Power of Prayer and Blessing Impacts New Age Seekers in Melbourne.

At the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne –  6-9 June 2013 – many passionate New Age seekers found Jesus’ salvation, healing and blessing!

Interstate disciples coming to minister at the festival commented on the strong tangible sense of prayer cover and unity this year as they entered Melbourne! An anonymous local reported, ‘There was an ease and weighty sense of the Father’s love saturating our booth throughout the week-end.

We witnessed so many miracles it is impossible to adequately report on! All pain left backs, shoulders, hips;   leg grew, bones were healed, clear vision was restored; even other booth holders fell under the power of the Spirit as the love of God overwhelmed them!

We had the privilege of seeing people make first time commitments to Christ and with others see them return ‘home’.

What struck me this year was the number of people asking for ‘spiritual blessings’! It was as if those outside the walls of the church understand more of the power of blessing words than maybe those within the church! We witnessed people being tangibly touched by the love of God as we spoke words of life over them and their families. So many were moved to tears as the Lord gave very specific words of knowledge calling out their unique ‘gifting’ and calling forth destiny. Blessings is powerful! But even more so when the heart of God is the motivator and the Holy Spirit is the means of its release!’

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