It’s Nine O’Clock in the Morning! (A Holy Happy Hour)

“Its nine O’clock in the morning’…

As I prayed I heard the Spirit say “Its nine O’clock in the morning”.

I immediately associated this with Pentecost (Acts 2:15) when His Spirit was poured out over the 120, and the disciples were accused of being drunk as they were so overcome by His Spirit.  As we know, this confused many as it was only nine O’clock in the morning.

Acts 2:15 says, “These people are not drunk, as you suppose. It’s only nine in the morning!”

There is a stirring taking place in people to enter into fresh encounters of His Spirit.  But more than a stirring, there is a shift and the Father is pouring out a fresh intensity of his spirit in this hour.  A fresh brew reserved for this hour.  People are getting hungry for “more”. There is a “holy dissatisfaction” rising that is compelling us into a time of hungering  after Him and entering into deeper encounter.

Its time for another pentecost-type encounter for his people where we are filled to overflowing of fire and joy and completely overtaken by His presence.  This will be like a complete re-boot of his church.  A rewiring and reviving and refreshing… a complete reset of our hearts… a re-firing!!!  His fire will completely re-fire and revive.  We will leak His goodness and glory to our cities just as the first pentecost.  His fire will fall on us with intensity in this season.  His fire will mark us again and just as a fire in the natural is seen, this holy ghost fire coming on his people will be tangible and cause a stir.

It’s nine o’clock in the morning.  A shift has taken place.  Its happy hour in the Kingdom and its being poured out.  Time to get joyful.  Time to be filled to overflowing. Time for fire to fall on the altar of our hearts afresh.  This is a fire that will bring both joy and intensity of passion.

Many are sensing a frustration and growing dissatisfaction with their current circumstances and situations.  Rather than an obstacle on the road to promise, the Father is shifting mindsets and revealing this is being used as impetus to shed old mindsets and compel us deeper into Him… deeper heart encounters.  The current wineskin has become comfortable for many and has become a limiting factor rather than enlarging us.  This holy dissatisfaction is driving us to shed all that is not necessary as we enter the tent of meeting with our God.  Old limiting mindsets are being broken off.

This un-ease is not intended to make our lives miserable.  It is rather intended to compel us inside the tent of meeting for a face to face encounter that will consume us with his presence and fire.  We are being commissioned with fire into a fresh season and we must willingly enter into a time of seeking his presence above all else.  His presence is our safe place.  His presence is our answer.  His presence is our hope and must be our prioritised purpose and only place we desire to remain.

God is pouring out new wine and increasing the intensity of his glory.  Its not the old wine, this is different.  This wine has been reserved for the unique hour we find ourselves in.  What we have seen and experienced before now will pale in light of what he has reserved for NOW.  This outpouring will break off fear of man and release a fresh “spirit of brave” over his church.  It is designed to take us from a place of constraint and into new levels of freedom.  It prepares us for the doors of opportunity & destiny opening now and the harvest that lies on the other side of walking through these doors.  Radical encounters will take us into the throne room where we will be freshly commissioned and set on fire.  The dirt from the last season will be burnt off as we are refueled and re-fired.  Reviving oil, wine and fire is all combined into one intoxicating brew of his goodness being poured out generously.

This outpouring will look like something in people.  The disciples were accused of being drunk when His spirit came on them, because they looked drunk!  Im supposing but with good reason, but that suggests the disciples were exhibiting behaviours that looked like being drunk!   Lots of laughter and joy, and throwing off fear of man, brave boldness rising and fresh determination as the weight of his glory overcame their physical bodies. It was so obvious that it was noticed by the city and drew attention.  Whatever was poured out, and whatever they looked like… it was noticed!  This next outpouring will do the same.  It will be noticed by the world.  Joy and bubbling happiness with bold confidence was clearly seen and noted by those around them in the time of Acts, and this will again be our marker.  An intensity of fire will burn in our worship and mark our lives.

A new season is beginning…

The same morning I heard it was nine O’clock in the morning, I saw a vision of an old-world fighter jet flying in the sky.  My perspective was from inside the cockpit and as I looked at the cockpit dash my eye was drawn to the flying instruments.  I saw clearly one instrument in particular with a counter on it.  The last digit on the counter was clearly the number nine (9).

The jet fighter in this instance I felt signified the church.  I felt it represented a faithful, persevering church that had fought many battles.  There has been a long season of “warfare” in the heavenlies to enter into breakthrough and sustained victory.  Many faithful ones have battled long and hard for an extended time.  Indeed many have battled even for a generation to see breakthrough and freedom come in the wider church.

I sense an upgrade of our jet plane though.  The old fighter jet has done us proud, but God is upgrading our vehicles of ministry, our mindsets and our ministry tools.  Upgrades of supernatural power and strategy, weaponry skill and resource are being released.  Upgrades of fire and glory.  New levels of intense presence.

We owe a great debt to the fathers and mothers of a generation past who fought hard and intercede faithfully to gain the freedoms we now have and sometimes take for granted.  I believe the Father is pouring out fresh honour and blessing over this faithful generation of “war heros” in the kingdom who have stood and decreed revival and fought for freedom in many realms for a long time.  Many do not realise that their prayers have shaped history and we live in the fruit of their sacrifice.  This endurance and faithfulness is not often acknowledged or seen, however the Father is speaking honour over those who have stood the test of time and battled well.

The Father stands to honour these faithful kingdom warriors. God is releasing breakthrough over long held promises and long held prayers of his faithful church.  I see a breakthrough and suddenlies popping over a generation that has stood faithful.  An ease of glory and grace is coming upon intercession in this hour, a fresh ease in the spirit. Many fathers and mothers will impart this grace from their life to this next generation who need their wisdom.

A new breed

A changing of the guard is taking place.  There is a joining together of generations in honour as fathers and sons together run into this next leg of the race. However a new breed is rising unlike that which has gone before.  This new breed is not age defined, but heart defined.

A new breed of Kingdom warriors who are fearless.  Revivalists with sold out passion to take the nation.  This breed will march to the beat of the Fathers heart and they will enter into the promises long decreed.  Again, this isn’t age specific, but heart specific.  Many have been prepared in a secret place for this season and will suddenly appear.  These ones are brave and fearless. This is your hour of being called up.  Now is your season of breakthrough.

His presence is our safe place. Presence prioritised living is essential.

The very presence of God will speak to a watching world of his goodness. Seek his presence… He’ll do the rest.

Psalms 31:19-24

How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world. You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from those who conspire against them. You shelter them in your presence, far from accusing tongues. So be strong and courageous, all you who put your hope in the Lord!”

Fresh upgrades 

Back to the fighter jet vision.  The last digit on the counter was nine (9) inside the jet plane and represented a final push before breakthrough.  This was the conclusion and end to this long season of battling and intense warfare to see a breakthrough in revival.  We are coming into the end of this intense battle.  It has been decreed in the courts of heaven a finality of the fight for breakthrough.  Our weapons are being upgraded and boosted strength added in that will bring new power to break things open.

Let hope rise.  This intense season of warfare is nearing its completion before a break-through is ripped open.  Another “pentecost” type outpouring of his spirit is upon us and even breaking now.  There is a call to press in and decree in this last push in the spirit before we see an overwhelming breakthrough and wave of glory sweep the land.

A key and necessary tool in this season is joy.  His presence is increasing and his glory is being released with intensity of thickness and power.  He is breaking off the heaviness and releasing joy.  He spirit is being poured out in this hour with a rich “honey-like” thickness and sweetness.  Many are battle weary and tired.  The Father is releasing fresh hope and joy.  Indeed His joy will be how we battle and stand in this season, and so we must receive his joy!

Its nine o’clock in the morning.  Get ready to receive.  What is being poured out right now is the top shelf wine for his beloved who have been faithful.  Drink.  His joy is our secret weapon.

Here comes a fresh pentecost.  A fresh wind is blowing.  The wind will suddenly gust and many will say “where did that come from?”  And yet, the Father is telling his church now.  The suddenlies are breaking.  A suddenly of his holy spirit wind will rush over his church.  The world will again suppose, “are they drunk”?  But indeed the world will also hear a message of love from the Father in “their own language”.   The world will hear him speak in their own love language. God will use their heart language.  Fresh creative evangelism will break out that meets people where they are at.  God still knows how to speak the worlds languages and he will reap a harvest.

Even as I write this sitting in our prayer room, a sudden strong wind has begun to blow.  I’m watching the trees bend and can hear the roar of the wind gusting and disturbing an otherwise peaceful, still morning.  His holy spirit wind will suddenly blow.

As it was at Pentecost, the wind of his spirit suddenly blew though the “upper room” where His people were gathered.  The fire fell.  Joy was poured out.  Boldness increased.  And a great harvest came in.  Get ready for and make plans for the harvest.  They are coming in.

First a fresh wind.  Then increase of fire.  His spirit is poured out with intensity and power.  Joy and fearlessness increase.  And then the harvest comes in.

Its nine o’clock in the morning.  The wind is blowing.

Wisdom for the harvest

I had a dream of many fighter jets in alignment flying over the land.  It was dark and there was a sense of war breaking.  I saw my Dad in the dream and suddenly knew he was 54 years old in the dream (which he isn’t in reality).  In the dream it was a good thing he was 54 and he was doing really well and fine despite the fighter jets flying overhead.  There was also an urgency to let people know the jets were headed their way.  I was worried in the dream of the little time I had to tell everyone and the ominous sense of war, until I saw my Dad was ok and was 54.  If we look at the attack and darkness our hearts will fail.  Instead… keep your eyes on the Father.  As we look at God our hearts will instead be filled with peace and boldness.  This is not our ruin, but our greatest hour.

54 can mean freedom for the whole world,  a time of his spirit pouring out worldwide.  I sensed immediately God was referring to Isaiah 54 and that my Dad in the dream was representing God and his Father heart for the world.

Isaiah 54: increase and multiplication are ours… make room!

A road map of wisdom for this time

Isaiah 54 is a strategic key word for this season of intensified spiritual warfare as we enter into the promises spoken over us.

There is warfare surrounding the wider church entering into this season of fresh outpouring  and awakening across the earth.  God has decreed revival will be poured out and a world wide harvest will come into the kingdom.  The enemy will try and prevent this, but Isaiah 54 gives us peace and strategic revelation in this tumultuous time.

This is a great chapter of prophetic promise to the church.  Though we may feel “barren” and have held onto a promise for a long time without seeing breakthrough yet, the Father is speaking hope and increase.  He in fact is saying, make preparations to expand and multiply.  That may seem contrary to current circumstances, but the Father is speaking not just breakthrough over his faithful church but increase and multiplication.  Its a time to make plans to “extend the tent pegs and make room for the promises he’s been speaking”.    Its time to make room in our hearts and practically for increase.

He also gives great comfort and says, “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”.  Thats a promise to hold tight. There is an acknowledgment of attack and persecution, but also a promise that although darkness may rise up against us, we are protected by the almighty hand of God. The enemy is scrambling to prevent us taking new ground.  He will not prevail however. Throughout this chapter the Lord speaks of restoration and promise and blessing.  An open door of increase and freedom is ours.  The encouragement in this is, don’t be discouraged by the natural circumstances around you at this time or the warfare seemingly coming at you, instead “oh barren women”, “extend the tent pegs” and make room for the promise he has decreed over you.

God is decreeing increase and multiplication.  Fruitfulness.  A tsunami wave of his spirit being poured out over the nations and a world wide harvest.

And so, get joyful… press in for his joy.  A world wide pouring out of his spirit is imminent.

It’s nine o’clock in the morning.   Wait on his presence and drink deep his fresh brew of fire, oil and wine prepared and reserved for this hour.  He has not forgotten us.  He has reserved for this very hour exactly what we need and it is found in his presence.

Drink deep.  A reserved brew of joy and fire for this very hour is ours.

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