Prophetic Word from Open Heaven

My precious loves,

You must not let this day come upon you unawares. A change has come. A season has closed and a new one has opened. You must prepare yourselves in the new that I am bringing forth. I must cloth you with my royal clothing, but to do that I have to strip you naked. Yes, naked. It is only in your nakedness can I clothe you with my glory.

No flesh can glory in my sight. Not one ounce of sweat can enter into My Holy of Holies. Not one. I must bring your forth as transparent ones. Ones that will be my reflection, a reflection of my glory to be seen upon you. Remember my loves, nations are going to come to your arising.

Don’t be moved by what you see. Don’t fret at the things that are about to come, but be fully concentrated on my presence that is with you in the midst of these things.

What you see happening in Israel is my “handwriting on the wall.” This is a sign to you to be sober and vigilant in this hour. What you see there is the “birth pains” of this new moment in time. A war is being released in the heavenly realm, and I have prepared a place in my fathers house for you to come and be with me. It is your moment. It is your season. The light of the THIRD DAY is now breaking upon the Earth.

I am writing my words on this earth as I did in the days of Daniel. Once again I am saying, “mene, mene, tekel, peres:  mene: numbered are the days of the kings of this world and their kingdoms are about to come to an end. Tekel: The kingdoms of this world has have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Peres; your kingdoms are going to be divide and given to another.

Yes, beloved it is time. It is time for the kingdoms of this world to become My Kingdoms and my Son Jesus Christ. The hand writing has been written it is on the wall of the closing of this age, and you must now “come up here” so I can show you the things to come. I do not want this day to come upon you unawares.
It is your moment my love, I am about to bring forth my Holy Fire as you have never seen, nor has it been seen since the days of Pentecost. I am about to accelerate my work in you to bring your forth in this “now moment” that is coming upon the world. It is time for all things to be made complete. I am going to fill the universe with my all in all. I am the Lord your God and you are my people, and I am a jealous God.

Come up here! Come up here! I have much more to speak. I have much more to show you. I want you ready. I want you tested and prepared for the war that is to come. You are my victors and you will never be victims. I am about to give you a new dimension of my power and my authority and nations will shake at your coming for they will I know IAM HAS SENT YOU! AS I WITH MOSES SO AM I WITH YOU! You are now going to bring forth many “sons” into Glory.

I am going to be seen in you, with you and in your midst like never before. Many of you will see me with your own eyes, and I will complete you. You will be ready! You will be the wise virgins. You will have the extra oil in your lamp. Just don’t stop now. Get yourself ready. Keep coming to me. Keep seeking me. I am going to romance you in the midst of the storms and trials that are now coming at the end of this year and the beginning of next year.

I am lifting you up into a new place in me, safe and secure in my Father’s house. In our secret place we will dwell together. As the world begins to shake, we will fall more and more in love, and I will change you rapidly from one degree of glory to another. Don’t be alarmed as you see the “handwriting on the wall.” It must come to pass, but your best days are now here. The days of my glory being seen upon you is here. I am going to do it in a moment. Just tarry and wait upon me for it. It will surely come upon all those who are sincerely looking for me.

I would never leave you unequipped for what is to come. I would never leave you wounded and broken to fight this battle. I would never leave those things in your heart that are tripping you up. I will finish you. I have said, “It is finished” and so it is. Rejoice in me. Rejoice that I am finishing you.

What I have laid as a cornerstone of salvation in your heart started this work in you,  and now I have come to lay the finishing stone to complete your full salvation as full grown sons and daughters. You will be complete and we shall be one. Me in you, you in me to the Glory of our Father.

Great things you are about to do and see. Greater works than I did you shall now do.  My power and anointing will be seen in you, through you and it will come forth from your mouths. For I have made my ministers a flame of fire. You are my burning bushes to this generation. A great harvest is about to come in, but first I must have you ready, prepared, equipped and changed. This is why I am hastening the work I have started in you.

It will get hotter for you, but don’t fear when it does. It is a sign to you that I am working where you can not see. I am doing so much in the hidden places in your heart where you are not even aware I am working. I am going to bring you forth like my finest gold tried by the fire. So don’t worry Don’t be anxious. Trust me now like you have never trusted me before. Remember no flesh enters into my presence and no flesh can glory in my sight. I am removing your sweat from “trying to make yourself like me.”


Rejoice the hour has come. The hour has come. The “handwriting is on the wall.” Get up, Get ready. Praise me with your whole heart. Worship me with all your being and then enter the place I have made for you to be seated with me in heavenly places. Your birthing is about complete. Soon you will be birthed into your true identity in me and the dragon will be cast down.

Do you see how much I love you? Do you know how much I have longed to do this for these past 2000 years. I am rejoicing for my bride is making herself ready. She is the choicest of all her mothers children, my sister, my bride you are beautiful as the lilies of the fields.
Look up, be waiting, it is time for you to arise and shine for your light has come.

Author: Henry Falcone

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