Local Church Prayer Relay Leads to Community Transformation

Jason HUbbard

Many of you will remember Jason Hubbard from our national Aussie tour in November 2016.

Dr Jason Hubbard and The Light of the World Prayer Center has initiated a local church prayer strategy in Bellingham, Whatcom County, USA, that is impacting the world. Local churches host a Day2Pray once a month every month  – so just 31 local churches can cover their region in continuous night and day prayer. See: Light of the World Prayer Center promo video.

Be inspired by The Whatcom Story 2 and see the impact in the business sphere. Across 15 years the Day2Pray collaboration between local churches has profoundly impacted successful evangelism, church growth and measures of societal well-being.

America Prays has adopted the Day2Pray model of local churches praying in relay – launching it at  the state and national levels across USA. The Assembly of God denomination in America is encouraging all 13,000 churches to commit to a Day2Pray once a month every month! Many other nations have adopted this – including Australia through our 40 Day Prayer Relay!

At our National Day of Prayer & Fasting: Pray for Australia Webinar on 31 January 2018, we were joined by Jason Hubbard and Brian Alarid from America Prays,  and they prayed extraordinary prayers for our nation. Jason prays that God will do more here than he does in America! Email Sue Tinworth to hear their interview & prayers: sue@partnersinprayer.org.au

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