity this year to work together as the Body of Christ with Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney (and others) to read the Word of God in our city. As part of the National Day of Prayer & Fasting 2015, different locations across the country have been challenged to read the Bible from cover to cover out loud over the city. We, in Melbourne have decided to take up this challenge in 1 central location in the city, and to have a Bible Reading Marathon outside St Paul’s Cathedral from 8 am 12 February to 10 am 15 February.

Our desire is for an army of believers from across the churches of Melbourne to read the Word of God in one location outside St Paul’s Cathedral:

In Canberra, the timing coincides with the Multicultural Festival, and this Bible Reading Marathon is a Christian Initiative. This is a wonderful opportunity for Unity across the Body of Christ and the nation. So far there are similar events happening in Brisbane and Sydney and Canberra. It is a big project, as it will take about 72 hours to proclaim God’s Word, the entire Bible out loud. Readers will read for 15 minutes each so this requires up to 300 people. We would invite you to consider your church’s involvement or prayer group in this initiative.

What is our vision as we coordinate this project?

This is an opportunity to see the power of the spoken Word. It has been done in different locations around the world and each time people have witnessed

The Word of God is spirit and life and as we read the Word it will go forth and will not come back without accomplishing what it has been sent to do.

As we read we will be releasing the manifest presence of God over our city and in His Presence is fullness of joy, peace and love.

People walking by may not understand with their fleshly ears, however, their spirits will be receiving life.

When Nehemiah was rebuilding the temple, he found the Book of the Law and realized Israel was not living up to God’s Word. He had Ezra read the Word out loud from morning to night to all the people. As he read the Word, they fell on the ground weeping in repentance.  Nehemiah then told them, “Do not weep or mourn for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah Chapter 8:1-10).

We don’t know if this complete Bible Reading has ever been done in the cities before and we cannot predict what will happen as the Word of God is read in a public place aloud.

Our task is to do it and allow God to do things over and above what we can even dream of! Of course, we will be asking God to send His Word forth in its power to bring about repentance, a change in people’s thinking and a conviction of their need for a Saviour.

How we long for fresh wind and fresh fire from God in our city!

Please read the practical details on the next page describing how this event will be conducted.

Could you please respond to this invitation as soon as possible by filling in the response form below, as many have already responded and a number of watches have already been filled.  Thanks.

Submit the name and contact details of the person in your church you would like to appoint as the Site Captain. A letter will be emailed to them as soon as we receive these details. They will then be able to suggest the 3-hour watch they would like to cover. We would like some males to be present at all times if possible or married couple will especially  through  the night watches.

We in Melbourne have also taken up the challenge and would like to do this in Melbourne. Please feel free to share this information with as many church leaders or para-church leaders you know who might be interested in their church or group participating.

Yours for Our City,

Pastor Jenny Jack and Jill Curry, Elizabeth Ryan and Erika  Bartz,

Melbourne Bible Breakthrough – Bible Reading Marathon Organising Team


Practicalities of Melbourne Bible Breakthrough – Bible Reading Marathon J

  1. At 8am sharp on Thursday February 12th we will start the Bible Reading Marathon outside St,Paul’s Cathedral on the Lawn near the front steps.
  2. This will continue for 72 hours, day and night, finishing at 10am on Sun 15 February prior to the commencement of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting. It might need a bit more time so we will if necessary keep it going to 12midday.
  3. We have still to contact the police and will have permission for this so there shouldn’t be any problems. We hope to have a gazebo, with a table, a few chairs and site captains and participants are invited to bring their own Bible, water bottles & refreshments.
  4. We will need 24 reliable Site Captains in each location. These individuals are each responsible for one 3-hour watch of the 72 hours, and are invited to consider another 3 hour watch.
  5. Captains are required to be at the location 15 minutes prior to their shift. They will be on duty to check in readers, direct them to restroom facilities, and generally supervise the reading of the Word for those 3 hours. (After dark there will always be a male Captain on duty for safety).
  6. Each Captain will have a team of 6 to 12 people during their shift to read for 15 minutes each. (If this is not possible a team of 6 can read twice each over the 3 hours). We will have a small PA system, so be simply reading the Bible out loud. It is an opportunity for all ages as long as they can read at a decent level.
  7. If the readers do not come altogether in order to support each other, then each reader is required to arrive 15 minutes before the time appointed to them by their Site Captain (ideal for people to do in a break from the office).
  8. It would be wonderful if you could raise up a Site Captain and teams of 6-12 people from many different congregations, cultures and age groups, in this inaugural BB – BRM. We welcome your involvement next year if it is not possible in 2015.
  9. For the ones that are not reading they could be praying in the back ground or walking around to pray.

In Christ’s Love,

Jenny , Jill, Elizabeth and Erika. 0432660097






Your name: _______________________________________________________________

Your church: _________________________________________________________________

Your email address: __________________________________

Phone: ____________________

Appointed Site Captain: ________________________________________________

Their email address: __________________________________

Their Phone: ___________________

Preferred timeslot:    ___Morning      ___Afternoon      ___Evening     ___Night watch


Do you have an expected number of Bible readers from your church? _______________

Email this information to  and cc to Elizabeth at

Phone 03 9703 1620  ask for Elizabeth or Jenny or Erika if you have any questions. Thank you!

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