“Increase and Multiply”

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My name is Julie Martin and I’m 88 years old. I’ve been a born-again Christian for 42 years. During the first 10 years of my Christian life, I noticed several things that were occurring in Christianity that didn’t seem to be right according to my understanding of God’s word, but because others didn’t think there was anything wrong with these behaviours, I kept asking God to show me what was wrong with me to think that they were wrong.

The behaviours I witnessed were:

  1. an inordinate affection people had toward animals, like hugging and kissing them, which I felt was meant for human beings not animals
  2. women seemed to be drawn to know Jesus and become born-again and were the leaders and teachers of their children instead of the men, which, to me, seemed out of order, for God had made husbands and fathers to be the leaders in their families
  3. a pastor’s wife leading a ladies retreat weekend was encouraging the ladies to serve their husband with oral sex if that’s what he wanted and that seemed inappropriate behaviour to me

Therefore, I kept asking God to show me where I was wrong if all of this behaviour was acceptable in Christianity today.

Then in 1986 I was with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Hawaii. As I was out walking early one morning, I heard a clear voice, which I believe was God, speaking to me and this is what He said –

Julie, you have been asking me for quite some time now to show you what’s wrong with you, but I want to show you what has happened since the second world war, with the increase of knowledge and the discovery of the Pill for birth control, because man wanted the pleasure of sex but not the responsibility of raising the children I wanted to bless them with. Denying My command to “increase and multiply”, man has raised his heel of rebellion against Me to live his life his way, not My way.  In so doing he has opened the floodgates of every conceivable lust, perversion and disorder that you are observing. He has exchanged My act of love that produces life with an act of lust for self-gratification and in so doing, he has seared his conscience from sin.”

Twelve years after this word came to me, I was in Australia at a prayer meeting at the church I was attending. During the prayer meeting, a Religious Instruction Co-ordinator prayed for an increase of volunteers to teach the children and someone else who was the Co-ordinator for childrens ministry in that church also prayed for more volunteers to be involved in the childrens ministry. The pastor then prayed about the great need for a dedicated childrens ministry building and how disappointed he was that in this church with a majority of the congregation being high income earners, their one-time fundraising appeal for this building had had such a poor response. In his prayer he asked for God’s mercy for this poor response. Immediately after these people had prayed, the Lord spoke clearly to me, saying “Did you hear these three prayer requests? They are all the results of what I told you in Hawaii and you have kept that to yourself.”

I immediately experienced a rush of the fear of the Lord and I said to the Lord “I didn’t know that I was meant to share it with anyone else. Do you want me to share it now in the prayer meeting?” He answered, “No not now, but share it with the pastor later.” After the prayer meeting, I made an appointment with the pastor. I shared with him all that I have written so far and when I finished he said, “Julie there’s no doubt that that’s a true word from God for today, because it also supports a recent survey made in America.” The survey was reported in the newspaper and the pastor read it out to me. It went something like this: “When we discovered the birth control Pill we thought we had the answer to solve many problems people were having in their marriages and families. But now, decades later in 1998, we are seeing what the birth control pill has done. It opened a freedom for extra marital relationships without the fear of pregnancy and that caused broken marriages, broken homes, more divorce, wounded children and broken families with the results seen in the evidence of our broken communities. This is the result of the birth control Pill.”

Although the pastor admitted it was a word from God, he would not share that word with the congregation, because he feared man rather than God. I’ve since shared this word with two other pastors and they have done the same – chosen not to offend man.

A Korean Christian doctor living in Cairns has been led by the Lord Jesus to invite all churches in Cairns to come together to pray for revival once a month beginning in January this year. Several people are asked to share a word for ten minutes and then to lead the people in prayer at these meetings which are called ‘Prayer Concerts’. Last month the leader asked me to share at the next prayer concert which was themed “Teach us how to honour God.” The word God impressed on my heart to share was what He had told me in Hawaii, so I shared it with the leader and asked if he still wanted me to share. He said, “Sister, this is a true word from God. We have been praying for revival and revival will not happen unless we repent. The people need to hear this. You have this word from God and you must tell them.”

I did share this word publicly for the first time on September 28th 2018 and four other times since then. It seems like the right time for people to hear it as all have affirmed “it’s time to repent.”

Thank you for receiving this from me and I trust in the lord that He may lead you in what He wants you to do with it!.

Yours sincerely,
Julie Martin.


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