Pray for Celebrate Victoria 2014

Celebrate Victoria 2014

Get AMAZING updates on salvations, healings, baptisms and ministry in 43 towns across rural Victoria in Nov 2014 on Facebook at: Celebrate Victoria. 

Let’s keep praying during the coming weeks for those who have just received Jesus, been healed or touched by Jesus’ kingdom in other ways!

Prayer Focus:

I will listen to what God the Lord says;

he promises peace to his people, his faithful servants—

but let them not return to folly.

Surely his salvation is near those who fear him,

that his glory may dwell in our land.                  Ps 85:8-9

Dear Praying Friends,

Celebrate Victoria 2014 is underway with the Impartation Week running at YWAM Melbourne.  We have approx 400 people onsite we are feeding, housing and training this week and it is electric! So many have come with an incredible anticipation and expectation of God moving. On Saturday 8th to Friday 14th the teams move out to the 43 town of Victoria to work with churches in outreach.  We are expecting the Lord to confirm the Gospel with signs and wonders and turn our state upside down!

But the need is for LIFETIME CONVERSIONS in those who hear.

People only benefit from a miracle if it is accompanied by the FEAR OF THE LORD!



So that those going out with the gospel go in the fear of the Lord, and those who hear it respond with the fear of the Lord.  It will open the door to an age of wisdom in our land – the Kingdom of God!

Please also pray:

  •  For Holy Spirit to lead the evangelist teams to divine appointments with open hearted ones.
  • That new believers will be linked in with suitable churches for discipling.
  • That Celebrate Victoria will be a catalyst for churches to be united in heart and purpose as a citywide body of Christ.
  • The ripple effect of conversions continuing throughout the 43 towns.
  • The Lord’s effective powerful ministry for the Island Breeze performing team through various towns of Victoria during Celebrate Victoria.
  • Please pray for ongoing protection on Lael Piteau as Co-ordinator and Registrar as well as other leaders and their families of each of the networks (Empowered Evangelists, River of Life as well as YWAM) as they spearhead this strategic statewide push.
  • Logistics support admin team for executing this campaign.
  • Above all that Jesus will be glorified in lives deeply converted in Him through the outreach!!


Lord Jesus, tune our hearts to fear your Name !

Description of Project

This is a wonderful opportunity for regional churches to combine for outreach in their region, and for all of us to be praying for each other to see God’s name lifted up, precious people saved and Christ’s church strengthened.

Youth with a Mission (in partnership with Empowered Evangelists and River of Life) is preparing this outreach in 41 towns in 6 regions of rural Victoria.  They are offering training first in Melbourne with Todd White and Ben Fitzgerald.  Then they aim to have a team in each town for a week available to work with the local church in prayer, planning and outreach.

Key Dates

Impartation: Melbourne training at YWAM Surrey Hills   3-7 Nov
Activation: Rural ministry   8-14 Nov

Types of Outreach
The purpose of the outreach week is evangelism. We would like to partner with your church/school to reach out to the locals. When we come we would want to come under your authority and do ministry on behalf of you. This can happen in a variety of ways. If you have existing ministries, we can plug in and serve those. Otherwise the teams could do things such as street evangelism, random acts of kindness, visiting an organization, doing a free BBQ in a park or just being led by the Holy Spirit on that day. I believe no town will look the same as it will depend on the needs of the town, the existing ministries and potential ministries desired.

Teams & Needs
The team will potentially consist of a variety of ages from kids to adults. The size of the team would be from a car-full size of 5 people to a van-load of 12.  We are looking for the teams to be hosted with accommodation, and potentially meals, but that is not a requirement. The teams could be billeted in homes or housed in a church.

Church connections
If there are other connections, churches, ministries, businesses in your town that you want to connect the team with, we would be happy to connect and serve the town as best as possible.

Victorian Towns involved
Route 1        Portland, Warrnambool, Apollo Bay, Lorne, Torquay, Geelong, Camperdown / Colac.
Route 2       Bordertown, Nhill, Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, Ballarat, Beaufort.
Route 3       Mildura, Ouyen, Warracknabeal, St Arnaud, Avoca / Maryborough, Castlemaine / Kyneton.
Route 4       Swan Hill, Kerang, Echuca, Kyabram, Shepparton, Bendigo.
Route 5       Albury / Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla, Euroa, Seymour, Broadford, Sunbury / Bachus Marsh.
Route 6       Orbost, Bairnsdale, Sale, Traralgon, Moe, Warragul.

Preparation by prayer is sought throughout Victoria in the lead-up to these dates. Do you know praying people in the relevant regions?  Could you forward this email to alert them to pray and to inform local churches of the opportunity?

Updated Prayer Points

  • Prayer support networks to pick up praying for this…thank you for your support as an answer to this request!
  • For both those praying and those planning the outreach in each town to hear the Lord and know His heart and mind for reaching that town.
  • That churches will joyfully and lovingly work together for the Kingdom and the people of their community.
  • Open doors into towns where we still need breakthrough (either no active contact or they have a contact but no accomm locked in): Orbost, Castlemaine, Kyneton, Ouyen, Mildura
  • The Lord’s itinerary for the Island Breeze Production team through Victoria during Celebrate Victoria

Prayer for YWAM:

  • Please pray for protection on Lael Piteau as Co-ordinator and Registrar as well as other leaders and their families of each of the networks (Empowered Evangelists, River of Life as well as YWAM) as they spearhead this strategic statewide push.
  • Logistics support admin team for planning and executing this campaign (inc a personal assistant)
  • Also for individuals to register for both Empowerment and Activation phases of Celebrate Victoria, and all their needs.
  • Ywam coordinators for each town working with the local contacts to plan the types of outreach over the week, billeting, meals etc.
  • And above all that Jesus will be glorified in lives deeply converted in Him through the outreach!!

Thank you kindly for praying.
Please let Lael Piteau know if you have any contacts or questions, E: M: 0404287876.

Information on Facebook: Invite your friends.

REGISTER and obtain for further details and background on

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