God will Blanket our Cities with His Glory as we Partner in Prayer & Worship

volunteer togetherness at dusk

Word from Brian Mills (UK) 

I will bring a great and glorious move of My Holy Spirit. It is imminent. When your hearts break open to Me, I will break open the heavens over you! You will see with your eyes what I can do even in the darkness that seems to prevail around you. Nothing will hinder My strong arm as I penetrate darkness with My Spirit. Even as I brought the city of Nineveh to repentance and conversion, so I will blanket entire cities with My glory!

Believe and you will see! The move of My Spirit means that all things are possible. Watch what I will do with media, for they will broadcast to the nations the miracles of My hand. The Son of Glory will yet be famous again for His mighty works!

Praying men and women will partner with worshippers to bring an atmosphere over the cities. One city will remain in darkness while another will burst forth with light, life, and love! Am I not more than enough to do this? Many have longed to see what your eyes will soon witness. A hunger for My presence will consume you as I blanket cities with My glory.

Ask of Me, and I will give you cities of the nations as your inheritance! Ask in faith, knowing that there is no such thing as impossibility to Me! I will bring healing. And a river of salvation will flow in the cities of your nation.

Psalm 68:28-29, “Display your strength, God, and we’ll be strong! For your miracles have made us who we are. Lord, do it again, and parade from your temple your mighty power. By your command even kings will bring gifts to you.”

  • Can you imagine how your city would look if it were blanketed by His glory?
  • Take a moment to describe what would be different and better.
  • Read your description aloud and pray, “Display your strength, God!”

Jason Hubbard sent us this word, 19 February 2018.

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