Prophetic Words for 2019

  • Prophetic Words for 2019: Compiled by Larry Sparks
  • Three Important Prophecies for 2019 by Patricia King
  • Prophetic Word for Australia by Jeremiah Johnson
  • Prophetic Word for Australia by Dr Jonathan David  

Prophetic Words for 2019 by Larry Sparks Lana Vawser Nate Johnston Christy Johnston Robert Henderson Charlie Shamp), Bill HamonJennifer LeClaire R. Loren SandfordAdam Thompson Rebecca Greenwood Rich VeraPatricia KingGermaine Copeland Jane HamonMichael L. BrownTim Sheets  Fiorella Giordano  James W. Goll 

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Three Important Prophecies for 2019 from Patricia King:

  1. New Levels of Warfare & Victory
  2. Raise Benefactors and be Benefactors
  3. Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

PROPHETIC WORD FOR AUSTRALIA  Received January 1, 2019

“There is a prophetic reformation that will take place in the continent of Australia that will touch the world. I heard God say, “All eyes on Australia.” I believe God is calling His watchmen to the walls of Australia for a tremendous last days outpouring that is coming. God says, “For surely My remnant will grow, and grow, and grow, in Australia because they have chosen to build upon the foundations of My apostles and the prophets. There is a purity of devotion to My name that will give birth to a tremendous prayer revival in Australia. Yes, a revival of prayer is coming.

Look for the Deborah’s to arise within Australia who carry My sword of truth. Australia will be known for pure women carrying swords of truth that will cut through the compromise and confusion around them”, says God.

God showed me that there is a Gideon’s army of men in Australia who must not fear or be insecure about the days ahead. God says,

“Men of Australia, do not consider it a small thing that I will raise up mighty women of courage in the days ahead. Mighty women in the government and marketplace shall rise. However, you must also believe that I have put My Spirit inside of you and you will run alongside the mighty women of courage as well. Australia is destined to be a nation where men and women can fulfill their destiny and callings together and not be worried about jealousy, fear, and insecurity.

“Power couples are coming” says God. “I am and have united power couples in Australia who I have brought together to enforce the kingdom of God wherever they go. What I am about to do in Australia will be a prototype and prophetic picture of what I desire to do in the earth in the future,” says God.

-Jeremiah Johnson

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