Lana Vawser Lana Vawser I had a vision in worship today where I saw a HUGE angel flying towards Australia. As it landed I saw it landed with its feet in the heart of the nation of Australia and its wings spread out all across Australia. It had four wings and each wing covered a part of the nation. North, South, East … Continue reading

Fire of His Love in Nations and at Grassroot Levels!

Lana Vawser I heard the hearts of nations crying… “Love me, love me, love me back to life. It is time for explosive demonstrations of the fire of His love in nations and at grass-root levels!!!! This morning as I talked with the Lord I had a vision where I saw the nations of the world before me. I looked at the … Continue reading

United Week of Prayer for Evangelism… 9-15 May UK

iStock_000076634161_Large Here’s an idea! Would your church collaborate with other Australian churches in prayer for people to receive Jesus?  UK Archbishops set aside Pentecost as a week of prayer for evangelism.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is heading the biggest evangelism project in the UK so far this millennium. Every cathedral, church and clergy in the land is being urged to share their faith and win … Continue reading

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Matt Prater I just read this from John Dawson, Taking our Cities for God! (YWAM) Whole countries are kept in darkness by satanic lies that have become cornerstones of a particular culture. Take, for example, the struggle with rejection and the fear of authority experienced by many Australians because their country originated as a penal colony. Entering through these cruel roots of … Continue reading

Terra Australis Incognita (Great Unknown South Land) A Prophetic Vision of Australia by Rev Paul C Lee Vision: In May 2006, Australia entered her 400th year since De Quiros’ proclamation of the “Southland of the Holy Spirit”. Many people also believe Australia is entering into her spiritual destiny in this end-time hour. This document summarises a number of prophetic insights about Australia. Spiritual Counterbalance Australia was once known as … Continue reading

Indigenous Elders and Angels of Australia

Roma Waterman Roma Waterman On the 28th May 2014 during worship at an event we run called The Gathering, I saw this picture: I saw Indigenous men – strong and fit, some had beards. The Lord said to me “These are the elders and owners of the land”.  I saw they were this generation – for this time.  They looked around 40-50 … Continue reading

Prophetic Warning from 16 October 2001 & Current Prayer Points

Australia_map Our Apologies: When we received the prophetic warning (below) by  LaNora van Arsdall we understood it had been released in 2015. Truth stands the test of time – and this word still resonates with relevance, so we stand by our call to pray for our nation and the world in which we increasingly see attacks on innocent people, Christians and the Church who stand against … Continue reading

Word for Australia and the South Pacific Islands  2015-2016

2015-2016  Sheena Ryan,  Australian Prophetic Council It’s a year to seek and contend for God’s nuclear power to be released throughout the land so that there will be a hastening of the vision, God’s vision for this land. Write the vision LARGE in prophetic declaration! God desires that the blockages be removed and the blessings overflow. Some of the blessing has … Continue reading


mountain fire Lana Vawser June 23, 2015 “Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples.” – 1 Chronicles 16:24 “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” – Habakkuk 2:14 I had a vision recently where I saw the fire of God being ushered … Continue reading

 Australia’s Destiny

Peter and Catherine Yaxley by Kathryn Yaxley Australia’s Name of Destiny In 1606 Portuguese explorer de Quiros was the first European explorer to actually lay claim to the South Pacific region including Australia, although he never sighted it. On Pentecost Sunday, whilst at Vanuatu, he named this whole South Pacific region to the South Pole (which included the yet undiscovered Australia) “The Great South Land of … Continue reading