Mature Unity by David Tidy

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Where am I coming from….trained by the Lord to raise up disciples, army to fight

He is preparing and army but also a bride…sword on His side, sword on your side?

Eph 4:1-15     Key verse 13

What does it mean to be Mature in Christ? 

It means having some depth in our united work together before God

v13 Unity of faith is not unity of all faiths or denominations.

But united in our faith in God the Father of Jesus Christ the Saviour.

Hebrews 5:11 – 14  mature saints have trained themselves to discern good & evil.

Luke 17:20-21  is within you.    Luke 8:1+10   Luke 9:1   Luke 18:16-17

932 basileia {bas-il-i’-ah} AV – kingdom (of God) 71, kingdom (of heaven) 32,

royal power, kingship, dominion, rule…having the right or authority to rule over a kingdom

Therefore we are called as His disciples to show forth the Kingdom of our God.

This Kingdom within has to rule and it has to stand over the Kingdom of evil.


Do you want to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God…His way of life?

It first has to be alive in us, then it can manifest itself in our lives.

Its purpose in being in us, is for it to flow from us.  Jesus is our example.

Is His Kingdom alive in you? It is a faith life… the righteous shall live by faith.

There is royal power in your life… there is a ruling over everything that is ungodly.

We have to disempower the old life to see the new life empowered


Levels of Unity.

What level of unity should we be looking for?

It will also show us whether we are ready, for certain actions to be taken.

There can be no real unity without the Word and The Holy Spirit being in harmony.


  • Just being together, creates a natural body of people.
  • Standing together recognising Jesus as Lord, creates a spiritual body
  • Unity that comes from a desire to be acting upon His will not just knowing of it
  • Now trusting in the Holy Spirit to release power, knowing His desire.
  • Unity that contains trust for each other in the things of the Spirit.
  • Giving freedom to each other in a Spiritual way.
  • True unity has to have a corporate humility.
  • Unity that causes us to resist evil together, causing the enemy to flee.
  • Unity of one faith, one hope, one calling.   Begins to release the real blessing.
  • Unity with others not in our local area establishing a larger body concept.
  • A national church unity which manifests itself as one before the Father.
  • Unity that has one voice to the nations. All speaking the same biblical truth.


We cannot build on apostasy…religion, man made traditions

Apostasy…one cannot gain maturity in Christ through living with apostasy within.

All it does is increase the power to religious spirits, traditions of man.

It brings contentment to the mind and the soul born out of fleshly activity.

It covers over and denies the power that brings the joy of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit does not give joy in an apostate state. Church weakness. No power!!


We have a unity born out of faith, now we press on to more growth…

The knowledge of the Son of God, given from a wisdom above.

Not just some head knowledge of Him, know of Him but really know Him personally.

Who He was, what He did for me.  Past tense, or an experience of life in Him today

Who He is. Now present tense.    What He is doing with me now, working in me now.

Who He will be tomorrow for me, future tense.

Having a Heavenly Vision of God being totally for us… be obedient to the call.

He is always the same, His character doesn’t change, always faithful true.

Does not get moody and go off in a huff.  Can be counted on to be who He is.

He has been and will be always faithful to us because He loves us…

there is a joy in it from Him to us. We give Him great joy.


Ps 133 …How pleasant it is, when… Joy in us increases when in love…

Are we living with some fresh knowledge of His love in our lives?

Is He allowed to be alive in us to give us this knowledge of His?

Are we able to live in the revelation of His will for us?

It’s the difference of head knowledge and revelation from the Holy Spirit.

All this will lead us on, stirs the desire to be more like Him


Causing us to press on into a mature unity.

Unity is not the end result, it is a way to preparing the army and the bride.

Tremendous unity in soldiers trained and standing together.

Victories are gained more easily than before.  Shields together.

All have a sharp sword to carry the fight through to the end.

There is a fight, a resistance against us for the maturity of our spiritual life.

Something of our flesh in this natural world is trying to squeeze us into its mould, it wants us to back off being a spiritual person.

Our flesh does not want a maturity that comes from an inner relationship with the King of Kings, The victorious One, because it has loses its control over us

A united frontal attack is sometimes required to see the breakthrough.

The inner fight gets hardest the nearer the breakthrough.

An intensity of spirit…do not back off.

A corporate manifestation of what is within us for a united Spirit led prayer action.



The measure of revelation one can receive is often limited to the relationship we have with Christ.

He has Mysteries to be revealed, hidden away for a certain day.

To be given to those who will use the understanding with the knowledge of His will at that time.

There is a great joy of an expectation of what He has prepared for me to receive.

He is preparing a people who will be moved by all that He is within them.

Using all that He has revealed to them.

A power beyond the ordinary, because we have an extra ordinary God.

This is His desire for you and me to be like Him, mature in wisdom.

He wants us to be seen by those who are of the world to be different than them.

He wants to show the world that He is alive on earth in us.

Therefore it is His prerogative to reveal Himself through us.

Example to the world. Tom…gas      Andy…fishing rod. Brother George.

Do not be immature and say this is for others and not me.

We are His disciples, Go and make Christians? NO!  Go and make disciples.

Salvation means wholeness, completness Diasozo


Working towards this goal, with determination, tenacity, boldness.

Get ready for a joy far outreaching yourself…His joy in you.

A joy of the Holy Spirit in you, because you have said Yes to Him and followed that with signs of obedience.


Break down the spirit of unity and look to the Father to bring Unity born of His Spirit, that will open doors for us to be prepared to stand no matter what lies ahead.

Unity born of the acceptance of the Word and the Holy Spirit is mature unity.


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