Early Shifts and Prophetic Confirmation


Already after the National Day of Prayer & Fasting on 25 February and the first week of the Pray for Australia 40 Days Pray & Worship Relay we can see early encouraging shifts that  God promised us – and these are confirmed through a Prophetic Word for Australia by David Wagner 26 February 2017.

  • Across Australia, and beyond, there are partners, groups and churches in prayer & worship – together sustaining continuous 24/7 night and day for 40 Days. This is evident in the Pray for Australia calendar. Some days there are 80 or so groups praying. On any day there are up to 5 networks hosting daily or 24/7 prayer relays in their region or organisation. See green highlights.
  • Churches are uniting in prayer in their local areas and regions across Australia in ways that are unprecedented or not seen for years. Open the Pray for Australia map to local areas. Search by suburb or town under the map. See the numbers (currently 8288 – many of which are families, groups, churches and networks). See the gaps. We can introduce you to people who can share what God is doing in different regions. In many regions the churches are hosting collaborative gatherings and days of prayer. In Perth 120 churches are praying one day each for 30 days through March & Far North Queensland is hosting a local 24/7 prayer relay for 40 days.
  • Through the relay we can each be part of collectively lifting up Jesus as our Lord and first love- in continuous day and night prayer and worship. 24/7 prayer & worship brings a shift in our spiritual atmosphere. As we are devote time in His Presence, we see Jesus more clearly. We encounter Him in Spirit and are transformed by Him. Know who you are and Whose we are. Know Australia’s purpose. Pray for Australia to encounter Jesus living in us, His radiant church – His kingdom here. Why Pray?
  • This 40 Days is a call to set aside time to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. As we devote time in the secret place of God’s Presence, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to God’s perspective and our hearts to what is on our Father’s heart. We are awakened with compassion for the lost people perishing around us. We recognise and resist the schemes through which God’s enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy abundant life, righteousness and justice in our nation. As we each continue to devote time in God’s presence, listening to what He is saying, we see what our Father is doing and align with His will and our part in His strategy. The Holy Spirit progressively enables us to pray and stand in the authority of Christ on personal, local and national issues. We, as God’s people, are arising to obey Him, as His sons and daughters, to see His Kingdom in our families, communities and nation and beyond. Be encouraged by hearing for yourself the impact prayer will have from this month: Prophetic Word for Australia by David Wagner 26 February 2017 
  • Continuous day and night intercession is shifting the spiritual atmosphere so that souls who were perishing can hear the conviction of the Holy Spirit and be saved. We believe David Wagner’s word that this is a year of salvation. This is what God promised when he asked us to call 40 Days focussed on Acts 1:8 “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses…” We call you, the church, to pray by name for the salvation of your family and friends and neighbours. Let the Spirit lead you to share Jesus and His miraculous power with those you meet – the right words with the right person at the right time. David Wagner’s word confirms what God had told us that millions will be saved – including families and households. We are hearing reports of salvations in local churches that have not seen this for many years. I have a personal testimony of salvation within my family. Across the next weeks the 40 Days will help equip people to prepare and share their testimony and to present the gospel clearly. Pray we each do this.
  • We believe the Australian church will continue to arise as Jesus’ House of Prayer everywhere; and that a new generationof young prayer warriors and evangelists will arise in Jesus’ revival and transformation of our nation. Registrations in Pray for Australia continue to rise as evidence of this. Across the next weeks we will issue a call to pray for and stand behind these young ones. Pray with us for them. Visit and scroll down at Pray for Australia. Contact: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

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