The Sacredness of Oneness

Karen Wilson

I believe the following is one of the most significant messages we can be hearing at this crucial time in history. Let me explain using a recent experience.

During a time of soaking last fortnight, the Lord said, “Karen, you cannot afford to have a perspective that is not generated from the deep conviction that Jesus is the ruling King, seated on His throne and the Father is beside him, watching over His Word to perform it. Agree with the King.”

I had been doing that in my times of prayer. Then last Saturday we had 12 hours of prayer for nations. In one of the sessions we were praying for Zimbabwe and South Africa. The theme was “The God who Sees”. As these nations were discussed, I heard about the corruption, poverty and injustice that had continued over many years. I was perplexed and when we went into prayer I asked the Lord to help me reconcile these different things….a God who Sees, who is on the throne and who is watching over His Word and yet things don’t seem to change despite prayer.

Suddenly as I waited, Jesus lent forward from his throne. He stretched out his hand and on it was a single seed. He didn’t say anything, just pointed to the single seed in His hand. I didn’t know what it meant until the following day when He clearly showed me the seed is Oneness in His church- a Bride that is one in love, though it is many parts. The sense of both the longing and sadness I felt when the Lord revealed what the seed was, made me realise this is very close to the Lord’s heart.

Do you know oneness has always been the plan of God? The clear intention of it was there in the covenant cut with Abraham. It is there in the covenant cut between the Father and Son. It is there in our communion.

Historically as covenants were cut and the covenant meal shared, the bread and wine containing the blood from the two representatives would be eaten symbolising the two had now become one and the statement was made- “we are one, you in me and I in you”. From that point on the two representatives and their tribes lived their lives as one.

Of our new covenant, Jesus said it this way in John 17:21-24:

I pray for them all to be joined together as one even as you and I, Father, are joined together as one. I pray for them to become one with us so that the world will recognise that you sent me. For the very glory you have given to me I have given them so that they will be joined together as one and experience the same unity that we enjoy. You live fully in me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that you have sent me, for they will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me.

Jesus is in us and we are in Him and He is in the Father. This means we are in the Father too. Oneness is therefore not something that we make happen, it already is a spiritual reality. The key to honouring this reality is our commitment to love. 1 John 2:3-9

In oneness, whenever there are differences, love means:

We, that is each party, seeks to see the other, seeks to hear, seeks to understand, seeks to know the other. And in the differences seeks relationship that honours and is honoured.

A number of years ago, I woke up with this phrase going around and around in my mind, “Oneness is sacred, there is a sacredness to oneness that My people must understand.”

Oneness is sacred because Jesus lived and died and was raised to life again for this very purpose. Therefore we must honour the value of oneness highly. We must value the ‘seed’ of oneness because it is the seed that will bring forth the Kingdom of God on the earth.

To explore how to live out the reality of oneness it would be helpful to listen to Peter McHugh’s Weekly Reflection podcast HERE

Meditation: Colossians 3:12-17 “You are always and dearly loved by God! So robe yourself with virtues of God, since you have been divinely chosen to be holy. Be merciful as you endeavor to understand others, and be compassionate, showing kindness toward all. Be gentle and humble, unoffendable in your patience with others. Tolerate the weaknesses of those in the family of faith, forgiving one another in the same way you have been graciously forgiven by Jesus Christ. If you find fault with someone, release this same gift of forgiveness to them. For love is supreme and must flow through each of these virtues. Love becomes the mark of true maturity. Let your heart be always guided by the peace of the Anointed One, who called you to peace as part of his one body. And always be thankful. Let the word of Christ live in you richly, flooding you with all wisdom. Apply the Scriptures as you teach and instruct one another with the Psalms, and with festive praises, and with prophetic songs given to you spontaneously by the Spirit, so sing to God with all your hearts! Let every activity of your lives and every word that comes from your lips be drenched with the beauty of our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One. And bring your constant praise to God the Father because of what Christ has done for you!”

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