Every Church in Every Nation a House of Prayer

Jason HUbbard

by Jason Hubbard When Jesus came into the temple, he drove out the money changers and declared, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”? But you have made it a den of robbers.’” It is clear that Jesus’ declared intention that “His house” (today the assembled church and our physical bodies … Continue reading

Bible Marathon Reading


  In recent years churches have united to conduct Bible Marathons  reading the Bible right through aloud in public places in Brisbane,  Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gosford and Wellington…  and many other places. Reading the entire Bible  aloud is a decalration that we will retain a knowledge of God in our nation (opposite to Romans 1:28).   It also pushes back the darkness, extending … Continue reading

Today is the day it all went down

Jesus Akaine

Today is the day it all went down, Last night it started. The conspiracy, The mock trial, The Crown of Thorns! The whipping while I was on all fours The blood dripping The stripping of my flesh….   The Trial…. My silence   Yes, I do remember it well My weeping at Gethsemane My blood dripping, The angels visiting, Strength … Continue reading

PIPES 2019 Retreat: Walking in God’s Glory


4pm Thursday 13 June – 4pm Saturday 15 June 2019 WALKING IN GOD’S GLORY as His Family & Ecclesia in Australia Registrations Closed.  We retreat to humbly wait on God, as His children who earnestly seek Him, listening, worshipping and cherishing His presence, His Word, His revelation of who He is and who we are. We are God’s family and ecclesia, beloved … Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Church – inviting you to support evangelists

Bible ben-white-197680-unsplash (sm)

20th March 2019 Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing to you as a partner in prayer & evangelism who is seeking Jesus’ kingdom harvest & transformation in Australia. Please pray that the provision of God for evangelism will be unlocked and flow from the church into the harvest field. Many advocate that tithes and offerings are to be gathered into the … Continue reading

REPORT: Worship on the Mountains, Anzac Day Thursday 25th April


This is one part in an ongoing assignment. Report: At dawn on Anzac Day Thursday 25 April 2019 over 50 people in 7 teams worshipped on the mountains around Melbourne. They were supported by national prayer and Australian & New Zealand spiritual fathers and linked with teams also in Cairns and Brisbane, South Australia, Tasmania ( 26.4.19) and Christchurch New … Continue reading


Shot of a group of people holding hands and praying together

FASTING: MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE NEVER BEEN TAUGHT HOW OR WHY TO FAST Many Christians practice fasting during Lent.  As Lent is now upon us, some theologians are drawing attention to the fact that the practice of fasting might be waning because many Christians have never been taught why it’s necessary or even how to do it.  But it’s undoubtedly biblical … Continue reading

Pray for Australia’s Federal Elections 2019

Australian Flag

Join us to pray and vote for a righteous and just Australian government at our Federal Elections 18 May 2019. Combined Church Prayer for Federal Elections 2019 Guides to Voting Prayer Points for the Federal Election 2019 Call by Margaret Court to Pray for 21 Days up to the Federal Election. Prophetic Warning to the Australia Church concerning Scott Morrison by Adam … Continue reading


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  Discern which are God’s invitations to you… See more national and local prayer calls & events at http://partnersinprayer.org.au/whats-on/ Overflow Event: Melbourne 14 April 21 Days Prayer & Fast: Shift the Nations 1-21 April Worship on the Mountains: Anzac Day Thurs 25th April  Movement Day: Sydney 8-9 May Prayer for Federal Elections: including Call by Margaret Court to Pray 21 Days … Continue reading

PRAY FOR SOULS Graham Tour: 9-24 Feb


 Register and learn more     Video Reports on Graham Tour   Never mind the naysayers: Franklin Graham’s visit is good news for Australia by David Furse-Roberts https://www.abc.net.au/religion/franklin-graham-is-good-news-for-australia/10803990 Franklin Graham Tour Perth Report by Wendy Francis ACL State Director for Qld, NT. As the crowds poured into the RAC Arena in Perth I could only watch in gratitude and gratefulness to God that … Continue reading