Praying for Community Transformation

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We have entered a critical era on earth. God is waiting for His people to arise.

We believe the revelation in this teaching could change your life and the impact of your life in the age in which you have been born. See a reader’s feedback below.



Praying for Community Transformation. .pptx

Praying as ONE and Moving as ONE with God
in His Transformation of our World.

Section 1: Prayers for Community Transformation in a new era.

Section 2: Prayers to position us as God’s covenant people for this new era.

Section 3: Prayers to enable us, as God’s covenant people, to move past potential blockages to fulfill God’s purpose in this new era.

“The glory you have given me I have given to them,
that they may be ONE even as we are ONE,
I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly ONE,
so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them as you loved me.”
John 17:23-23

We invite you to progress through this powerpoint at your own pace.
Begin by clicking on the link and use your space bar to move through the slides, pausing to spend time in worship and listening to what God will say to you.

large group of people

This is feedback from Erica Youngman Butler:

I have just finished working through the presentation.  Very challenging but also very encouraging.  Much to consider.

For me as a chaplain in secular settings it will be very helpful to reconsider the thresholds and the way I often fell constricted, forgetful, silenced and pushed into the wrong job.  Thanks for a helpful way to pray through this.

In online church due to covid however, I am perceiving God at work not to distance us but to help those who are not used to church and its ways to find a way to engage and check things out.  It could prove an amazing blessing for reaching many,  I have often asked God how those outside the church will hear in a way they can understand, and I’m sensing this is one of those ways.

I love what the presentation says about honour.  It has been a revelation I’ve carried for some time, and I find it leads to doors and opportunities opening in unexpected ways.  I also believe it is a key for unity – if we are not honouring one another we block unity – but honour releases the understanding that we are all bringing our gifts into the mix. We honour what is honourable, including among those who do not believe as we do, but whose heart is turned to justice, peace and gratitude.  I believe all these things only come from the Holy Spirit –  who is still brooding to separate light from darkness.

Thanks again.  I’ll pass this on to others.


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