Positioned to Bless

Positioned to Bless by Faisal Malick

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Finding and Fulfilling Your God Given Assignment

“Positioned to Bless” is a prophetic message addressed to both the corporate body of the church and the individual believer. Faisal Malick draws lessons from the lives of Abraham and David, and from the writings of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Amos to help the reader understand the steps that are necessary to fulfill their God given vision.

Malick writes from his own heart as he shares experiences from his early ministry. It is these lessons and personal discoveries that God has called him to share in this book. He is burdened for the reader and wants to share these “secrets to fulfilling your divine assignment,” the subtitle of his book.

The first step is taking the seat of authority to position your self for blessing. Malick discusses at length the steps to follow the plumb line principle. I found the chapter “Preparing for Battle” especially insightful as it challenges a whole new generation of believers to “give birth to their own potential.” Malick encourages the reader to loose the immense possibilities within them, as members of the body of Christ.

Faisal Malick’s writing is powerful, commanding and persuasive. “Positioned to Bless” is for the reader ready to move from the wilderness experience, to battle and conquer their giants, and to fulfill God’s eternal purpose for their life. This is an important and timely guide book to finding God’s unique plan for your life. It is authoritative and convincing writing.

9780768426946, Destiny Image Publishers, Inc.
Available by order Koorong and as e-book: http://www.koorong.com/search/product/positioned-to-bless-faisal-malick/9780768499063.jhtml

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Faisal, a former devout Sunni Muslim, thought of Jesus as no more than a prophet, only second to Muhammad. He considered the Bible to have been changed and inaccurate, and the confession that “Jesus is the Son of God”, unforgivable blasphemy. This Canadian businessman, while trying to convert Christians to Islam, was interrupted by a divine encounter with God Almighty on July 3, 1994. In this unexpected encounter he was confronted with the reality of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. As a result of this revelation in the following three years, nearly 1500 people from various religious backgrounds including Muslims, Hindus and Jews came to know Jesus through his passionate lifestyle of evangelism. www.covenantoflife.org

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