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We are developing Prayerhouse – a website to mobilise prayer by connecting praying people with each other.  Prayer groups, prayer rooms and prayer collaborations (that are regularly open for others to join) will sign up and be identified on a Google map (by suburb, not full address) so Christians can easily find groups who are praying in their region.

Name: Prayerhouse with domain name: (not yet public)

Motto: Our declaration, My house will be a house of prayer! (Luke 19:46)

Vision: Every house a house of prayerJesus in our homes, churches, workplaces. (Matt 18:19-20) The earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of God. (Hab 2:14)

Mission: To host an online portal that Jesus can use to mobilise houses of prayer everywhere – uniting us in prayer and activating transformation across the earth.

Prayerhouse is a simple, neutral platform where Christians from different denominations, cultures and age groups can meet each other in their local area to pray, collaborate and activate Jesus’ transformation in their sphere of influence.

The idea for mobilising prayer groups and tracking them on a simple shared website came from the Melbourne revival of 1902. In the two years prior to this revival 1,700 neighbourhood prayer meetings were held each week in Melbourne, Australia and every home in the city was visited twice.  Some say the Melbourne revival led to the Welsh revival – which sparked the Azusa Street revival.

See: The Vital Role of Local Prayer Groups in Revival.

Prayerhouse can enable you to become Jesus’ House of Prayer for All Nations (Luke 19:46):

  •  Watchmen
    Will you be a watchmen who prays across the Prayerhouse map for your region and other parts of the earth – as God leads you? (Isaiah 62:6, Daniel 9:17-19, 2 Chronicles 6:37-39) When God stirs us to intercede and pour His blessing on distant regions, Prayerhouse will help us to see what our Father is doing there – the needs, opportunities etc – and connect with ministries in these places. “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you… Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” (Jeremiah 29:7)


  • Prayer Groups.
    Will you partner with local Christians in prayer groups to pray for your neighbourhood? Region? Workplace? Or Sphere of Function? – government, education, business, family etc. Imagine being able to find and pray with other Christians who desire to see spiritual revival in your sphere of influence! (Hebrews 10:19-25) Prayerhouse builds ongoing relationships so includes regular open prayer gatherings and networks – but not one off events.

The Prayerhouse map can help you identify:
Prayer partnerships/groups begun by neighbours, workmates etc that are open to others joining.
2. Local church prayer meetings that are open to others joining.
3. Local prayer groups linked to a global, national or regional prayer networks (e.g. Ffald-y-Brenin Local houses of prayer; Aglow Transformers – Prayer walking schools.
4. Open prayer groups supporting specific ministries (e.g. Gideons International in Australia )
5. Open prayer groups supporting united causes (e.g. Walk-a-While: Raise The Cross with Ken Duncan )
6. Open prayer groups focussed on specific ethnic, cultural language groups (e.g. Victorian Indigenous Prayer Network. )
7. Online Prayer Networks are listed at (e.g. Australian Prayer Network ; Instapray ; Million Praying Men



  • Prayer Rooms.
    Will you commit to come to local places (in churches, community buildings, homes and specific ‘houses of prayer’) where teams sustain fervent worship, prayer and minister in the Lord’s presence. (Deuteronomy 10:8) These spaces are open for extended periods – hosting regular open prayer meetings; some ‘every day’ (Acts 2:46); some ‘day and night’ – continuously (24/7) (Rev4:8, 7:15).
    Imagine yourself coming to a local prayer room several times a week to join others in God’s manifest presence. “For where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”(Matthew 18:20)
    Imagine yourself supporting those called to be fulltime in this ministry – like the Levites! (Luke 2:37, Numbers 18:21, Deuteronomy 18:4-8)

Australian Examples of Prayer Rooms:
New South Wales: Sydney Orange Prayer House
South Australia: Adelaide:
Western Australia: HOPE WA Candace Lahr – in local churches.
Victoria: Melbourne: Stairway Prayer Room!prayer/c13kg
YWAM Melbourne Prayer Room – MHOP


  • Prayer Collaborations.
    Join with the Body of Christ – local churches, ministries and networks in regular collaboration – kingdom ministry – praying and ministering together in your region to fulfil Jesus’ prayers:  “That they may be one as we are one—  I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.(John 17:20-26) “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)
    Imagine what Jesus can do in a region when local congregations pray together in agreement with His will (Matthew 18:18-20) and send disciples to go together to their region! (Luke 10)

Collaborations include:

  1. Regular (e.g. quarterly) united national/regional prayer gatherings (e.g. National Day of Prayer & Fasting; 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting; Melbourne Church Unite and citywide prayer meetings
  2. Christians co-hosting regular prayer in community settings (shopping centres, municipal council meetings.)
  3. Prayer for shared missional initiatives (e.g. local churches working together – and potentially with local councils and business leaders – to address community needs, prepare and respond to crisis etc.)
  4. Prayer for shared discipleship training and evangelistic campaigns. (e.g. Youth With A Mission collaborations: GO FEST 7 regional locations through June 2015: Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Malaysia, East Timor and Surabaya.; Celebrate Victoria – in 43 regional towns, 2014)


Strategy for Prayerhouse: Online Map of Houses of Prayer.


We will host an online portal with search functions to locate and connect with prayer groups, prayer rooms and prayer collaborations that meet regularly and are open for others to join.

How Prayerhouse Works:


This free service uses a Google map so people can find and connect with prayer groups, prayer rooms and prayer collaborations.
Groups are not required to be members of one network or given prescribed prayer points. They are free to fulfil their discrete Spirit-led function in the body of Christ.




Contact Leaders simply enter the suburb, times of meeting and description of their prayer group, prayer room or prayer collaboration.  This information will appear under the suburb where they meet.


To assist those seeking to find a prayer group, prayer room or prayer collaboration there will be a SEARCH function identifying

  • location (suburb)
  • days and times of regular meetings
  • prayer focus


The Prayerhouse map will not include closed groups, or one off events.

 Some prayer groups are not open to others joining for reasons of security and anonymity. Discretion is needed for some who pray in homes, workplaces; for high risk groups; for spiritual warfare teams etc. Although they aren’t included on this map – we recognise and bless the vital role of these prayer groups. All are welcome to keep contact through Partners in Prayer & Evangelism We value the function of one off events but refer people to Prayer Calendars for this information. e.g.



We have set up some protections for seekers and groups. Groups will be protected in several ways. Full addresses will not be held on the data base and so will not be on the website. Seekers will fill out a contact form that is sent to the group’ contact leader – providing initial anonymity and a layer of protection to the groups. The contact leader will need to use their discretion and discernment as to whom to disclose the full address for their meetings.


People will need to use their discernment as to whether a particular group is right for them. We ask Prayer Group leaders will be asked to identify their church/pastor, priest, minister, school chaplain, cell group leader or ministry oversight to help ensure that only legitimate, safe prayer groups are included. This information will be public. They may also be asked to sign an agreement to basic Christian beliefs. We will have ongoing contact with leaders  – through monthly reports. Information that has not been updated after one year will be deleted. We will be open to report and act on user feedback.


Key Technical Elements:


Online Portal

  • Ease of search function for prayer groups in any neighbourhood or sphere of influence (ie. hospital network, school, business, government department)
  • Simple administration. Contact leaders enter their own data and will be cued   via monthly reminder emails to update information monthly so data is current and relationships connected.
  • Continual analysis and communication of trends

Web Development, Funding & Hosting


  • The Prayerhouse logo depicts the vision. Prayer opens doors to access the will, mercy and blessing of our Father and release this over our spheres of influence. Our focus is Jesus and his kingdom come in the world He loves. The arch conveys we are Jesus’ House of Prayer – under one banner – without being bound under one organisational structure. There are no limiting walls, internal furniture or religious symbols because in Prayerhouse, groups are free to build their own prayer rooms, focus and form – as God leads.
  • Prayerhouse Domain Name: We have purchased and will direct these to Owning other names prevents confusion for searchers and means people can reach us even if they type in a slightly wrong web address. We don’t own and so could make an offer to the owner to purchase it or pay for Domain Back Order.
  • At this point Prayerhouse is not needing additional funding.
  • Ongoing Hosting is $2 per month, or $24 per year with a company called Zuver.

Prayerhouse is based on a relational network.


  • Prayerhouse is being built through shared vision and collaboration. Prayerhouse has been under development for some years with investment and strategic input from multiple working groups. We have consulted widely in the Australian prayer movement and incorporated their feedback. Prayerhouse is being carried as a service to all by Partners in Prayer & Evangelism, which is based in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Ongoing Prayerhouse Relationships. Authentic transparent relationship is key to collaborative prayer and social transformation. Prayerhouse is for those who choose to connect and collaborate. Only God knows the whole picture! We will rely on the initiative of participants to foster relationships with each other and others, locally, nationally and globally to promote ongoing encouragement and equipping – so this generation can sustain the movement of the Holy Spirit and impact people groups in Australia and beyond. Support for this is provided through Partners in Prayer Evangelism and many other networks. See: Links


  • Present Stage of Development. Let us know if you would like to engage on this. Once the input of a new leadership group has been incorporated we are ready to incorporate changes on the website and to form a group for a pilot study. This could include contact with our PIPES and 40 Days data base as well as bible colleges, and youth/young adult organisations/networks etc


Can We Help You Become a House of Prayer? See:

Contact: Sue Tinworth M:  0418 389 419  E:


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