by Ps Barbara Miller 27-28.7.20 Tabernacle of David, Cairns
In answer to a question from an intercessor of how to stop a Black Lives Matter march in Sydney, I gave an unusual answer. My answer was to use a strategy from the Lord around Balaam’s donkey.

To start with, there are genuine grievances and pain and a genuine call for justice around the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA and Australia that I support.

However, there are ungodly forces that have attached to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US – anarchism, Marxism, Islamist ideology and even traditional African spirituality e.g. invoking warrior ancestor spirits to help them. Some churches and synagogues in the US have been destroyed. The Aboriginal Lives Matter movement in Australia which has become Black Lives Matter is different but with Marxist influences.

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This is a basic preliminary introduction to this prayer strategy.
Numbers 22 tells us the story of the Hebrews coming out of Egypt towards the Promised Land and Balak, the king of Moab called on Balaam to curse them. But God told Balaam in v12 not to go because He had blessed them. Balaam refused and Balak sent his messengers back offering even more money. V20 God told Balaam he could go but only speak what God had told him. Nevertheless, God was angry and sent the angel of the Lord to block his way 3 times. Balaam’s donkey refused to move forward and Balaam beat his donkey 3 times. The Lord then enabled the donkey to speak V28 and then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes to see the angel who said he was blocking Balaam’s way because he was stubbornly resisting him. If it had not been for the donkey, Balaam would have been killed.
V 34 Balaam confessed his sin and said he would go home but the angel said he could go but say only what the angel of the Lord told him to say. Nu 24 tells us that when asked to curse Israel, God put blessings in his mouth. Balak got angry and said I asked you to curse Israel but you blessed them 3 times. Nu 24:10
1. Pray for the angel of the Lord to block what is not of God in the Black Lives Matter movement and to bless that which is.

2. Pray that a vehicle (could be social media etc) like Balaam’s donkey that enables the ungodly aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement to travel, would see the angel of the Lord blocking their path and refuse to support them

3. That God would speak to the leaders and followers of the Black Lives Matter movement through unusual sources

4. That the eyes of the people in the Black Lives Matter movement would be opened to see God and they would repent of ungodly ways like Balaam who had been involved in the divination Nu 24:1

5. That people in the Black Lives Matter movement would be saved and that they would bless Israel and Christians and promote the Judeo-Christian heritage

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