Bill Johnson ‘FIGHTING ON OUR KNEES’  5th July 2020

We invite you to hear the call of God to us each as His ekklesia, through whom God’s heart and the history of who G od has been to His people will bring healing to our land and nations.

“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

For 40 years this has been a stand out scripture in Bill’s life. We share below a transcript of this message.



1.‘Called by name’

That healing is instigated by people who share his name. Unbelievers will act as in believers.

God has put the weight of responsibility on shoulders of his own people – the ones I gave my name to.

Jesus said, Ask the Father in my name – and it will be done for you.

2 or 3 gathered in My name, where 2 or 3 to agree in my name. (Matthew 18:18-20)

Governmental responsibility for transformational assignments rests on the shoulders of those to whom he has given his name. Use it to bring change.

This season has reduced us to 2 or 3 family unit gathered in his name. Transformational assignment.


2.‘If my people who are called by my name’….

The most important ministry is prayer.

Worship and prayer are our premier assignment.

Refreshing me. Strength restored to my soul in place of prayer.

From our knees we have the greatest effect on our world.

Prayer and intercession enable us to become partners with God.

God is looking for people who don’t stay busy, but those who know how to represent his heart as partners.

We can’t be effective in action if that action has not arisen from prayer.

Connection with the heart of God gives me the authority to represent him with absolute confidence in action.

Prayer without action is incomplete as faith without works is dead.

Called to a life of action.

God is calling us to repent our way back to the righteous influence –from a place of prayer.


3.“will humble themselves and pray’

‘Humility is the way forward.” not to be hurt, angry, zealous, offended, withdraw. Kris Vallotton

John Wesley, God does nothing in the affairs of man except in response to prayer. God looks for partnership. Without him, we can’t. Without us, he won’t.


The place of prayer – is where we come into agreement with the heart and mind of God – to exercise His authority here so His will is done here as it is in heaven.


Key to 99% of answered prayer is abiding with Christ. 2 or 3 and I’m there. Awareness of the presence of God upon me and within me to make a difference in the world around me – that is the key to answered prayer.

It’s foolish to be given a transformational tool such as prayer and not to use it. Transformational prayer like giving birth – Paul: “Labouring” until Christ is formed in you.  I know the heart of God and I know the will of God and I know there is opposition.

I have nothing better to do with my life.

To petition God and to make decrees against opposition.

America – only 25% of Christians vote. Cess pool on our watch. Lie – my vote doesn’t matter.

No act of obedience is powerless. It releases presence and power. The glory becomes manifest.

He has given us his name… and given us responsibility to make a difference in our own culture.


17.31 -28.09 minutes

4. ‘and Seek His face.’

Every time we see his face we die. Come and die – let something die.

Jesus had no problem with people coming to seek His hand-his blessing. We’ve never been scolded if we seek his hand. Example Bartimeus

But forgiveness comes from His face, not his hand. It’s the father who welcomes. And that’s what needed –  a people recalibrated to the face, the countenance by the eyes of loving Father.

 Prayer recalibrates every value in my soul. Things that were important no longer matter. Things that plagued me, frustrated me, no longer have bite. Countenance absorbs every offense and distraction I carry in my heart -it gets absorbed.


5. ‘Turn from their wicked ways’

I turn from the inferior to seek the face of God.

He is the all or nothing God. He likes being first and King.

Heb 6 ‘from dead works to faith’. From…unto

He welcomes us no matter where our heart is at. But you can’t leave the same way you came.

We get recalibrated in the journey. It may be a 5 minute journey or an all day journey. It doesn’t matter. It engages me in the reason I’m here.

Psalm 67. Lord bless me. Cause your countenanced to shine on me. Countenance is the loving favour of the Father.

We come with baggage we leave clean and comforted.


6.‘Then you will hear from heaven and heal their land’

‘Hear from heaven’ is a personal blessing.

And ‘heal their land’ is a community transformation. 28.09min

History has been shaped by people who prayed simple prayers but were all in.

They took the knee and everything changed.

We have the privilege of doing this all day, the 5 minutes here and the 10 minutes there.

I’m here to make a difference.

In the abiding presence of God, I find the prayer meeting never stops. It started when I was sleeping and found myself praying and get up and grab my bible and continue. It doesn’t stop because of the abiding presence of God is upon me as a testimony to me. Learn to pray out of abiding. Out of the presence. Express it in prayer and decree. This is who we are. This is our assignment.


7. Strength on our knees

We bow not to flesh and blood – and that takes strength found only our knees.

We are being delivered from the prayer life where I prayed what I want God to do.

I no longer am praying prayers to convince God. We are praying from His heart. It begins in surrender.

You can’t find your significance until you find your insignificance.

Need ‘God confidence’ not ‘self confidence’.

Prayer is engaging with the unlimited strength and unlimited compassion of a perfect Father. It’s the countenance of a Father that says, now Son, pray this. Now do this. Now call this person. Now give this away.  Now do that.

The countenance of a father can guide you with his eyes. He looks at you a certain way and you just know. It is abandonment to the heart and will of God.

Suddenly we pray the simplest prayers that move heaven and earth because they come out of abiding and surrender. They come out of abiding. God is with me.


Isaiah 60. The spirit is on me. Then he declared ‘why’.

In the abiding presence the God we have the confidence to say ‘that will not be happening’. No. No. That will not be happening. Enough. I am here with a purpose and that will no longer happen.

8. Application and Prayer

  • We’re summoned to come to courts of King. ‘Recognise my countenance, pick up my heartbeat.’


  • We’re summoned from the heart of a perfect father – to come. Give us the grace for this season to not fight against flesh and blood, to not mistake people as the enemy. Give us the redemptive touch. Eyes of perfect Father – loving Father. Help us to represent you well.

38.23min (salvation call)

Thanks to Jan Wigley for these notes.

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