Blessing for 2015 – from John 15

Karen Wilson 1

2015 – A year of seeing the power of God’s love in new and awesome manifestation.

May you step fully into life union with Me as I have stepped fully into life union with you.

May you live in union with Me as the very source of all you are and all you need and so find fruitfulness streaming from within you.

May My words live powerfully within you so that you can ask of My Father and it will be done .

May you live nourished and empowered by My love, so that My joy will fill your hearts with overflowing gladness.

May you love each other deeply, as much as I have loved you.

May you know through encounter with Me, in the very depths of your being, the greatest power of all- the power of My love, working for you, in you and through you…

May we, together transform the world I came for.

Based on John 15 The Passion Translation

Love, Karen Wilson Prayer Coordinator Stairway Church Whitehorse


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