Celebrate Victoria – Outreach to 43 towns 3-14 Nov

Celebrate Victoria 2014 is a continuing effort to gather disciples and outreach to 43 towns in country Victoria.

There are two parts to this event.

Week one is an equipping seminar through teaching and impartation from Todd White and Ben Fitzgerald.

Week two is an activation week, outreaching to the 43 towns, bringing people to Christ and hopefully inspire God’s people in these country towns to be more active in sharing God’s love.


Over a 20 year period YWAM Melbourne had a history of recruiting teams and productions that toured rural Victoria encompassing many of the 43 towns that we are planning to do outreach. We have been fairly absent over the last 10 years as God has led us to focus overseas and locally in the city of Melbourne. God has really placed on our heart that we should put out a call to as many other YWAM teams, church groups, other ministries and individuals to join us. We have broken down country Victoria into 6 different routes which includes 43 towns. In the past, we would stagger our outreach over a 6-12 week period visiting one of these 6 routes. This time we are looking at doing all 43 towns in one week! This is the first time we will do it this way.



Over the last 12 years statistically church attendance has dropped from around 10% of the population to 8% meaning attending church at least once a month.  We feel this outreach is a small contribution that will start to bring some people to faith in Christ and hopefully inspire many of God’s people in these country towns to be more active in sharing God’s love and their faith in Christ.


We are planning to meet with Aboriginal elders throughout the 29 countries in Victoria and share with them what God is placing on our heart and ask for their goodwill and encouragement for this outreach. We have coordinators that will connect with each of the towns and we will be hosted by churches and ministries locally. We are encouraging prayer networks, YWAM centres in Australia and the country churches and others to pray fervently for this outreach week that we will see a big harvest reaped.  As previously mentioned, we have invited Todd White and Ben Fitzgerald to speak at a 5 day seminar which many people are showing a lot of excitement and eagerness to attend. We believe that their equipping and encouragement will really stir the faith of those attending who will be part of our Celebrate Victoria outreach. We are hosting the event but we are working in close partnership with Empowered Evangelists in Melbourne and also the River of Life network.

To register and be a part of receiving impartation at the seminar and the harvest in this state of Victoria, please click here


If you cannot make our training seminar part, you can go to the Empowered Evangelist Conference in Frankston Fri/Sat/Sun, and then many of those delegates will join us for the activation week! You can go to www.firechurch.com.au for more info.

Impartation Dates:

Mon – Thur Nov 3-6 7:30-9:30pm

Friday 7 9am-1pm

Free optional extra sessions:

Tues-Thur nov 4-6 9am-1pm

Impartation Location:

Ywam base

1 kent rd surrey hills vic


Impartation costs:



Activation dates:

Sat-fri nov 8-14


Activation Cost: $170

$90 (Food); $60 (Petrol); $20 (Misc)

Accommodation – Free


Total Impartation and Activation Cost: $270


Contact: Lael Piteau

Email: registrar@ywammelbourne.com

Phone: 0404287876

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