Pray for our Australian Government 2019

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Prophetic Warning to Leaders of the Australian Church by Karen Wilson.

After the marriage plebiscite and the vote on assisted euthanasia, I asked the Father why our prayer had not been successful. I immediately heard the words, “Because the gatekeepers have been silent. ” When I asked Father who the gatekeepers are, He said, “The fivefold ministry. They have been silent and have not equipped my sheep to know my voice in these elections, therefore my sheep have been scattered.” It is vital we call forth those who are the fivefold gifts, to agree with Father and each other and begin to equip the sheep to know and receive the Father’s will concerning how to vote and pray. This will require courage and lives laid down, but it is crucial.

The Ecclesia of God are His Gatekeepers

We need to exercise our citizenship in the kingdom of God by seeking our Father’s will and praying and voting in agreement with it. We are to be one with God and each other as His ecclesia, discerning and releasing His will through the authority of Christ. God will help you identify and align as His Ecclesia with His appointed apostolic elder in the sphere He is calling you to. Together you can exercise the authority of Christ to bring down the schemes and strongholds of evil and release the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. God’s local city elders include long term faithful apostolic ‘fathers’, pastors from multiple churches, intercessors and work place leaders,

Pray for our Australian Government

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