Old Truth Just Get’s Truer:The Apostolic Rise of Women Into Totally Equal Kingdom Leadership Ministry!


Forerunners International- Tim Cassidy October 1998 – October 2008.

I have never been more certain of a coming Apostolic and Prophetic purpose for our Nation of Australia, than I am of the following;

Australia’s move of God will be birthed and led by Aussie Apostles and Prophets – as well as Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and Saints, and will be thoroughly “Home Grown” in all respects. The move of God being entrusted to (true) Australians will require giving absolute Lordship to Jesus Christ at ALL times, in the spirit of meekness and holiness, to the very best of our ability, in obedience to God’s written, spoken, discerned and prophesied Word. God’s main aim for what He is about to do in Australia, I believe, is to prepare the (yet to be restored) Body of Christ to fully receive Him as the returning LION and Bridegroom of His beloved Church and Bride. There are many things, both prophesied and mysterious, God is doing in both “seen” and the ”unseen” realms and heavens right now, and God’s SEER prophets in particular are on “High Alert” on many prophetic and intercessory fronts; One reason for this is that they are about to be brought out of “hiddeness” and obscurity by the Lord of Lords to help  lead, steer, navigate and accurately discern this approaching move of God – throughout it’s many twists and turns, trials and tribulations, victories and accomplishments. This Australian move of God will eventually, through true unity of Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries, demonstrate Christ’s “fullness” in a way NEVER before seen in any move of God on earth.

Australia’s move of God Shall first and foremost become known as – “The Apostolic rise of Women into totally equal Kingdom Leadership Ministry!” ( striking satan at his core with the deepest panic the fallen angel has experienced since Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked the earth in physical form). The Holy Bible and it’s scripture truthfully states “There is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female in Christ” – which will become a key scripture behind what God is doing in Australia. The approaching move of God will be known throughout the earth for many ’forerunning’ exploits concerning Apostolic, Prophetic, revelatory, transformational, pioneering and miraculous Kingdom advancements – demonstrating a uniquely “AUSTRALIAN” annointing and expression, produced from the MANY  decades of faithfully paying the price in active obedience, overcoming, warfare, intercession, prayer, preaching, prophecy, worship, love and patience – according to God’s will and instructions during this time of being HIDDEN. Being ‘hidden’ in Christ is a very private and intimate season with God, one in which wise prophets do not wish to exit hastily ‘before their time’ – for they know they can do NOTHING unless God go before them. Yet nothing will outshine and create as much National and International contoversy as the God-ordained and pre-destined – “Apostolic Restoration of  ‘Women alongside Men’ as TOTAL equals in Christ and in His as TOTAL equals in Christ and in His Kingdom”. Australian Apostles and Prophets are mandated with leading the way in this ‘nation changing’ commission. Women of all ages and nationalities will be set free and restored to their rightful place in Christ. The returning Bridegroom willnow begin to declare ad decree restoration of women into ministry and into many Senior Leadership Roles in ‘HIS CHURCH!’.  The fullness of Christ cannot be seen upon the earth until this reformation of women in leadership and ministry, alongside men, is complete – and AUSTRALIA has one of the ’forerunning’ lead roles concerning this mandate being accomplished in the earth. The Apostolic will not be fully restored and established in the Church world-wide, until men and women are  established as true equals in all of the Spiritual  ‘five-fold ministry offices’ in Christ – This is what the true nature of the “nameless and faceless” generation will look like, particularly in Australia.


Christ’s APOSTOLIC ORDER is being restored, which is going to be characterised by repentance of sin, true holiness, obedience to leadership and a dividing line between evil and God. The foundational truth that ”God’s Sons” were created as equals is the ‘final fronteer’ realm of this divine restoration  season in time- ’Male and Female He created them’. The Bride of Christ is both male and female in “ALL” respects, and males and females are called “sons” of God – created in the image of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit –  having absolutely equal dominion ‘together’ in the original earth and living and having their being in the Glory and presence of God.

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I believe this reality is begining to be restored now and will be fully realised in Christ’s second coming. The Global “Shaking” has begun and eternal ‘balance’ is returning to God’s church and Kingdom on earth, according to God’s will and order in heaven. God’s will in heaven is a spiritual reality, and heaven’s spiritual reality is female and male sons of God being “TOTALLY EQUAL” in the presence of GOD HIMSELF. This reality is God’s will in HEAVEN, which will “be done” here on earth in this end time. For this reason was the Son of God made manifest – “To destroy the works of the evil one”. The multi-dimensional works and strongholds of the ‘evil one’ which exist for the captivity, enslavement and abuse of females in God’s Church (through both men and women)  are about to become comprehensively exposed and destroyed- through fresh Apostolic strategy, healing, restoration and deliverance annointings through Christ. He means business concerning the restoration of women being  alongside men in Christ. NO wise senior church leader should refuse the full measure of God’s will and purpose concerning the rise of women in ministry. Get ready….. it’s about to happen!

Christ’s ‘Church’ is His people – both “Male and Female” together.  This world is in it’s present state of multi-level turmoils and disorder for many reasons, but greatly due to the fact that female sons of God haven’t been in their rightful God-ordained place and purpose within God’s Church and kingdom – in their unique and diverse expressions, gifts, offices, mantles, Authority and callings. Men, as dominant leaders of the world and church, fail to rule effectively (have a GOOD look at the state of the world!) without the presence of women ruling alongside them – the evidence of this is the very realm and reality we are presently living in Globally. God burns for the ‘restoration of all things’ as the preparation for the ‘new heaven and new earth’ transformation intensifies. Thoughout church and world history, both past and present –  Women are immeasurably suppressed, oppressed and enslaved by male-dominance and evil in so MANY of the world’s cultures;  but the culture which has NO excuse is the “Christian culture” – which must now radically change and transition to become ‘KINGDOM OF GOD’ culture (Mathew: Chapter 5).

God Himself is stepping in now, It’s HIS fight, so prepare for a massive end time battle within Churches world-wide concerning the rise of Apostolic women Leading in Christ. TIME IS SHORT!  The armies of heaven will soon be released by the great Captain’s command! God’s mighty army is extensively mobilizing in all realms now, in preparation for this Apostolic revolution in Australia. God is about to declare, decree and proclaim some powerful things in to being. In a vision I was shown the contents of a golden scroll concerning this end time Apostolic Reformation and Restoration of His female and male sons truly uniting together as equals in His Kingdom and Church. This golden scroll contains the will of the Living God in the form of words, power, authority, decrees, prophecies, declarations, expressions, commands, sounds, realms and prophetic manifestations –  Mostly this scroll contains God’s will concerning the restoration of male and female as equal heirs of the Kingdom, and the imminent Australian move of God which will help to accomplish that end.

The time is upon us for the words written within this scroll to be spoken forth, accompanied by the sounding of golden “double trumpet” which manifests a multi-dimensional and sustained ‘booming’ sound – penetrating ’deep unto deep’ into the earth and the heavens. This trumpet is about to sound (in early 2009) and a massive shift in our nation’s spiritual atmosphere will take place. The heavens will finally open significantly in favour of the kingdom of God, and great hosts of ‘End Time’ warrior angels will be released to assist those whom are the Lord’s, during this ‘Chairos’ time and transition. This trumpet signals the beginning of the Lord’s will concerning the restoration, unity and equality between “His” male and female sons – God is calling for Australia’s TRUE male and female Apostles and Prophets to come together in preparation for the coming move of God.  Through the sounding of this trumpet, God is also “Galivanising” His chosen Apostles together in the Spirit realm right now, and soon they will meet in the natural realm by way of ‘divine appointments’ etc. I saw that this trumpet’s sound will also release a “new song” and music to the Church of God. We will have such ‘complete’ intimacy with God DURING the times of manifesting these new songs and sounds – Something of our original spiritual DNA will be restored, causing us to have a NEW ability to love God and each other more than we ever thought possible.

Having said that, Tribulation is also coming, so these new sounds will no doubt manifest to combat fear, confusion and deceptions from destroying our relationship with God, the truth of His Word and each other. A unique and spontaneous ’NEW PROPHETIC MUSIC’ is going to be FORERUN in the earth through Australia’s move of God! The TRUE spiritual purpose and creative nature of KINGDOM SOUND will manifest as songs, art, dance, revelation, visions, healing and life through and to God’s precious people. All of which will be attributed to our Apostolic Reformation of  females being TOTAL equals to males in Church/Kingdom Authority and Leadership. This is Australia’s ”HOME GROWN” move of God! Our time has come.

TRUE DISCERNMENT of spirits is going to be needed as never before in the coming move of God. A truly adventurous and glorious time of massive blessing is about to be upon us in Australia, yet it is also going to be known and recorded as being one of the mightiest spiritual battles seen on earth. A mighty “Tsunami” of God’s Spirit fast approaches our nation, containing the truth of female and male Apostolic leadership equality. I am fervently praying for the neccessary grace, mercy, understanding, knowledge, discernment and love – for us ALL to be able to embrace God’s true will and purpose contained within this mighty wave and move of God. The great ”SHAKING” times have begun. Our true enemy hates us all, but “Eve” (representative of the female sons) he hates with unequalled ferocity and enmity. God’s love will be our refuge and His truth our strength when the battle begins concerning females taking their rightful place in Senior Church Leadership (and all church leadership) positions.

Jesus Christ is going to show Himself powerful in this apostolic reformation season here in Australia, and it’s for HIS GLORY alone. Also, when male and female sons of God stand as total equals in God’s Kingdom and presence, God can ‘conceive’ His will and purpose within us more easily, readily and powerfully. Spiritual ‘conception’ of Apostolic strategy will happen to it’s greatest degree when female and male Apostles are leading together, unified as true equals – which commands a powerful blessing for the entire Body of Christ. Australia’s move of God will be widely known for this ‘male and female’ unity, particularly between Apostlesand Prophets. The birth and release of fresh, clear and comprehensive Apostolic Strategy – together with individual and corporate open heavens and visitations of the Holy Spirit – will be common place in the approaching powerful times of Apostolic reformation of the true prophetic/apostolic ministries in Australia. Extreme strategies are about to be given to the Prophets and Apostles in Australia, by the Holy Spirit – All of which will serve to keep the Body of Christ on the ‘narrow’ road in these extreme times. ‘Females and males together’ will receive these insights of what the Father is doing and saying, concerning His will being done “on earth as it is in heaven”.

This I see clearly – Man and his own selfish religious agenda will be exposed in God’s presence when the Father starts to pour out his power and Authority to His true chosen Apostles, Prophets and people once again – and it’s beginning align and happen now. As a consequence of this Holy Spirit lead Apostolic reformation – signs, wonders and miracles will increase and become more recognisable as God’s  natural communion amongst us, yet they will very much be a ’secondary’ focus; God’s chosen people will honestly give all the praise, honor, love and Glory to the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and our Father as the source of it all.  HE is Creator!  HE is Alpha and Omega! God will have His way in Australia. To God be the Glory, for ever and ever Amen.

Much attempted ‘outpouring ministry’ has floundered lately. We must be in the true ‘fear of the Lord’ and not judge, but rather learn from ALL that has happened in a spirit of humility and constant self examination before the Holy Spirit. God is being God in HIS CHURCH – He demands his Glory be His alone. There will be NO true revival, outpouring or move of God in Australia, without there being female apostle and prophets involved at the leadership level in the church and in the actual move of God itself. Many male dominated denominations and ministries have tried many and varied ways to initiate a great move of God – for their own glory and recognition amongst their peers and the nation. But they have failed and will continue to fail, if they don’t fully recognise female ministers in senior leadership roles in the Move of God, especially apostles and prophets. I have confidence that God will create a spiritual drought in the church in Australia, just to force the issue. The true apostolic will survive, and the false will do just about ‘anything’ not to die. God will be GOD! No male-dominated denomination will be of any true spiritual significance in the coming years. God will cause church governments which have “placed themselves” in power to crumble and fall forever – some of them will fall ”loud and fast” and be no more! God will not be mocked.

As is God’s way, He has already had His mighty Australian ‘firstfruit forerunners’  (women and men) blazing and forging a highway for this cause and mandate to become fully realised in the church of Christ at large within Australia. But they are few. And it only takes a few chosen Apostolic and prophetic representatives and warriors of the King of kings, to forerun this type of end-time mandate for the ‘preparation of God’s Bride and Church to receive Him’.  God’s Will is God’s Will! And no-one can change it! God’s fiery eyes of eternal passion are aimed at ‘restoring all things’, and His focus from this moment onward is for women rising up into “Him Who is the Head” and taking their rightful place in the church and kingdom. A high volume of intercession toward the ones who will oppose God in this needs to be raised to the heavens ‘ahead of time’ , so that God may have mercy on them for their pride, ignorance and blindness (God desires that none should perish!). There will begin a massive battle, and God’s women and men together will prevail as victors, because Christ died and rose again for this cause, and no weapon formed against those who fight for this Apostolic cause will prosper. We win because Christ won HIS sons back to the Father, both male and female! He paid the price.

Allow me to also mention this point – both female and male have been a stumbling block to this restoration of women to ministry, so this prophetic word is definitely NOT in any way an “anti-male” promotion. It’s a “TRUTH” promotion of the coming reality of God’s prophetic agenda – a siding with Jesus Christ alone and HIS agenda for HIS body to become one! MALE AND FEMALE SONS AS ONE!  One Body, one Spirit, one LORD OF ALL! Also, women have forfeited their own spiritual birthrights’. Also, women have forfeited their own spiritual birthrights themselves in many cases, so men aren’t ‘the enemy!’.  In many cases it is ”unwhole” women who are the primary opposers of established Apostolic women of authority and leadership in the Church. Restoration healing ministry is a vital foundational ministry to have in every Apostolic Centre, especially those committed to the rise of Women in Senior Ministry leadership. It needs to be stated that the well known “big boy’s club” in the Church IS responsible for decades (centuries actually!) of prejudice and oppression toward women rising into authority and and leadership in the Church. Restoration healing ministry is a vital foundational ministry to have in every Apostolic Centre, especially those committed to the rise of Women in Senior Ministry leadership. It needs to be stated that the well known “big boy’s club” in the Church IS responsible for decades (centuries actually!) of prejudice and oppression toward women rising into authority and senior Apostolic leadership in God’s church – so God is about to remove many of these ’self-appointed’ male leaders now, and quite suddenly. Male supporters of women as equals in the Church are very, very few indeed. This WILL change.

Because we ‘fight not against flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities in the heavenlies’, that is where we must focus our battle, and some of us are already ‘battle-hardened’ in this realm. I will say this though – male ‘misogynistic’ tendencies, doctrines, pride, arrogance, vanity and unrelenting opposition toward women rising to prominence in their God-given authority and spiritual inheritance, has been the main cause of female sons of God being opposed, oppressed, despised and controlled by men throughout the entire church. If you have researched church history you indeed know what I am saying is true. Having said that, for the most part female sons of God (women) have allowed this to occur without much sustained opposition – due partly to the mountain (male domination in Christianity) just seeming too big to conquer. Men’s attitudes, as well as women’s willingness to be enslaved, have created a massive “paralysis” preventing the Body of Christ becoming the giant it is called to be. Unless male and female sons of God walk as total equals (with different expressions of course) , the church will fail. One alarming reality which we can all see is the fact that the world has clearly surpassed the church, as a whole, concerning revelation about the neccessity and natural order of having women in CEO/senior leadership roles within Government, Business and Society in general. We are simply in the ‘dark ages’ concerning Apostolic Order, and the role which female sons of God are created and pre-destined to have in positions of authority and leadership in the church – but the Holy Spirit is now revealing revelation concerning this and hope for change is growing. Women are equal to men in “EVERY” realm of life. That’s the way God designed it, and who are we to manipulate God’s creation in such an evil and selfish manner. I truly am tempted to be very ashamed of being a male Christian minister in this era and time in the earth, and there’s absolutely no wonder the high divorce rates amongst Christians are at least equal to the world in statistics. Let’s wake up! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LEARN THAT MALES ARE NOT GOD!  – ‘GOD ALONE IS GOD!!’      

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  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, what an incredible word. As a woman who has encountered prejudice in the church for simply being female (and not a woman who is seeking position, just seeking to use my gifts as God intended them), I welcome this word of encouragement as well as its fulfilment. To be fair, not every male pastor has done this but in my experience it has been the exception rather than the rule. We are one in Christ, and prejudice has no place in His Kingdom. Amen, amen and amen!

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