Call to Pray 12 September 2017

Dear ACC Pastor,

We are living in very interesting times. There are forces that seek to nullify the voice of the Church and radically change the fabric of our society. Being aware that we are heading to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, the National Executive discussed in depth the potential consequences for Christians, should the suggested legislation be passed. We feel there are two things that are very important for us to do right now:

1) Ensure our position is clearly expressed through this poll. I have sent a previous email encouraging you to speak to your people, ensuring that they are properly enrolled through the Electoral Commission.
2) Lift the intensity of prayer throughout the ACC churches in our nation.

For that reason, we are calling a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for all our churches, and I am asking you and your people to join us on Tuesday 12 September 2017 to fast and pray for:

• Our nation, Australia
• Righteous government – at all levels
• Family
• The Church

Perhaps you could promote this during your Sunday services on September 10. If Tuesday doesn’t suit you, please choose a date that does around that time.

The postal survey, which rolls out on September 12, is not simply about the redefinition of marriage. As already witnessed in other countries, there are serious consequences that can result if the Marriage Act is changed.

The ACC supports the Biblical view of marriage as a lifelong, exclusive union between a man and a woman, and we are encouraging all Christians to vote ‘No’.  Many have been asking for more resources concerning the subject. In the next few days, you will receive a variety of material from different sources that supports the position of the ‘No’ vote.

Sadly, it has been almost impossible to have considerate discussions about this issue; such is the force and strength behind the ideology that seeks to not only change the definition of marriage, but introduce other factors such as Safe Schools, gender redefinition and the like. The speed at which this is happening is alarming. The long term consequences for our nation are disturbing. There is a significant silent majority that feels bullied into silence by sections of the media and corporate Australia. These are good people who have genuine concerns about the generations to follow.  It is therefore imperative that we the Church find our voice in prayer and use our democratic right to stand up for the people God has given us responsibility for.

Through it all it is important that we are respectful of ALL people; even those who strongly disagree with our views.

Please be prayerful and gracious whilst holding true to our convictions, confident always that Jesus will always keep His promise ‘to build His Church’.

We greatly appreciate your prayer and support.



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