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Jane Johnson  December 2013

I saw a large bowl of water where the water was swirling around very fast. This  represented the  mixing of churches. As the water got faster and faster it started bubbling over and with the heat, it made a mark  on the surface because it was so hot. This represents the power and impact as churches collaborate.

I saw on God’s heart was a new level of collaboration, of respect, of trust for one another – a church where there is a drawing of resources from one another.

I saw He wants leaders empowering others in such a way that they diminish whilst the youngsters rise.

I heard him say:

” There is no longer toil, new ideas will come and be birthed with speed- there will be no long labour and as some animals grow really quickly after birth, so will some ministries.

Time for harvest is here-

Time for sowing is over-

Reaping is at hand.

So don’t hold back with Faith.

Meet, collaborate, don’t judge my people but seek to know who they are.

Open your hearts to new people who will have the key to your ministry.

Take heed for there will be a period of grace after that I will come like Jesus turning the tables over in the temple. 

I will not stop till I have seen justice in my church. People no longer held back, no longer ignored or unseen.

I want leaders to be held accountable to the people.

People’s hearts are often where I myself am and so listen to them. You are not to take too much authority but recognise I have given you authority only by  the grace of god and this is  not something to be abused. All my people contain part of me and you need them to make the picture whole.

So show yourself and do not keep yourself isolated from the people. Mix amongst them and see where your people hurt. There is much hurt in the church and frustration that I will no longer tolerate . Love is the overriding factor- not ministry – if my people are not loved there  is no point.

Notice those not loved and seek to honour those. For great is the person who lifts those above themselves – there is the honour.

The word has a place but not over other things. All things with balance.

Prayer must be central.

Ensure you raise leaders who can take over- home grown leaders are much better. Open your eyes and see for The Lord is truly amongst his church “.

I see a rising up of the people coming forth and being released to have their say. Where leaders know the wishes of the people and then there will be a  break forth in power.

I see a place where the people are involved in decision making- a democratic church that is accountable and open- no longer things behind hidden doors.

I feel the Lord saying:

“We must have a new generation of churches that stand the test of time. Go forth and be all you can be for great is my love for the church. It is beyond comprehension . You are my valued children in whom I am well pleased”.

Jane Johnson

B. Com, Grad Dip LD, Dip Coaching Principal Coach and Director Aspect Coaching

Coaching and Inspiring Christian Leaders to Build a Radical Church


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