How to Prayer for the Victorian Election, Councils & Electorates


You can find the Victorian Neighbourhood Prayer Watch Tool to your local government areas in other states.You can adapt the Victorian Neighbourhood Prayer Watch Tool to your local government areas in other states.
Your Local Government Areas – across Australia, New Zealand and some South Pacific nations are listed at the end of this paper: Neighbourhood Prayer Watch.

We’ve defined neighbourhood as Local Government Areas – councils & shires – because they have stable boundaries, are familiar to us and provide a base for spiritual mapping – local information, services and demographics. They are accessible for local prayer gatherings and prayer walking.

Simply find local prayer partners to pray with you for your neighbourhood.

1. Pray for your local council – leaders, people and area.

Find out more about your local council to inform your prayer in other states of Australia:

2. Pray for your local Electorate in Victoria and other states of Australia

Find Victorian Electorate from the Neighbourhood Prayer Watch tool:

The tool enables a group to identify the electorate/s that overlap their area so you can identify and pray by name for your local candidates, parties and voters.

  • Links under the Electoral Districts (Lower House) and Regions (Upper House) go to Wikipedia Overview & Historical context.
  • Links beside the Electoral Districts and Regions (VEC Maps) take you directly to Victorian Electoral Commission summary information & maps of the new electoral boundaries.
  • Each name and link in this tool is saturated in God’s love for you and your neighbours.

Find more information on Victorian and other Australian Electorates

Pray for your Electoral Parties and Candidates

See updated lists of Candidates and Representatives at:

4. Pray for the Victorian voters, the Victorian Electoral Commission, key spokes people and media – for God’s will to be done in all aspects of this election.

Pray Truth is recognised; deception and secret deals are revealed; and undemocratic, unrighteous laws removed. If you are Victorian, pray and seek God’s will for how He would have you vote in this election.

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