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Marilyn McKenny

Marilyn McKenny,                    Oct-Nov 2015

More schools – more cities – more nations – Mighty God!!

Dear friends

Thank you especially to those who pray – your support in prayer and intercession has been a significant (and needed) contribution to the growth of TRANSFORMERS. We may not know you all but we are very grateful and thank the Lord for you!


Past generations longed to see the move of God that has begun – and now we are blessed to be part of it! For one, God wants One billion youth ushered into the Kingdom – and it’s happening! It won’t be a repeat of other moves – it is a new way in this new day. This is all about Him, our awesome God; His Presence, His love, His glory, His limitless goodness and power.


Praise report


TRANSFORMERS is under way in Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Romania, Portugal, India, Philippines, Laos, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Congo with recent enquiries from others also. A recent prophetic word stated over TRANSFORMERS: “Quadruple!” (we were believing for double …) that means 4 x the number of schools and nations. It surely has to be worth a mighty shout of praise!! How amazing and good our God is!



We estimate 550+ high schools are being prayer-walked in Australia – 50 of those are in Adelaide.


10 cities/regions have a vision to prayer-walk ALL their secondary schools: Inverell NSW, Forster-Tuncurry NSW, Tamworth NSW, South Coast NSW, Adelaide SA, Bundaberg Qld, Kununurra WA, Mt Helena WA and 2 others are in the planning stage.


3 of those above have already achieved that: Inverell NSW, Forster-Tuncurry NSW, Kununurra WA – and 2 are also prayer-walking their primary and infants schools.




Inverell had so many enthusiastic people wanting to commit to prayer-walking, they assigned 2 teams to each Secondary school. However, there were still people who couldn’t be placed – so they assigned teams to prayer-walk their primary and infants schools as well. Do you think they might see revival and a mega youth harvest??


How good is that? Please pray God’s blessing on these teams launching TRANSFORMERS – and for them to receive abundant favour and see substantial breakthroughs – and for 200+ other towns and cities across the nation to do likewise! Our God is more than able! He is waiting for BIG decrees to answer … so let’s decree BIG and expect BIG!


The door is open!

A large number of high schools are being regularly prayer-walked – but hundreds aren’t. This is the day we have prayed for – God is moving – but widespread harvest needs God’s people to arise, shine … and do! An awesome prayer-walking army is rising up in this hour. The Prayer-walking Prayer Points and Prayer Support Prayer Points etc are included here and on the website  So, come on Aussie, come on …. It’s time to enlist!


Outreaches will soon be under way – groups and churches will begin to reap a harvest from the revival seeds that have been sown – yay. Thousands of precious students are about to have life-changing encounters with their loving Father – how wonderful! Testimonies from Tamworth NSW, Brisbane Qld and Romania are on the website.


Testimony from Liberia, Africa:


Dear Marilyn, Holy salutation to you in Jesus Name .. We have launched the work of God and schools are really in favor us as we preaches the endless gospel of Christ . All of the students are in good zeal  to receive the Gospel  of Christ .


Those prayers points are indeed helpful ,the members and I are carefully using it. Please pray for us


Pastor Moses Kwee – Transformers Ministry, Liberia

Pastor Moses sent this photo showing around 100 very happy newly-saved school students.





Recently I was honoured to be commissioned by Che’ Ahn, leader of HIM International, as an apostle with Australian Apostolic Restore Community, a network aligned with HIM. HIM is a US-based apostolic network now in 60+ nations with 33.000 churches and ministries around the world.

God is moving “exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all we can ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20. We’re astonished and delighted at the pace TRANSFORMERS is multiplying at – and all we can say is “all glory to you Lord – you are amazing – we just love what you are doing!!”


With muchWith praise and Glory to our King


Marilyn McKenny

God answers prayer! We would appreciate pray for TRANSFORMERS as it runs from school to school and state to state.























Marilyn McKenny

PO Box 135 Mansfield Qld 4122  +61417774064


TRANSFORMERS – Prayer-walking Prayer Points

We pray/decree: This school shall be transformed for the Glory of God! “Arise O God and let Your enemies be scattered!” – Ps 68:1

“God will establish tables in the midst of their enemies” – Ps 23:5

“The Lord will be a wall of fire all about and His glory seen in the midst” – Zech 2:5

Over the school: We pray/decree: the Blessing- Goodness- Love and Kindness of the Lord over every student and staff.
We pray the Lord’s Presence-Peace and Protection 3 John v2

Truth – righteousness and respect shall be established here.
Doors shall open – and remain open to the Gospel – Rev 3:8

There shall be a full quota of Christian workers.

Over the students: God’s Mercy- Love- Acceptance- Hope- Healing- Protection- Release and Freedom!
The students shall have hearts to know God and have powerful life-changing encounters with Him.
They will receive a revelation of God’s love and greatness.
They will come to know the truth and the truth will make them free – God’s goodness will lead them to repentance – John 8:32, Rom 2:4

We pray a mighty harvest of souls!

Many passionate and selfless young people with hearts ablaze for God will come from this school; ones carrying His Presence- His Glory- His love and His miracles.

Among them will be apostles, prophets, revivalists, harvesters, pastors and intercessors.

To bullying– violence– drugs- immorality– humanism- rebellion and deception: we say, GO from this school in Jesus’ name!

Over the Christian workers: God’s Grace– Love– Anointing- Wisdom- Blessing– Favour and Boldness.

Over the teachers, staff and volunteers: Blessing- Wisdom– Justice– Compassion– Authority and Kindness.

Kingdom of God come – will of God be done – as it is in Heaven! Matt 6:10

Also pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.
The copying of TRANSFORMERS documents is permitted and encouraged, providing is noted.



TRANSFORMERS – Prayer Support

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16b

Prayer support is needed for the advance of TRANSFORMERS and the widespread transformation and harvest that God wants to bring.

Just 3-4 people is all that is needed to cover a school – when prayer-walking regularly.

Please pray: Lord we ask You to raise up and mobilize committed prayer-walkers to adopt each of Australia’s 2,000 Secondary Schools.

We ask Your blessing and favour on TRANSFORMERS. May the wind of Your Spirit blow it from state to state, city to city and town to town – and maximize its potential for revival, harvest and the transformation of our schools.

We pray a mighty outpouring of Your Spirit upon the students. May they receive a revelation of your love and greatness and have powerful life-changing encounters with You.

We pray the new converts will be nurtured, discipled and equipped and do great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

We pray that TRANSFORMERS will multiply and run freely throughout Australia and beyond without restriction.

We pray protection upon TRANSFORMERS and all who are prayer-walking. “No weapon formed against shall prosper”  “The Lord will be a wall of fire all about and His Glory shall be seen in the midst”  “Thank you Lord for making tables in the midst of our enemies.” Isaiah 54:17, Zech 2:5, Ps 23:5.

We pray for an abundant supply of finances for travel, accommodation and general ministry expenses.

We Praise You Lord, TRANSFORMERS will be a catalyst for revival in Australia and many other nations.

Also pray as the Spirit of God leads you.

If you are interested to be on the TRANSFORMERS team we would love to hear from you. If you need assistance you’re welcome to email us at the same address ( 

Thank you and blessings, Marilyn McKenny

It’s time to Prepare the Way of the Lord!

The copying of TRANSFORMERS documents is permitted and encouraged, providing is noted.










Please note:

Gifts for TRANSFORMERS or CHURCH ARISE MINISTRIES need to be made out to CHURCH ARISE MINISTRIES as set out here.


Thank you for your support!




Bank details

Bank of Queensland

Account: Church Arise Ministries

Acc No:   90246238

BSB: 124060








April 2015             

The Challenge

The Lord has given us a simple yet powerful strategy. It is highly achievable and has the potential to be a major catalyst for the transformation of our schools and a widespread youth harvest. The possibilities are enormous.

The Church in Australia has a scarcity of 20-40 year olds – tragically much of that age group has slipped through the cracks. If the Church doesn’t arise and act, 20 years from now we’ll be in the unimaginable situation of having a scarcity of 20-60 year olds in the Church.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s mums, dads and leaders in community, education, business and government and the future of the Body of Christ. Among them will be nation-changers, apostles, prophets, intercessors, pastors and harvesters. God loves each and every one of this rising generation – they’re worth fighting for!

The Vision

For a nationwide harvest of our Secondary students and the transformation of their schools. Bullying, violence, immorality, deception and humanism will have to go – and be replaced with  Kingdom values of love, peace, respect, truth and righteousness.

The Strategy

STAGE ONE: For 3-4 committed Christians to prayer-walk a local Secondary school on a regular basis – praying and believing for God to move mightily. As they pray in faith they can expect the Lord to answer. Hearts and lives will be changed for eternity and schools will be significantly impacted.

TRANSFORMERS – first fruits

How awesome to have 40 youth saved at the first ‘prayer-walking’ outreach – the Lord is so good!  57 people (70% youth) were saved last weekend as well as a key community leader. Many are students at the local Secondary School where the pastor and 2 others have been prayer-walking for several months … It won’t be a small church for long!God answers prayer! We would appreciate pray for TRANSFORMERS as it runs from school to school and state to state.

TRANSFORMERS – accelerating

How faithful and amazing God is! With relatively little promotion, around 90 Secondary Schools are now being prayer-walked in NSW, Queensland and South Australia – and they’re only the ones we know of. We continue to hear of schools being adopted ‘outside our scope’ – so there could be another twenty or more. We are expecting the number of schools to spike exponentially over coming months … our God answers prayer!

Doors are opening across the nation as prayer groups, home groups and ladies groups begin prayer-walking Secondary Schools. A Spirit-led army is rising up and going forth – swing seeds for harvest, school transformation and revival.

All five home groups of one Sydney church have each adopted a Secondary School – how good. It’s time to step out! Just one person on fire for Jesus can start a fire and change a city! The Spirit of God is moving and Positions Vacant need to be filled. We only have one lifetime to serve our King and bear fruit for His Kingdom … there’s no dress rehearsal, this is it.

TRANSFORMERS – prayer backing

Much prayer and intercession is needed. These are the basic Prayer Points:

  •  For teams of 3-4 committed people to regularly prayer-walk our 2000 Secondary Schools – for a massive youth harvest & school transformation.
  • Prayer support for TRANSFORMERS and prayer-walkers.
  • For doors to open to the Gospel in each school – and remain open.
  • For the students to have powerful, life-changing encounters with the Lord & bear much fruit for the Kingdom.
  • Bullying, violence, drugs, humanism, immorality & deception: GO in Jesus’ name!
  • Replaced with love, peace, hope truth, respect, hearts open to God & freedom!
  • No weapon formed against shall prosper!
  • Kingdom of God come – will of God be done in our schools!

TRANSFORMERS – information

Please notify us of your school’s details for both prayer cover and for future updates to be sent.

We ask those who prayer-walk to arrange for one or two others to give them prayer support.

By doing this,

  • those who step out are covered in prayer
  • those who aren’t able to prayer-walk have a purposeful ministry path
  • and prayer for the school is doubled – everyone wins!


For an Inspiring School Testimony, Prayer-walking & Prayer Support Prayer Points, Guidelines, Prayer Shield, Video & Donations:


All for His Glory!

Marilyn McKenny


God answers prayer! We would appreciate pray for TRANSFORMERS as it runs from school to school and state to state.




Pastor Marilyn McKenny

PO Box 135 Mansfield Qld 4122  +61417774064








Sat May 30pm            Ladies meeting – Living Word Fellowship, Bundaberg Qld

Sun May 31am           Ministering – Living Word Fellowship, Bundaberg Qld



Sat June 6                   Women’s Aglow – Logan City, Brisbane

  • Sharing on TRANSFORMERS


Sun 21 June                Waterbrook Church – Brendale, Brisbane Qld

Ministering + Sharing on TRANSFORMERS







                           Your prayer support is greatly appreciated – thank you!

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