Pray4Victoria: Light in Darkness

God has called us to pray for Victoria. Please stand with us to see the victory of Jesus in Melbourne & Victoria & beyond.

This call was issued June 2020 in a time of Corona & Corruption & Secret Contract with China. Covid Restrictions

We are all called to be light in the darkness where ever we are:

Join Major Brendan Nottle in 24/7 Prayer in Melbourne CBD. This vision of 24/7 Light in Darkness is for us all to be light in the darkness for our neighbours where ever we are in the world!

At this global moment. At this crucial time in Victoria and in our nation, God has called one of the spiritual fathers in our city to put himself on the altar – in response to God’s call to 24/7 prayer. God has given Brendan a vision of 24/7 prayer overflowing into Kingdom mission, as light to the people in the darkness around us in Melbourne’s CBD, suburbs, rural areas and other regions of Victoria, through Australia’s, regions, states, territories and beyond our shores. The light of Christ will flow from groups who gather to pray and listen to the Holy Spirit, basing all on the Word of God, and putting God’s Word into practise, sharing the good news of Jesus with those in dark places and discipling them to also be light.

God has chosen the right man to lead us in implementing this. Major Brendan Nottle is well known and well loved. Brendan is the Commanding Officer at The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614, at 69 Bourke St, within sight of our Melbourne Parliament. Here Brendan and his wife Sandra, lead a team of 1,0000 volunteers to help people who are homeless, or suffering from mental health issues, addiction or social poverty. Brendan is recognised as a key spokesperson for social justice and the heart of God in our city, and is warmly honoured by the Church and the people of the city. He was a Monarch of Moomba and Melburnian of the year in 2013 and has been the Collingwood Football Club chaplain for 16+ years.

More importantly Brendan is a beloved disciple of Jesus, who is obedient to His Father’s leading. He is a brother who has asked me to contact other brothers and sisters who might join him. He hears God calling him to launch a call to prayer and mission outreach that goes beyond the Salvation Army – a kingdom army God is raising. This is the Spirit of God breathing into us and moving us as His. There is room in this for anyone who God has prepared and equipped and called.

You are welcome to talk this through further with me but also to contact Brendan directly to join prayer at 69 Bourke St Melbourne, support them in 24/7 Light in Darkness or explore how you could help be Light in Darkness in your area.


Join us in intercession for Victoria 
You can pray over the Victorian issues listed below in your own time or join us online:
2.00-4.00pm AEDT Mondays 
Zoom Room Number: contact
We will pray as the Holy Spirit leads us. Please send your discernment between meetings to Sue Tinworth

Pray for Victoria: 

Spike in Coronavirus Cases in Victoria

Sadly Victoria’s Covid-19 transmission has spread from known clusters into community transmission – currently in 10 postcodes – so 36 suburbs  are now in lock down.  Although most citizens are cooperating with safety measures, spread in areas with high immigrant populations has occurred among people who have not understood English messaging about social distancing. Because those who are not citizens are not eligible for Job Keeper or Job Seeker, many are in desperate financial stress, and sharing overcrowded flats. The original community spread came from some who continued to work and mix in the community while sick – even after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Hardship funding and door to door visits has now been provided to address this.

Quarantine in Victoria has been brought under new supervision after becoming a major source of spread. The failure of hotel quarantine is being investigated but it is evident that there has been a failure of governmental leadership, and inadequate supervision of security and Covid-19 testing at the quarantine hotels; and untrained, poorly paid and ill-equipped subcontracted security guards. There has been a costly breach in personal responsibility by returning Australians and staff.

Victorian Data on Covid-19

Join us to pray:

  • Lord, we repent for the distress of guests in our nation, lapses in responsibility and wrong doing. We earnestly pray that the viral spread in Victoria is brought under Your healing and control. Please  help us all to be wise and kind in our vigilance against Coronavirus.
  • We continue to uphold our Prime Minister, National Cabinet, State Leaders and all who are helping us manage the personal, social, health and financial consequences of Covid-19 – locally, nationally and globally.
  • We pray for the people of Eden-Monaro to vote with godly wisdom in their by-election on Saturday 4th July.

Identifying a Root behind Victorian Rebellion & Corruption in Victorian Trade Unions, Labor Party, Street Protest & Legislation

Last week “I wrote that we are grateful that God is shaking and exposing corruption. Please pray for God to bring all evil to full account so we can have clean God appointed government in Victoria and trust the Labour Party and all government leaders at the State and Federal levels.”

I received a letter from Lyn Moffat in Queensland: “If the Eureka flag is still being held up as the standard over Victoria representing who they are, it needs to be broken off or removed in the Spirit in order to see Victoria come out of rebellion and into submission to God and ultimately into her true destiny of victory in the Lord.”

The Eureka flag was raised in a rebellion at Ballarat that associated with working conditions in the Gold Rush. The flag has continued to be associated with protest over workers’ rights – AMWU affiliated with the Australian Labor Party, CFEMU, Melbourne Trad Hall, Prospectors & Miners Association of Victoria and some far right groups. God is answering our prayers to expose corruption, evil motive etc and the root of rebellion underlying this which has manifest through Marxist agenda in the Labor Party which has also sown confusion and chaos in our education system, death laws etc.

We have repented of the standard raised at the original Eureka protest in Victoria and the continued use of the Eureka flag. The role of Leviathan is evident when justice is defended and protested preemptively, violently and with twisted accusation. On behalf of Victoria and Victorians we have confessed this sin and repented from it and how it is become a corrupting stream of evil in our state and nation.

We see an expression of this in the Federal Opposition Party’s recent protest campaign against Job Keeper and Job Seeker payments and sadly in distorted aspects of the global Black Lives Matter Protest. By God’s grace, we overcome injustice, not by defending ourselves, but by putting God’s sovereignty, God’s rule and reign first. Then unrighteousness and injustice is defended rightly and right order is honourably.
Join us to pray:
  • Lord, in Your mercy, forgive Victoria’s sin of rebellion and remove rebellion from the hearts of the Victorian people, organisations and  territories. Lord, remove the Eureka flag as marker of rebellion. Expose and cleanse the underlying root of rebellion and expose this so the people of Victoria can stand for the establishment of Kingdom righteousness and justice in every aspect of our state, including in the leaders we appoint in unions, government, universities etc and how we vote in State and Federal elections. Through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • We repent for all the ways our sin has contaminated other state and territories with rebellion and pray for Your forgiveness, cleansing and restitution in the will of the Father.
  • The Victorian flag depicts the southern cross and the crown of St Edwards, adopted by Queen Elizabeth II. Declare your agreement with our prayer, that we humbly bow low before God, submitting Victoria to God and raise the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ as our King and Lord over every aspect of the Australian State of Victoria!
  • Pray Victoria comes into her true destiny of victory in the Lord.

Victoria’s Belt & Road Contract with China

We have invited God to rally us to stand as One to protect Victoria and Australia from any aspect of China’s influence  that threatens our security and financial well being. This also connects with the call to prayer in Bendigo. Prophetic Insights on Victoria’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) June 2020  by Lyn McKay. We note also

Join us to pray:

  • Lord, continue to alert us how to pray about Victoria’s Belt & Road contract with China – until Your will is done.

If you would like to engage more deeply in prayer for Victoria please email: Sue Tinworth

overflowing God’s blessing to your neighbours, regions and nations

E-letter: June

Five Ways to Unite to see God’s Will Done:


1. Coronavirus Cases in Victoria

Victoria could be seen as the state holding Australia back from unification and full economic recovery because Victoria is the only state consistently reporting new cases – 18 new cases today, 21 yesterday. In today’s report 18 June 2020, 6 new cases are returned Aussies who have flown into Melbourne for quarantine. Sydney and Melbourne have carried the risk of providing quarantine for our nation. 40% of the total of those in quarantine in Victoria are from other states and 16 of our community infections have spread from one quarantine hotel. Victoria has a higher incidence among returning Australians, because we receive the Australians returning from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Today Victoria also had 12 community cases. Most arise from identified clusters:

  • 1 from the quarantine hotel
  • 1 case we understand to be in the cluster of 9 or so from a GP and patient’s family.
  • So far there has only been positive testing of 2 people who attended the Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne.

The pattern of these clusters has highlighted the very high rates of transmission. Fortunately high rates of testing and successful tracking have enabled us to contain community incidences so far.

Because Australia’s infection rate has been so low, our gravest risk appears to be coming from fear causing the closure of state borders and financial contraction.
Please pray for us all to be wise and kind in our vigilance against Coronavirus. We give thanks to God,our Prime Minister and National Cabinet and all who have helped us manage the personal, social, health and financial consequences well and with balance  – locally and nationally. We pray for our State Leaders to show wisdom in the next steps.


2. Corruption in the Victorian & Australian Federal Labor Party

We are grateful that God is shaking and exposing corruption.

Please pray for God to bring all evil to full account so we can have clean God appointed government in Victoria and trust the Labour Party and all government leaders at the State and Federal levels.


3. Victoria’s Belt & Road Contract with China

We invite God to rally us to stand as One to protect Victoria and Australia from any aspect of China’s influence  that threatens our security and financial well being.

Please study these Prophetic Insights on Victoria’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) June 2020 Prepared by: Lyn McKay

If you would like to stand with us prophetic worship and intercession regarding this please email: Sue Tinworth

God highlighted to 54 watchmen from Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific nations in October 2019 that we were to stand against an attempt by the enemy of God to infiltrate our region, through the Chinese government. The strategy God gave us was rather surprising. God asked us to collectively establish 24/7 worship and to declare from Bendigo who we worship as our authority in this region.

This is why we constantly invite you to join in regional 24/7 worship:


4. All Lives Matter: A Call to Australians and those living here

The American Free Slavery Day on Friday 19th June  (mentioned below) began in 1867 in churches, as a celebration and reminder of compassionate justice for all people. We pray the current global movement of compassion and celebrations of this day are not be corrupted by those with ulterior agendas.

We pray Australians hear God’s heart and connect through deep identification with our Indigenous and immigrant brothers and sisters whose experience of racism and discrimination in this country has caused them great pain and inequality. Recent events in America and global marches have given this pain expression.

Please pray that we, as the Church and as a nation, will sit down and listen to our fellow Aussies and that God will shift our mindsets and make us one.

I am Australian 12158026 smWe are One. We are Australian.

5. Invitation to Join Global Worship

In this time of Global unrest we invite you to join us to Create a CANOPY of 24/7 GLOBAL WORSHIP from 7pm Friday 19 June to 2pm Monday 22 June (Australian Eastern Standard Time, ie Sydney, Melbourne…)

Why this weekend? There are many things that are converging from Friday the 19th June to Monday the 22nd June. Not least of all, this is the weekend of the highest witchcraft activity across the globe.

Winter Solstice Sunday June 21st 7.43am

New Moon Sunday June 21st 4.41pm

Hebrew Calendar (Month of Tammuz) Sunday June 21st sundown

Free Slavery Day of Celebratons Friday June 19th all day

Too much global unrest is happening for it not to be a coincidence.

The invitation is to participate in worship from 7pm Friday 19th June until 2pm Monday 22nd June 2020 AEST. This will cover the full weekend for multiple time frames including the USA.
The heart is to have songs and sounds of worship going from earth to heaven.

We will be using Zoom

Thank you in advance, as we change the spiritual atmosphere over the globe.

Jamie Pryor and Melissa Haigh on behalf of Australia Watch and other prayer ministries and partnering with other ministries from around the globe.

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