Prayer & Mission Consultation in Herrnhut

In May 2017 the International Prayer Connect gathered 120 front line missionaries and prayer network leaders from each continent and many nations. We met in Hernnhut, Germany where the Moravians prayed  day and night for 120 years from 1727; and from where they sent the first global Protestant missionary movement.

We heard a clear and urgent call to action:

Jesus is calling us to pray and arise as harvest workers. The harvest is ready and the time is short. May God enable us each to fulfill our part so “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  (Matthew 24:14)

Teen Christians are arising all over the world. One expression of this is UPRISING – United Prayer Rising – a world prayer assembly movement! Orphans are passionately committed to 24/7 prayer in India, Mynamar and Indonesia.

God is coordinating prayer and mission together globally so the gospel of the kingdom reaches each people group. Pray for the unreached people groups in our world. Concentrate your prayers and giving toward the unreached peoples and nations. Partner in prayer with evangelists – to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus. Know the geographic areas of greatest need and pray specifically for workers to go to those places and pray and support the groups needing scripture translation, church planting, or evangelism –  the people who are being neglected and the languages that are not funded.

24/7 Prayer Impacts the Effectiveness of Evangelism. Dick Eastman, from the door to door global evangelism movement, Every Home for Christ, illustrates with 70 years of data (1946-2017) the incremental impact when their evangelism was accompanied by worship saturated 24/7 prayer! They opened the Jericho Center in Colarado in 2003. Before this they averaged reaching 16,808,318 home per yer ( for 57 years). After this they averaged 71,852,581! Decisions and responses to the Gosepl prior to 2003 averaged 467,767 annually ( for 57 years) and after 2003 averaged 11,807,675. The number of Christ Groups planted averaged 1,250 annually until 2003 when the average became 19,789! Dick calls us to a new Moravian movement of night and day prayer for this end-time harvest!

Jesus calls us to lay down our lives in sacrifice – and many are giving their lives to carry the gospel to unreached people groups. It has becoming very difficult for missionaries and Christians to remain in Afganistan and they need our prayers and the courage of the Lord. Fortunately, radio and satellite television are effectively reaching tens of millions in the Middle East etc.  Many are receiving Jesus in Iran and we heard that many of the asylum seekers who are entering Europe are rejecting Islam and embracing Christ. South America has awakened through revival. Churches have grown to 5,000+. Although sin is still evident, they are seeing God’s cleansing of the land, and signs of transformation – extinct fish returning to the seas etc.

God is drawing us to Himself and together globally  – so the testimony of the our love for one another is seen by the world. We saw God’s final assignment birthed in Herrnhut. Every  person and prayer and mission movement has a portion. Each nation has a portion. But, as Iman Santoso said, “It is not about what we do – or about our nation. It’s about the heart of God.” Churches are coming together.  Denominations and movements are flowing in powerful collaboration.  “One in Me…” When nations come together to stand as the House of Prayer for All Nations, we will see breakthrough against the principalities that stand astride nations. We will not see breakthrough in our lives or regions until we come together in a fulfillment of John 17.

God is fulfilling His purpose. This is the season in which we see the fullness of time. Leave your own thing to run with what God tells you. It is a time of acceleration and of the preparation of the Bride of the Lamb.

Julie Seow and Sue Tinworth

Join us in this accord:

Herrnhut Accord International Prayer and Mission Leaders Consultation at Herrnhut Germany, 8-12 May, 2017

In this historic place where, 290 years ago, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit gave birth to 24 hours of continuous prayer by both children and adults for 100 years, and which also launched what became known as the era of modern mission movements to the world,

We, as representative leaders of both prayer and mission movements from many nations on all continents of the world, now commit ourselves to this historic agreement and join forces and partner as the Lord leads and connects us to

Encourage, nurture and develop prayer and mission movements in the nations, including a special focus on the children and youth, preparing believers of all generations to be warriors of faith, to be listening constantly to the voice of God, to be bold and courageous in the face of increasing challenges, and to reach out with the Gospel of the Kingdom, to engage in church planting initiatives and be agents for God´s kingdom.

Out of a place of unity with all true members of the body of Christ, regardless of denominational distinction, we commit ourselves to the unfinished task so that

Every nation, people, tribe and language group will have a sustainable and growing church, Every enterprise in all walks of life will be served by representatives of the kingdom, with the biblical goal that “the whole earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and that all nations be transformed by the Gospel and become servants of the Kingdom of God”.

We commit ourselves to pray, plan and prepare for the coming of the Lord and to gather in a global harvest, that the Lamb might receive the reward of His sufferings.

We commit ourselves not to speak ill of one another but in a spirit of Christ-like love to welcome, respect and affirm the gifts and callings of each other.

We commit ourselves to help one another across the world and between the generations, to fulfil God’s unique call through all means available to us, particularly where prophetic and timely calls to go to the nations are being obeyed, aiming to complete the Great Commission of our Lord.

In this context, we recognize and want to honour our older brother Israel, the first recipient of the Word and the promise. As Gentiles and first fruits of the Gospel, we are committed to love and serve Israel until we are reconciled as one new man, sharing the covenental promises.

We, from the North to the South and the East to the West, who are “One in Christ Jesus”, invite the Lord of Glory to help us fulfil all that is on His heart, through all the resources of heaven, the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and the unique gifts and callings He gives to His church, His bride.

‘Let the Lamb who was slain receive the due reward for His suffering.’ Let us follow Him, around the throne, around the clock, and around the globe!

Herrnhut/Germany, 12 May, 2017

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