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Are you awake to what Jesus is doing?
These opportunities are part of a global awakening in our life time!

Jesus is awakening us, His Church.

  • Pray we awaken with our lamps filled and bright– reflecting His glory as salt and light in our world.
  • Pray we arise as His Bride clothed in His righteousness with fine linen, bright and pure – bringing the Lamb our submission, adoration and the glory He is so worthy of.
  • Pray and align with Jesus’ kingdom come – so we overflow His Kingdom on earth.

Jesus is awakening a new generation prayer movement

A spiritual awakening is happening right now among the youth & young adults in our nation! We want to journey with you and support you in real ways  – to see you fulfill God’s purposes for your life and His plan for this season! See More.

Jesus is awakening us as an army of harvest workers, to share Jesus with our family, friends and neighbours.

  • Pray in agreement with your Father’s will and humbly align to fulfil in the part Father has given you!
  • Pray and align in ongoing partnering in prayer and evangelism in your neighbourhood, local city & across Australia and the earth!
  • Pray for souls you know, who need to know who God is and all He is offering them!
  • Pray for your neighbourhoods and love your ‘neighbours’ enough to tell them who Jesus is.

Jesus is awakening Australia.
I hear, “I AM awakening Australia!” 20.6.18  “Awaken Australia. Awaken them to my love. Awaken them to my promises. Awaken the world to the knowledge of my glory. I AM with you to do this.” 7.7.18
We need to be a new wineskin – united locally and pliable and filled with the Spirit of God  – so we can bring multitudes of Australians to Christ, and baptise and disciple them as disciple makers

  • Pray for the harvest workers. The harvest is white, but the workers are few!
  • Pray for the evangelists to equip the saints for the work of evangelism.
  • Pray for your local kingdom leaders who will enable us to work together as one to do this.

Opportunities to fulfill your part in Jesus’ awakening:

1. Jesus is Awakening Our Local Cities to Partner in Ongoing Prayer & Evangelism. See full article.

Please pray for – and identify – Jesus’ kingdom leaders who are called by God to connect others to pray for their local cities (municipal council areas) across Australia. We will see Jesus awaken and transform our nation, one local area at a time. If you can identify leaders who connect others in prayer in your local city – contact us: Invite them to register at

2. Awakening Australia 16-18 November 2018

Plus Outreach in Melbourne CBD 12-17 November
Register Bring your unsaved friends and bring your teams from all over Australia so the fire of God and passion for souls returns with them to your regions.
Pray for 100,000 souls to be saved. Pray at 7pm every day – wherever you are. We have set up a Facebook Group for communication relating to prayer, please join here: The other main form of communication will be a weekly ‘Prayer Newsletter’ if you haven’t already you can register for this here:

More Information:   Facebook
12-15 Nov Flood Melbourne -street evangelism leading up to the event in the CBD.
16 – 17 Nov Major Outreaches -street evangelism during the event in about 50 CBD places. Are you willing to lead a team? There is training on evangelism and discipleship happening all around the nation by different groups and organisations to strengthen and equip the body.  Evangelism Inquiry:

From September 1, the Etihad Stadium will be renamed Marvel Stadium. Let’s anticipate the marvels God will do in our time – reliving the historic revivals of Marvellous Melbourne! See: Marvellous Melbourne and Spiritual Power: A Christian Revival and Its Lasting Legacy by Will Renshaw

3. Holy City March in Melbourne  Saturday 24 November 2018.
There are CBD prayer meetings each month leading up to this. Contact: Jenny Jack, Arrow

4. Franklin Graham Tour of Australian Cities, 9-24 February 2019.

Pray for a multitude of witnesses to be equipped and souls saved, and ongoing kingdom leadership and prayer networks established. Join united prayer in your city.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is investing deeply in our nation – employing teams of leaders in these cities to prepare for 7 months. They are meeting with pastors and gathering them in prayer. Local churches can participate in evangelism training during November.   Register and learn more     Video

Join us in praying for Jesus to awaken Australia through this mighty collaboration.

  • Perth 9 February Perth Arena

    Darwin 13 February Darwin Convention Centre

    Melbourne 16 February Hisense Arena

    Brisbane 18 February RiverStage

    Adelaide 20 February Titanium Security Arena

    Sydney 23 February International Convention Centre

    Sydney 24 February International Convention Centre


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