awakening australia

Awakening Australia
16-18 November 2018

Inviting all Australians to come to Melbourne.

Pray at 7pm daily and get equipped to disciple 100,000 souls in 2018!

This is not just an event, this is thousands of real lives changed forever.


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See Ben Fitzgerald’s invitation: https://www.facebook.com/487791531609464/videos/773565476365400/

Register to join the team praying around Australia in July


Central Coast July 21 7pm

Melbourne July 23 7pm

Hobart July 24 7pm

Sydney July 25 7pm

Brisbane July 26 7pm

Perth July 27 7pm

Adelaide July 28 7pm

Jesus is calling his people to partner in prayer & evangelism!

  • We each have a part in bringing Australia to Jesus.What is God saying about  your part in this? ………
  • Will you stop to pray for souls at 7pm each day where ever  you are?
  • Can you gather others to pray? Will you start a local prayer group to pray for the awakening of the local churches in your part of Australia?
  • Will you pray for harvest workers who’ll reap 100,000 souls?
  • Will you pray for Australian hearts to open to Jesus? Will you invite your friends?
  • Will you add your prayer groups to map www.prayforthenations.com Let’s see the map of Australia covered in awakening Australia groups!
  • Will you join local training in how to share the good news of the gospel?
  • Would you like  to contribute to training groups in personal evangelism?
  • Could you lead outreach groups in Melbourne?

For Evangelism/Discipleship Training:

contact us on info@awakeningaustralia.org

This is a precious opportunity for groups of young people – and all ages to be equipped and in Melbourne from 12 November, to go in supervised teams to share Jesus on the streets in four areas of Melbourne’s CBD. Melbourne is the host city for the national November gathering and the site for the street outreach – so we have key responsibility to be a holy host city.

Pray now that your family, friends and neighbours will accept your invitation to come and that they will be among the souls saved!

Plan now to bring your family & youth group from across Victoria and other parts of Australia so they can be awakened to serve as disciples of Jesus! You will never be the same! The power of God through you, will impact your local area, your city and across our nation long after the Melbourne ministry! Pray for the harvest workers to be many!

Flood Melbourne Outreach: Nov 12-15
Major Outreaches during the gathering: Nov 16-17
We have finalised the 4 locations for the Flood Melbourne and are working away on breaking Melbourne into 60-80 sections for the Major Outreach and as well appointing leaders to lead the teams. There is training on evangelism and discipleship happening all around the nation by different groups and organisations to strengthen and equip the body. Awakening Australia is also offering training any day of the week at local churches and centres and can be contacted at info@awakeningaustralia.org

We call all Christians to Pray

Let’s continue to be praying for the 100,000 people God wants to awaken to Him in salvation throughout this year. Both in the lead up to the event but also during the event when we flood the streets.

Pray at 7pm every night. The strategy: PRAISE. Heb 13:15-16 “Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name. And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Hear the powerful prayer of an Indigenous prayer leader, Joanne Turnbull, who prayed for Australia in the Sunday service of New Hope Church on the 1st July 2018 in Brisbane. Pray with her!

More information on prayer: Johanna prayer@awakeningaustralia.org & Sue Tinworth sue@partnersinprayer.org.au


Jesus is awakening Australia!

I hear, “I AM awakening Australia!”

Let’s glorify the Great I AM! “I AM the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” Exodus 3:6

Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus. “I AM the Bread of Life. ” John 6:35, 41, 48, 51 “I AM the Light of the World.” John 8:12 “I AM the Door of the Sheep. ” John 10:7, 9 “I AM the Good Shepherd.” John 10:11,14 I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” John 11:25 “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.” John 14:6 “I AM the True Vine.” John 15:1, 5


Marvellous Melbourne

Melbourne – Let’s take responsibility to prepare as a holy host city for the marvels God will do here. From 1 September  the Etihad Stadium will be re-named Marvel Stadium. Let’s recall the historic era of Marvellous Melbourne and foretell God’s glory in Marvellous Melbourne! See: Marvellous Melbourne and Spiritual Power: A Christian Revival and Its Lasting Legacy by Will Renshaw



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