Summary of Notes: Pray for Victoria


A Report on Prayer for Victoria in July: Sunday 12 July 2020

Mature intercessors from across Victorian and Australia have joined us to ask the Lord to expose the roots sins we need to repent from. This led to key prophetic dreams and visions and then the identification of core sins in Victoria’s history – reasons for broken foundations that are manifesting now in Covid-19 spread…

In summary God has shown us that Victoria needs us to be One with Him in godly alignment with Christ as our Lord and sure foundation. He invites us to form humble loving relationships across ethnic and other divides, so all Australians know they are wanted and belong. Are these steps toward truly becoming God’s spiritual family  and His ecclesia across  Australia, South Pacific and South East Asian region.

We hope this  summary will assist you in how you can pray in agreement and we humbly welcome the feedback and input that you discern from God’s heart.

A Vital Window for Repentance and Re-alignment

We are in vital weeks to see God released funds for Langley Hall in Bendigo and to repent in this month of Tammuz from anything that could inhibit this happening by the 9th Av on 30th July. The lockdown of Victoria, announced on the 17 Tammuz was a sure way to get our attention and focus us on heeding God’s call to repentance and realignment in His timing. (Daniel 9:3-19) Ps Enoch Lavender, 17th of Tammuz, Repentance and Melbourne Corona Outbreak 

We earnestly and urgently submit our shared perceptions and understandings of God’s serious call to Victoria and our broader region.

God First Called us to offer Him our 24/7 Worship in Bendigo, Victoria for our South Pacific region

In October 2019, when we gathered on Kangaroo Island, God called us as 54 regional watchmen to establish 24/7 worship around and with the Bendigo ecclesia – to declare from our region 24/7 that Jesus is our Sovereign Lord! The history of God’s call to build 24/7 worship in Bendigo is described at What’s Your Part in God’s Surprising Strategy: Regional 247 Worship & Prayer?

God’s invitation to 24/7 worship is about aligning our region through obedience to the first command, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ “(Mark 12:29-30)

God called us to bow low in his presence in 24/7 worship across Australia throughout July 2020. Coincidentally the colony of Victoria was officially proclaimed on 1 July 1851We realise now that this has provided a canopy of intimacy for God’s revelation in how to pray for Victoria  and realign with Him and the rest of Australia – during critical days in the Hebrew calendar that culminate on 30th July 2020. Victoria is in a critical battle to be free of Covid-19 and the Belt & Road Contract with China because we are subject to the invasive rule of a principality operating through China, that gained a stronghold in Victoria during the Gold Rush in the Bendigo area.

24/7 worship in July was  an on ramp preparing us for ongoing regional 24/7 worship to so we encourage watchmen from the Australian and whole South Pacific region to join 24/7 worship during July before the funding deadline for the property, House of Prayer at Langley Hall in Bendigo which was due on 30th July, now extended to 30 October 2020.  contact For 40 Days from August-September 2020 Prayer Call has exteneded our call to continue worship, looking up to Jesus.

A Sure Relational Foundations for Victoria and the House of Prayer in Bendigo

I believe God has now revealed His strategy for how to re-build a sure foundation for Victoria for 24/7 worship and against Coronavirus and other wrong alliances and other manifestations of the scheme of the dragon in our region. This is also a sure foundation for a House of Prayer at Langley Hall in Bendigo. We pray we all hear what God’s call to arise in worship and prayer. If you would like to unpack God’s revelations to us about this  please contact

A Fresh Wave of Prophetic Revelation

In the last few weeks, I have received unprecedented correspondence from the PIPES database in response to my calls to pray for Victoria  and many others have spontaneously got in touch.

God is speaking to us through intercessors from across Victoria and Australia who are meeting to pray for Victoria and sharing very coherently similar dreams and visions.

Light in Darkness

The Gospel of the Kingdom is not to be hidden our cities.
See Light In Darkness initiative by Major Brendan Nottle: 24/7 prayer in Melbourne CBD and a call to rise as God’s army as light where ever you are.

God is exposing Hidden Things

Debra: Isaiah 42:10-43:7 esp Isaiah 42:16 I will walk the blind by an unknown way and guide them on paths they’ve never travelled. I will smooth their difficult road and make their dark mysteries bright with light.  These are things I will do for them, for I will never abandon my beloved ones.

Sue: Isaiah 42:5-9

God exposed core issues through 4 Key Prophetic Revelations:

1. Sandra Koundanis: Felt to share this dream I had in 2012.

Scene –  building like a warehouse, dingy, unkept, many floors. No one ever entered and was afraid to go in.  But found myself in there. It was dark but people lived there to my surprise. I touched a person and a light went on in that person, then they touched someone and they too turned to light, no darkness, only light. This continued until the whole floor became a different place, full of light, no darkness. There was such faith and boldness in the room that it was time to go to the next floor, the basement. In the basement no one ever went there, it was pitch black. I was not fearful. I touched this thing, it was like this big metal robot, ferocious, and new I’d be there for a while, hard to budge. I kept praying and speaking love. Someone tried to break the praying, speaking in a louder voice but I escalated my voice, now singing “love is all around, love is all around” until the outer metal core broke and inside was a new born baby. The whole place had been transformed and singing. It was amazing.

Interpretation by Sue: God is using light to expose what has been hidden in darkness – in our subconscious or deep past; things that have not been known or acknowledged. This will be fruitful.

2. Jan Wigley: I’d been asking God for strategies to pray for Victoria.

On 30/6 I had a significant dream. I was at school and had my desk in a dark room as there was no other room available to work. I walked out and met another teacher and saw she had three people with masks sitting in a row in a room with the light on. ‘How did you get the key to this room’, I asked. I’d asked everyone for a room to work in.  She said ‘Mary, the teacher’s assistant had a key and opened it.

Some interpretation ideas by Jan:  I had been praying without really knowing the situation (in the dark). [See Table Sue has drawn to illustrate the full version of what is known/unknown/not known]

God is offering to expose things that are holding Victoria back that we can repent from
Things we know about Vic and can list and repent from.
Things we know we don’t know – things we need to inquire into to find root etc
Things we don’t know that we don’t know. Fast & pray to see what God is exposing.

Others knew but chose not to tell what was happening.  On meeting unexpectedly,  the situation was exposed. (focus on Victoria has happened quickly and this group has formed quickly and in some way unexpectedly) Spending time with Jesus in worship (like Mary) will be the way to breakthrough (key to open door) and expose the secrets.  Revelation (light on) will occur to show three strongmen (people in masks).

Further… Has someone gagged them? Or are they choosing not to talk? I sense both questions are right to ask.

3. Karen Wilson: 10.7.2020 had a vision that identified a core fracture in the foundation of Victoria.

This morning I heard the question re Victoria, “whose land is it?”

I then saw a vision of aborigines in centuries past who had a knowledge of God through creation, gradually allow the enemy to distort their understanding and adopt ungodly practices. The answer came  ” the land belongs to the enemy”

Then i saw white people arriving with two containers- one of blessing, the gospel, the other of cursing- bloodshed, death etc. The answer came, ” the land belongs to satan.”

Then i saw Chinese in the gold rush, accompanied by a sense of chaos. The answer, “the land belongs to satan.”

I know God owns all things but in a legal sense sin has allowed satan to claim the land and peoples.

Interpretation by Karen: So I wondered if the 3 people sitting on stools from Jan’s vision who were brought into the light, masked (& bound) were Aborigines, white Aust and Chinese.
Strategy: Are reps of these groups together in repentance and love able bring us to the place where we can legally claim the land and peoples as belonging to Jesus?

4. Linda Straw: 10.7.2020

I had 3 dreams last night. In the 1st and 2nd a person of African descent said, ‘ I’m not wanted, I don’t belong.”  In the 3rd dream, the person said ‘I am wanted, I do belong’. This is very significant and relates to Orphan Spirit/Illegitimacy in Australia.


God’s Second Call: to build sure relationships between the key people groups that He has identified. To do this we need to see, repent of and overcome division and disunity.

God is highlighting that is crucial that Victoria heal brokenness in our historical foundation – specifically the breakdown in relationship between ethnos – people groups in our State and region.

I realised Jesus is speaking to us about the second commandment, The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:29-30) And Jesus’ new commandment, A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35 

3 Core People Groups in Victoria

God shocked us by confirming in multiple ways that he was bringing into the light that there are 3 Core People Groups who are currently held, masked and subject to judgement in Victoria, Australia and neighbouring nations in South East Asia/South Pacific. [PIPES: Partners in Prayer & Evangelism has had 3 people at its core prayer team -for many years: Nofoao Thomas, Julie Seow, Sue Tinworth. We are Indigenous Samoan Australian, Chinese Malaysian Australian and Colonial Anglo/European Australian. Repeatedly God has used our backgrounds and regional relationships to form our joint perspectives and mutual intercession.]

First Peoples

from the Kulin Nation

First British & Europeans First Chinese
(including representing subsequent immigrant minority peoples.)

We honour the Indigenous People of Victoria

We honour the Traditional Owners of Victoria. Melbourne was built on the land of peoples of the Kulin Nation the Boon Wurrung along the Bay and Woiwurrung (Wurundjeri) peoples from the CBD area through Dandenongs and Yarra Valley.
We also acknowledge the Wathaurong, also called the WathaurungWadawurrung
and Wadda Wurrung people living near Melbourne, in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. They are part of the Kulin alliance.

The Djadjawurrung or Dja Dja Wurrung, also known as the Jaara or Jajowrong people
and Loddon River tribe, is an Aboriginal tribe whose traditional lands include the watersheds of the Loddon and Avoca rivers in the Bendigo region of central Victoria, Australia. They are part of the Kulin alliance of tribes.

There are 38 Koorie clans across Victoria:

Victoria currently has five determinations of native title which cover much of the state. These are the Yorta Yorta peoples, the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk peoples of the Wimmera, the Gunditjmara Peoples, the Gunaikurnai people and the Gunditjmara and Eastern Maar peoples.

See Map and Details:,the%20Gunditjmaraand%20Eastern%20Maar%20peoples.

Sin came to kill, steal and destroy
Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”
Each people group in this land have failed in their custodianship before God due to:

Idolatry Shedding Innocent Blood Broken Covenant Sexual Sin

Victoria is guilty, judged, cursed and constantly repenting from manifestations of the following sins without seeing breakthrough from them. This is because they are the fruit not the root of our sin.


– putting other gods or self above God

Shed Innocent Blood Covenant

– lack, broken, wrong covenant dishonours.

Sexual Sin


Seeking Federal Power

Seeking sovereignty for our own people’s culture, faith & law  as Indigenous, European settlers, Muslims and through the current initiatives of China

Indigenous wars, massacres & infanticide





Lack of treaty, dishonour & subjugation of First People Inequitable work conditions
Marriage laws
Belt & Road Memorandum
Rape & paedophilia

Sex outside marriage

Domestic abuse

Identity Politics: Homosexual Culture

Gender re-assignment

Safe Schools Curriculum

We pray for God’s will in two specific Victorian Government contracts :

To break the control of schemes of evil we knew we needed God to expose the seed and roots of these sins. There are specific root sins that people in Victoria need to repent from – especially in the ways these apply between the Indigenous, White and Immigrant people groups.

The core sins God identified so far to us are evident in the celebrated myths Victoria’s foundational history and still operate between each of the people groups.

These are just a few examples:



– free settlers/vs convict colony

-Marvellous Melbourne

-First seat of Federation

-Becoming largest city in Aus.


Pride causes cultural blindness and selfishness.



2.Cultural Blindness & Selfishness

– in our peoples’ culture perspective & preferences

– in denominational church

– in identity politics


causes racism, inequity, injustice

and leads to points 3-6


3.Dishonour arises from judging and devaluing others and this leads to points 4-6.

-First Nations knowledge & wisdom, value & contribution,

-All authority, leaders, parents, – Devalue of unborn and vulnerable life leading to abortion & euthanasia

– Deny rational scientific evidence

– Deny God, spiritual realm and the Kingdom way to live well together.


4. Dishonesty & deception especially in wrong agreement covenant.


– Batman Treaty

– Gold Rush inequity & injustice

– Trade Union unsound work contracts & corruption

– Privatisation contracts

-Belt & Road with China

– Covid-19 conspiracy theories

– Personal and cultural groups’ failure to communicate and cooperate with protection from Covid -19


As when one group has a sense of entitlement to ‘paternalistically help’ others:


-Aboriginal Protectorate

-Orphan immigrant workers

– Religious Right

-Stolen Generations

-Indigenous Sovereignty

-Immigrant Policies

-Identity Politics

-Belt & Road with China


6. Rejection & Rebellion

-Attitude in all people groups

-Resisted NSW Colony,

-Eureka Stockade

-Rights movements

-Against social values – decency, prudence

– Against God

-Against Godly leaders

-Resistance to the Federal Government leadership e.g. on Covid-19  guidelines e.g. for contact tracing and quarantine security, despite relative success of National Council and Premier Andrew’s valued relationship with PM Morrison.



Victorians will see the character of God, the Kingdom of God manifest here, when we:

Repent from Idolatry Repent from Shedding Innocent Blood Repent from Wrong Covenant Repent from Sexual Sin
to be humble

God worshippers


to value & protect Life

and love our neighbours

Honest honour in relationships

Just access to land and privileges of citizenship for Indigenous people.

Protection of boundaries of Australia from invasion, international land claims, control of cultural freedoms.

Just work payment & conditions esp for immigrant people.



Healthy Secure Identity



Victorians will enjoy the blessings of right relationship with God and others when we relate through:

1.Humility -not pride 2.Empathy & justice -not blind selfishness 3.Honour -not denial and disrespect, control & rebellion
4.Honesty -not deception 5.Empowerment – not control 6.Harmony – valuing holding relationship under pressure and diversity within unity.


Victoria and the rest of Australia

Core sins in Victoria, evident from the early history have broken relationships between people groups in the State. These sins are evident in the foundations and subsequent building of our State. These sins are also evident in our earliest and present relationships with other Australian colonies and subsequent relationships with other States and Territories in Australia’s Federation. Our Prime Minister was addressing this stigma when he graciously said, “We are all Melburnians now.”

At our core we have failed to bow low before the Sovereignty of God – loving God with our whole selves and loving our neighbours – other ethnos – in the way we love ourselves, the way we want to be loved, the way we have been loved by God.


These core sin in Victoria’s history are manifesting now in Covid-19.

The spread in Victoria began with the Cedar Meat – a Halal abattoir employing many workers who are not Australian citizens. During Covid they had no Job Keeper or Job Seeker safety net so were desperate to maintain regular shifts or get as many casual shifts as possible. So they came to work sick and even after they were diagnosed with Covid-19, they failed to self quarantine and at Ed after Ramadan they met with large community groups, spreading the virus across Muslim communities and suburbs around Melbourne. Many were not receiving COvid-19 messaging, and were reliant on social media communications in their own languages which perpetuated conspiracy theories including that Covid itself was not contagious. Many non-citizens were forced by economic insecurity to moved into very crowded accommodations where social distancing was impossible -leading them to disregard risks.

The break in Victorian hotel quarantine was caused by the untrained, lowly paid, casually employed security guard employed at low wages, but responsibility lies with those how failed to set this up and supervise it. This example fits with the identified sins which we repent from.

We share a comment by Jill Curry: The second wave of Corona Virus in Victoria is because Daniel Andrews did not stay under the alignment with the Prime Minister and the Federal Gocernment which has held strong boundaries with China. David Andrews open the doors of  Victoria to Chinese influence through the secret Belt & Road agreement with China.

We note a comment that the most vital issue is not the management and consequence of the virus or the level of personal and national debt – but who will own the nations’ debt at the end of this Covid-19. This is a worrying picture of the dragon strategy.

We have also heard from one young prophet that Australia may now be headed into a massive calamity. I prefer to think this is a Jonah prophecy – that God has issue a warning and that there is room for repentance to avoid this consequence but as with the fall of Jerusalem on 9th Av 70AD, if we fail to deal with our sin, we will deal with the consequences of it.

Australians long to be wanted and to belong

As a result of colonisation and the perpetuation of sin in the land, God showed us that each of the identified people groups suffer in this land with an orphan spirit – a sense of not being wanted and not belonging. This was a core issue behind the strong local and global reaction to the death of George Floyd and other African Americans. Black Lives Matter was manipulated by political streams but it also expressed a core rising from a Godly sense that the time has come to address racial justice.

Being wanted and belonging are key in what God offers and what healthy families offer.

Australia Family Journey is intentional in seeking to honour and build relationship across these three group in Australia and across the South Pacific and South East Asian region.

Many First Peoples in Victoria may not feel wanted by the majority population, valued in popular culture or have a secure sense of belonging or place (reflected in land custodianship/ownership) First British

The first British in the Victorian Colony left Tasmania and their countries, families, or their terms as convicts. They saw themselves as colonial settlers but their land occupation was illegal and  an invasion that wiped our almost all of the 20,000 local First Peoples within 28 years, The First British in the Melbourne colony were unsupported by Sydney colony and did not belong.


First Chinese (including representing subsequent immigrant peoples.)

Chinese in the Victorian (& NSW) Gold rush were not wanted and were treated inequitably. Injustice toward the Chinese seems to have has opened a stronghold for the dragon principality from China and Bendigo has strong Buddist etc worship sites. Current Chinese purchase of land and claims/control of harbours, airports, financial and education, Coronavirus etc. What’s Your Part in God’s Surprising Strategy: Regional 247 Worship & Prayer? Opposition to China has led to stigma felt by Australian Chinese people.

How to Hear Each Other

An ABC news item this week announced, “Just shut up”: The price of belonging for a black man. Choice to listen to each other to identify what has been concealed by telling our history, words and difficulties. Like Truth & Reconciliation Process in South Africa.

Psalm 34  and James 5:16 – confessing our sins to each other

We’d like to rearrange  the seats, representing the power and authority of each people – from being in a row (in Jan’s vision) to being in a circle. So they can face and see and hear each other.  We need to start to listen and speaking with meaning, honesty.  The three people on the chairs facing each other reminds us of the Trinity Rublev icon …Father Son and Spirit all in union and deferring to one another, respecting one another … a model of listening and speaking truth in safety.

The three representatives of the people groups were masked. A mask covers the nose and mouth. We have to remove our mask to be face to face with God as well as each other. To worship [in Hebrew] can be interpreted as ‘to kiss the Son.’We have to remove our mask to receive the breath of the Holy Spirit – Yah Weh.
What is God’s process for repairing the breach between this groups at the foundation of Victoria?
At our last meeting there were several thoughts:

  • Jacqueline Gardiner: There could be identificational repentance and heavenly court work to be done.
  • Karen Wilson: Are representatives of these groups together in repentance and love able bring us to the place where we can legally claim the land and peoples as belonging to Jesus.

We paused to listen for God’s way to bring healing between these three people groups.

We acknowledged our group of 26 included Julie Roche from Singapore and Debra Morris as an Indigenous representative.

Linda Straw Melbourne : When you were asking about strategy Sue, I saw stepping stones, and heard the phrase, “just enough light for the step we’re on in this process.”

Sue: Strategy I heard: Love on someone you know (from other people groups).

Jackie: Tell stories – 40 Stories, #Hopestorychallenge

John: Recommended Celtic Spirituality in Australian Landscape. Indigenous people – silent tuition and connectedness. Deep listening in quietness and still needed. Land thirsty for this. Those with governmental anointing need to enter deep listening from silence.

Unity: at the Heart of the Matter 

Sandra K:  To tell the truth is to remove roots so offence, hurt released.

Ingrid Lockwood saw roots being pulled out from around the heart of Victoria.

Karen Wilson: God has been asking me “when I fashioned the heart of the land that is now Victoria, how did I fashion it? What was the heart to be? I asked him to tell me. He said, Unity and Harmony. He had said this to me many years ago when I asked him what the redemptive purpose of Melbourne is. He said back then, Unity, a place where many peoples can belong and be one, honoured and respected for their differences.

If unity is at the Heart of Victoria’s redemptive gift – what are God’s other gifts to Victoria?

John Pilcher: Years ago God had shown him Victoria’s Redemptive Gift of Divine Exchange. It is a matter of the heart. Idol worship is exchanged with encounter.

Debra Morris: felt the anointing on the Aboriginal lands in Victoria, Coranderrk was Unity. Debra shared about seed of unity planted in Alice Springs and taken back to plant in different places and a dance (Ps 67) for AUs Day or Thanksgiving Day. Deb spoke about an Auntie hoping for a gathering at Coranderrk. Proud era of Victorian Indigenous history – despite broken contract etc Resources:
a brief history of Coranderrk, 1835–81 › sites › default › files › products › book

Jill Curry shared a redemptive gifts of Melbourne: Governmental anointing. Federation was in Melbourne which brought the first unity of the states into a nation. Crowns on historic buildings Spring St, Crown Casino etc

Sue: noted the crown on Vic flag. Saw God’s crown descend on CBD Melbourne at time of River of Life Conference, We lay down our crowns and crown Jesus as King of Kings.

Jane Scammel relayed a blessing for Victoria she heard this morning, as from South Australia, “We admire Victoria, She is so able, so brilliant. She is a natural leader and in purity she will lead out.”

This blessing recognises Victoria’s role in leadership.

Sue v moved to see Victoria receive blessing instead of cursing.

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