Vision of 3 Waves of Revival and Reformation

from Glen Vines


I have been receiving a recurring vision of 3 waves. As you may know waves can come in sets. This is a set of 3 waves. 3 separate waves that are actually part of the one move. 3 waves leading motivating and positioning the Australian church for the upcoming nationwide revival and reformation.

The 3 waves are already here but as they progress they gain momentum and size, bigger and more powerful, until they hit the coastline of Australia with Tsunami strength. I see them starting on the east coast of Australia and around Perth, then they move across Australia like a flood.

The Curse of the Elijah Syndrome with individuals thinking, “I’m the only one!” or small groups thinking, “We’re the only ones,” is about to get broken as God is moving to bind us together in Kingdom minded Apostolic companies.

The 1st wave is: Relational Net-works.

This is the biggest wave with most people coming into it. The wave of Net-works getting established across the body of Christ, across church, denominational boundaries. I see net-works of net-works getting established for Kingdom causes. A Net-work is a gathering, a coming together of spiritual commanders and warriors who are contending for the Kingdom on different battle fronts. Apostolic Net-works, Prophetic Net-works, Intercessory prayer Net-works, Market Place Net-works, Christian political Net-works, Media Missionary Net-works, Social Justice Net-works etc. “As one,” is their catch-cry.

The 2nd wave: Out of the 1st wave I see the 2nd wave arise: Alliances.

Alliances are much more intentional and strategic then a Net-work, they are formed with clearly determined goals. Alliances are partnerships, teams of teams now start to form. This wave is smaller than the first but amazingly more join this wave then what I initially thought.

Out of the 2nd wave the 3rd wave arises: Covenant Partners.

This wave is the smallest of the 3 because it requires deep levels of self-sacrifice for the Kingdom cause. As one, is not the catch-cry it is their reality. This is like a marriage when different individuals and movements merge together as one in a knowing that they will now share a common destiny. Covenant partners see each others’ success or failure as their own and therefore will come to the place of being willing to lay down their lives for one another.

Through these waves I see first the revival and reformation of the Australian Church, then the Harvest of souls and reformation of the Nation.

Word from Glen Vines
Source: Australian Prophetic Council
Image: CC image by Bert Burger

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