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This is Ken Duncan’s update on the project Walk a While which is raising funds for erecting a cross in central Australia. Please continue to pray for this vision to be fulfilled and give financial support as you can.

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that one of our Walk a While supporters, Dr Peter Holyland, has made a very generous offer to help us raise the funds needed to construct a giant Cross in the heart of our nation. He has combined over 200 photos taken from the Hubble Telescope into a magnificent mosaic and is making prints of this available to generate funds to Help Raise the Cross.

Dr Holyland said “When I first saw the incredible detail contained in the Hubble Telescope images, my lifelong fascination with the Heavens came to the fore. I mosaiced over 200 images into realistic positions, combining both hemispheres. I was fascinated with the idea of being immersed in the tremendous beauty of a Heavenly mosaic. By making a very large print, this full immersion became a possibility.”

Walk a while

This truly unique image titled, “The Creation from Kaarina’s Nebula”, shows the Milky Way and surrounding heavenly bodies. It provides us with an amazing view of our universe – in effect a God’s eye view.

Prints of this amazing image are now available to Walk a While supporters. Proceeds from the sale of prints are going directly to the Help Raise the Cross initiative.

Prices start from $1,650 for a 50” wide print, but you can go much larger if you have the space. For more information, or to place an order, please call the Ken Duncan Gallery on +61 2 4367 6701, or Email erina@kenduncan.com.

We are extremely grateful to Dr Holyland for his generosity in making prints available to Walk a While supporters, and for donating proceeds from print sales to our Help Raise the Cross project.

This is just another example of people rallying around, coming up with fund-raising ideas … and making them happen.

You can click here to read more of Dr Holyland’s story behind the creation of this outstanding image.

Please feel free to pass this information and the links on to others who you think may be interested in this truly amazing view of our universe, and who may be willing to help us with our important project of raising a giant Cross in the heart of our nation.

We hope this remarkable image will inspire you to see our universe as a magnificent creation of great beauty and complexity.

And we hope this photo – and Dr Holyland’s generous offer – will inspire you to think of new ways to raise funds in support of this important project.

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