Vision of Melbourne

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  1. Carolyn Mills says:

    Hi Sue,
    thank you for this great vision and your input from Ffald-y-brenei. I have read “The Grace Outpouring” three times and have wept, it is so awesome and real… several friends who attend the monthly united Assembly of prayer and praise that I lead, by the LORD”s grace, in different churches each month, have also read it and bought copies. The vision with the fires is EXACTLY the vision I had in Cairns for Pittwater, Sydney, in May 2006! I would love to see you some time and catch some of the enthusiasm that is happening in Melbourne! Well done, and keep powering on in this new move of God. I have felt for years that the many denominations HAVE to change somehow because no churches here are growing .Only the lay folk- the priests- are seeing the power and call to meet as Christ’s Body, at least at this point.
    Blessings, Carolyn… I met you in Canberra

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