Monthly Archives: September 2020

The Sacredness of Oneness

Karen Wilson I believe the following is one of the most significant messages we can be hearing at this crucial time in history. Let me explain using a recent experience. During a time of soaking last fortnight, the Lord said, “Karen, you cannot afford to have a perspective that is not generated from the deep conviction that Jesus is the ruling … Continue reading


Subscribe to receive updates. These are some of our regular online prayer gatherings: Pray for Victoria: P4V: Light in Darkness In 2024 we hear Holy Spirit inviting us to host face to face gatherings! We will maintain a monthly Zoom and host group gatherings on Wednesdays from 11:00am-1.00pm in Regions of Melbourne and across Victoria. We are very grateful for … Continue reading

Decree with us God’s Promises for Victoria

This is a time, globally, when our Father seeks the people, called by His name, who will humble themselves and pray and seek His face, so He can heal our land. We present this as evidence that our Lord, by His grace, has heard our prayers. These decrees arose from a gathering of 70 people representing the 79 municipalities of … Continue reading