“We Will See Thrones of Darkness Torn Down!”


Danielle Dixon, Queensland, Australia The Lord is Granting Spiritual Clemency I woke up on a recent morning to the Lord saying, “I am granting spiritual clemency.” So, I quickly looked up the definition for the word “clemency” and found that it means: “an act of mercy by a person in authority toward someone who has committed a crime, esp. by … Continue reading

Revival: from Melbourne 1902 to Wales 1904 ?

R A Torrey

It is said that following the Great Melbourne Revival of 1902 in Australia, R.A. Torrey & Charles Alexander were invited to Wales. They specifically requested that Charles bring the worship hymns  that has been composed during their month in Melbourne. “Reuben Archer Torrey (1856–1928) was both an evangelist and a Bible scholar. Long associated with D. L. Moody, he became … Continue reading

“A New Day! A New Anointing! A New War!” Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX


Dear Advancing Ones: The heavens opened last Sunday (1st July 2018), and the Lord began to release the following word. As I began to flow in prophecy, the Spirit of Prophecy also began to move on LeAnn Squier, Tobias Lyons, Marty Cassady and Anne Tate. Please read this prophecy carefully. Take New Ground and Come into My Order! “This is … Continue reading

The Shameless Father – Jason Hubbard’s Midnight Cry

Healthy loving father and daughter playing together at the beach at sunset Happy fun smiling lifestyle

Jesus came to reveal the name and nature of his Father to us!  The Son’s great desire is to explain the Father to us, so that we too delight in the Father, we too love the Father, we too, trust the Father the way Jesus does! He came to point us toward, and focus us on the one he calls … Continue reading

Power over Powers

zac-durant-302752 (1)

There is a spiritual battle going on.  The spiritual realm is real and our world is impacted by a battle going on between good and evil forces. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12  If we deny, ignore or tolerate the forces … Continue reading


awakening australia

Awakening Australia 16-18 November 2018 Inviting all Australians to come to Melbourne. Pray at 7pm daily and get equipped to disciple 100,000 souls in 2018! This is not just an event, this is thousands of real lives changed forever. REGISTER NOW FACEBOOK  www.awakeningaustralia.org See Ben Fitzgerald’s invitation: https://www.facebook.com/487791531609464/videos/773565476365400/ Register to join the team praying around Australia in July https://www.trybooking.com/eventlist/awakeningtour Central Coast July 21 … Continue reading


Planet Earth from space showing Australia and New Zealand with enhanced bump, 3D illustration, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

During this video we will cover:  The accelerating momentum of prayer in Australia How 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting started The transition to an ongoing 40 Day Prayer Relay How you can join in prayer for evangelism Update about the next 40 Days in 2019   UPDATE ON PRAYER FOR EVANGELISM IN AUSTRALIA 816 people watched this by early July!   Watch … Continue reading


Next Gen Prayer Movement 5b3efd2c-93ea-49f0-b2ea-b12e90adec8d

PLEASE INVITE YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS ACROSS AUSTRALIA. A spiritual awakening is happening right now among the youth & young adults in our nation! God is moving in our nation fueled by an uprising of prayer among youth and young adults. The Holy Spirit is moving like we have not seen before. There’s a great desire to share the Gospel to the lost. … Continue reading

Your Father’s Blessing 


You have been on my heart since before time. I have waited for you. Every day I watch you over you and sing over you with love. Turn your face to mine. My thoughts about you are countless. Find the life purpose I’ve planned for you And it will satisfy all the desires I’ve put in your heart. If you lean on … Continue reading

Pray for the Nations

We host a website www.prayforthenations.com where you can register the times and places when  you are praying for the nations – or your nation, city or neighbourhood. Jesus called us to pray for harvest workers. (Luke 10:2)  Join us to pray for the Holy Spirit to help us all reach our neighbours as witnesses in our local areas “and to the ends of … Continue reading