Prophetic Word for Australia 26 Jan 2014

Australia Day 2014
From Maria Mason

New Beginnings …
Beautiful Bride in Australia, now is the time of new beginnings! We are in a season where all things are becoming NEW. The old is passing away, and the new is coming! It is a season of laying to rest the things of the past. Stepping up into the new things, new plans and new purposes that I have for you as a Bride here in this nation.

You will be given new provision, new resources and new revelation. I will pour into your lives with all you need. 2014 will be a year of new equipment, buildings and resources to build my kingdom with joy and glory. Upgrades are coming!! You will prosper with joy unspeakable and glory!!! This is a year of increase and lavishness. You will experience extreme favour. This is a year of 3rd heaven revelation. I am pouring out on you as a nation and you will carry unique aspects of My nature and My kingdom.

The old is passed away and this is a new time to build. I am releasing fresh blueprints for a holy temple in this nation that can house my Glory. I am releasing divine plans and purposes and I am coming with an increase of power to confirm my word and works.

I have poured out my Sprit in hungry places and I will pour out my Sprit in Australia in the places where I am longed for. This is a time to go to the high places and holler out your praise and your desire. I will give you the desire of your heart. I will pour into you what you long for. According to My plans and My purposes I will establish my Kingdom in you and through you. Australia this is your greatest hour!! I want and need your full attention for My Spirit to accomplish all that I desire in this nation and in the South Pacific region.

The lovers in the mountains:
2014 is a year of transformation. Living from the high places is the word for this nation! Australia… come up above what is happening. The world will have trouble but I have called you to live in the mountains of my love.

Many in this nation desire to start Healing Sanctuaries and retreats where the wounded can get rest and be restored. That is a vision I have given so that in the years to come this nation will be a sanctuary and a Holy Haven for many, for seasons of rest, and recuperation. Ask and it will be given. Work together across the lines of movements and denominations to see this happen. Get ready, get ready! Australia is called to be a nation of healing and restful sanctuaries where the frontline warriors are restored. The sent ones will come and recover in these glory stations of My love and will go back to the frontlines with greater zeal and passion. These places will be prophetic hot spots, havens of glory.

The wild ones:
The army of the crucified and resurrected ones is on the rise. 2013 was a year of prophetic storms. There were storms in the natural and storms in the spirit. It was a year of learning to “go through the gates”, to go “through the eye of the needle”. I had you in a thin place, to learn to live in a large place in the Spirit. Grace is being multiplied to you to live at a higher level. We can do all things because I AM strengthens you!

The lovers of the cross …. the wild ones… are un-offendable because they live for Me. Australia is raising up an army of wild ones!! They will stop at nothing to do what I desire. The wild ones are being matured for frontline Holy purposes. If you live in offence you will be paralysed and your heart will grow cold. Live instead from the reward of my love. The un-offendable place of fervent love and divine grace is at the foot of the cross. Australia you are learning to live from this place in My grace. The days are coming when knowing this as a Christian will be so important. Allow my Spirit to train you into this place.

It’s here in this place, you will sacrifice to me all the places of your heart. You will be amazed at the beauty for ashes I will bring to you. As you leave behind your own thoughts and embrace Mine, you will arise to know Me in new ways. I will be made new to you because you are being supernaturally restored and renewed in the depths of your mind.

I am going to pour out unprecedented beauty into your fragrant offerings of sacrifice and worship. This will be a year of your greatest worship encounters and you will be raptured by my love. You are a nation of extravagant worshippers and I am pouring out new anointings on the worshippers to take back the high places. The sounds of heaven will rise in the South Pacific.

I am preparing an army of warriors who will stop at nothing till the Kingdom is established in every church, in every town and in every place. These Holy saints will be on fire with love and purity. There will be a holiness revolution in this nation. We will see 1000’s of children and teenagers being swept into the love of the King. They will love the truth and love the family of GOD. This nation will be pure because of holiness that is light and glorious. God is raising up the warriors!

Sons and Fathers:
2014 is a season of the sons and fathers arising and taking their place in this nation.

The message of sonship is the message of My Father’s love. A season of sonship and deep abiding has been on the Bride world-wide for 20 years now. For those who have heard this message, there has been a deep work and a new foundation. We are in a season where we can re-build the foundations of the church with the very fabric of sonship. The whole world will see the power of this because of the “secure love” these sons walk in. They do not jostle for position and recognition, but are deeply comfortable to live in the secret place.

I am coming to establish a true house in this place. I am coming to establish true apostolic community in this nation. Shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm we will build the Father’s house. It’s a house of mercy, kindness and compassion. All are welcome! All those who seek safety are welcome. There is room. Make room for them to come.

Australia is a nation of lovers and healers. 2014 will see 1000’s of prodigals returning to the Lord because they are touched by genuine love and genuine kindness. Go after my healing and My presence when you meet together.

A new prayer movement:
A new wave of prayer will sweep through the nation. It will affect every church although not every one will sign up for the ride. This prayer movement will be like a glory train calling the young and the old to live from a spirit of repentance. Some towns will reject the call to pray. Others will whole-heartedly give themselves to this call. It will be marked by a travailing cry for the sons to arise! Tears will flow as the nation cries out to be healed! These tears are the rivers of heaven cleansing this land. Even the children will be awash with these prayers and travail. It will be glorious. There will be prayer rallies and prayer watches everywhere in preparation for revival. Prayer pastors will travel and meet each other across the lines of movements and denominations, helping set a new generation on fire.

The next wave – a 2nd Toronto:
I desire to come again on every nation with the refreshing wine like I did in Toronto. This 20th year anniversary marks the beginning of a new generation who are hungry for the deep infilling of the love of God for their hearts and all those they love. Suffering and the world will drive them to the well and here they will find the greatest refreshment of all time. I desire to pour out a new wave of this glorious love upon my children and I am looking to see where that will be! I long to create wellsprings all over this nation, and all over the world, for all My children to come and drink. Let all the children come and drink. This is the heart of the Father!! Become that well, a deep well of my Spirit.

Another wave is coming. Another refreshing is at hand. I am placing a greater oil in the lamps and it will burn with holy fire. Men may hate and even persecute you but you are a nation that burns together! You are a family that goes deep in my love, burning with holiness. You will live in the confidence of my goodness, and bask in the completeness of my all–sufficiency. I am going to take you on a wild journey this year! It’s going to be a year of surprises for you!

Open up Australia,
for I am longing to pour out My Spirit in every place. There will be “hot spots” in certain places again this year and I will continue to establish the first waves of revival. Adelaide will be revived. The desert areas will rejoice!! Inland towns will be revived. Inland Queensland will come alive with flowers. Rivers will be filled with water as the heavens open up. So many rivers filled with water! Brisbane is a key place and the eastern sea board is marked for glory. I am raising up carriers of my glory who will walk as men and women of heaven with heavenly minds and heavenly hearts. My presence will be strong on you!! The glory will flow through you!!

There already is an increase of angelic activity over you as a nation. Angels of revival and glory are being poured out from on high. The time of incubation has been long, but the hatching of the “new thing” is at hand. The angels are stirred up and waiting to do my will. Continue to incubate the revival that is yours Australia!

Prophets and Apostles:
There will be a fresh outpouring of the prophetic, and as it touches down it will transform the hearts of orphans to sons. The true prophetic leads us to the journey of the heart and back to My Father’s house. I desire all my children to prophesy. I desire this nation to be a nation of heart prophets. These prophets will not be soft about the things I love: holiness, love, joy, intimacy and healing. They will work in tandem with the apostles. I am raising up the apostles. The mothers and fathers are growing strong and will shoulder the move together.

Signs and Wonders:
There will be a continuation of weird weather around the world as the planet groans for the glory of the Lord. The extreme weather is a sign of the extreme change that is occurring. This last year the meteorologists were perplexed and even had to create a new colour for their pressure system maps to represent the extreme heat that was increasing in many areas. This heat is a sign of things hotting up spiritually in the earth and in this nation. There will be other signs that increase: oil on hands, glory smoke in meetings, rushing winds and water raining in buildings.

Increase of unusual miracles:
All over the earth in small churches and unusual places, miracles and healings will increase. The day of the big name is over and I will anoint the unknown man to do my works in unusual places. This is increasing around the earth and will continue to do so. The glory is falling on the hungry. The glory is falling on the unknown warriors.

Australia I love you and I honour you my bride.
You will shine in these days with radiant love of the Father and the Son. Be sure and confident in My love. I am your all sufficiency and will never ever leave your side. You are mine. A nation called to shine! You’re beautiful! A nation destined for glory!! Get ready for the best is yet to come!! Get ready for the next wave!

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