Cindy Jacobs Prophecy for Australia, 25 July 2020

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The Lord says the enemy will try to come in like a flood from other nations but I say I will raise up a standard.
The Lord says I am going to give greater alliances with Australia and even New Zealand in the coming days with the United States to protect your shores and the Lord says that I am going to make these alliances to protect you from Communism and to protect you from China and the Lord says there are Chinese spies where you are among you, but the Lord says there’s a sign that as you pray I’m going to deal with these spies and deal with the Communism from China and Russia and the Lord says I’m going to reveal some spies that thought they were so hidden that they couldn’t be seen, and the Lord says in the coming days there is going to be a move of God that comes not only to Australia but New Zealand.
The Lord says to New Zealand, to the Kiwis, the Lord says, you are going to be a nation of refuge and I see people coming in from Asia and from other nations and I just feel the presence of the Lord is so strongly upon this and the Lord says “Welcome them,” and you’re also going to see that your nations will come in to alliance with Israel and there’ll be a fight and some people will say it could never happen, but the Lord says He wants to particularly speak to Australia right now, it’s going to happen. And the Lord says blessed are the peace makers and I see in New Zealand, you are a peace maker country and the Lord is going to put you in the middle of some talks that will be about making peace.
The Lord also says Darwin, Darwin, I’m going to sort some things out for you concerning your port concerning the Chinese and the Lord says I have positioned you Darwin, not only historically, but for the future, says the Lord.
I have positioned you as the protector of that nation of Australia.  I’m going to protect and I’m going to put, I see like a wall of fire being put around Australia, and the Lord says to Western Australia – new gold! You see mines that you thought they were closed up, open up again.  You will see things that look like they were shutting down, different infrastructure open up more and the Lord says even though it appeared right now that you are in just such a tough situation, the Lord says I am getting ready because the prayers I hear in Australia and the prayers in New Zealand and the prayers in the ring of fire nations, Papua, Tonga, Samoa, I see many nations even the connection that will come from the area of Malaysia and you will be surprised at this.
The Lord says I’m going to give you strength to know which refugee to let in and which refugee to keep out.
So the Lord says I am hearing the prayers of my people.  There is going to be a great awakening once again.
You will be restored as the great south land of the Holy Spirit, and some will say this can never happen but the Lord says “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ME” and this is for you Australia, the ring of fire nations.
The Universities of Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Victoria, Brisbane will come on fire with revivalists, and the Lord says I am going to release a fire of the Holy Spirit and there’ll be a Jesus people movement and many people, many, many, many will be saved.
There is going to be such a sudden movement and the Lord says I have revivalists that are burning with the fire of God.  If you think you have seen revivalists in the past, it’s nothing like I am loosening in this generation.
I am raising up anointing like William Booth of the Salvation Army, I am raising up anointing like even the children are gonna prophecy.  I’m gonna cause the children to fall on their knees and prophecy, even 3-year-olds, 5-year-olds, 8-year-olds will watch and speak the gospel.
And the Lord says there is a new worship movement that is going to come out of a number of nations and there will be alliances in Down Under and in various nations that will come and the Lord will cause the power of God to arise, says the Lord.
Cindy Jacobs
Prophet, Speaker, Teacher, Author
Dallas, Texas
Sat 25 July 2020

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