Pray for G20 hosted by Australia 15 -16 Nov 2014


During the G20 2014 in Brisbane, let us stand together across Australia, ANZAC & ANZUS alliances and globally to pray for our government leaders, our nations and the earth. May God’s will be done!

See letters below from Wes Leakes & Kris Schlyder:

Letter from Wes Leakes, Brisbane.

There are a number of key events happening in Brisbane:

We have been praying daily for the leaders that are coming to the G20. See  Receive the daily prayer updates and share  with others.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding these events.

Wes Leakes 0413388840

Letter from Kris Schlyder:

Dear brothers and sisters,

Re: G20 Leaders Summit being held in Brisbane this weekend 15-16 November,  notice the following points:

  1. Whilst New Zealand is not a member of the G20, PM Abbott has invited New Zealand to attend as our guest, and both PM Tony Abbot and PM John Key will be attending the Summit.
  2.        The police security force for the G20 comprises policemen and policewomen from Queensland, from throughout the states and territories of Australia, and from New Zealand. In the physical sense it is an Anzac Police Force.

My Anzac partner Pastor Warren Lyons has received my G20 email of yesterday.  We spoke on the phone last night and again this morning. Warren is sending out my G20 emails to his network to join with us in prayer for the G20….as spiritual ANZACS!

Our US brother  in Christ Rev Jim Wilson, co-director of the US National Day of Repentance ministries with Pastor Jeff Daly, a member of our network, sent me an email this morning to say he and his network are joining with us in prayer for G20 security… our spiritual Anzac is also a spiritual ANZUS!

Yesterday our Australian Defence Force sent out a media release about a Russian fleet of warships, comprising a nuclear-capable cruiser, a destroyer, an ocean-going tug, and a replenishment ship, which is approaching Australian territory from the north. This is a global power play that Russia has used previously to coincide with meetings of global leaders like the G20, in order to demonstrate its “global reach.”.  Two Australian Navy frigates and an RAAF Orion long-range reconnaissance  aircraft are keeping watch on that fleet.

Also last night I had an unexpected visit by a Messianic Jewish brother who lives here in Mapleton. We prayed in agreement about the  G20 and this Russian fleet. We bound the strongman, the Bear, over this Russian fleet, and called on our Lord to keep it, and every demonic spirit associated with it, out of Australian territory.

I attach (below) a copy of a protective prayer for Australia which the Lord has had me praying, every night, for a number of years. Please feel free to use it as one of your prayers.

But the battle is not ours, the battle is the Lord’s!

Please join with me in crying out for our Commander in Chief, the Rider on the White Horse, to guard the city of Brisbane and our nations….Psalm 127: 1-2

With love in Christ Jesus,

Kris Schlyder

Coordinator Australian Indigenous Prayer Network


Heavenly Father, I bring before You this nation Australia. I declare that Yeshua HaMashiach is King and Lord of this nation Australia. I thank You Lord for Your Holy Spirit wall of fire around the borders of this nation and Your protective dome over it.

I pray for Your warring angels and Your warrior angels  to be about the borders and the gateways of this nation, the islands, the seas, the skies, the airspace, and spiritual realm of this nation, to prevent any intrusion into this nation intended to cause  harm to this nation and its peoples, by any man, woman, child, thing or spirit.

I pray likewise for those places and nations  which are gateways to this nation Australia, such as Antarctica, Macquarie Island, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, all the other  island nations of the Pacific, Canada and the United States of America, Central America and South America….as well as East Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, Palau, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam  and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and  Brunei, Christmas , Cocos  and Heard islands, Ashmore Reef, Sri Lanka, Burma and Bangladesh.

Lord, I pray for Your intervention within and throughout this nation Australia , within and throughout those gateway nations, within and throughout the other nations of the world, into every plot, plan, scheme, conspiracy, intent on causing harm to this nation Australia, its peoples or part thereof, or any of those gateway nations, their peoples or part thereof, or any of the other nations of the world, their peoples or part thereof, particularly Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece,  Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

Father, I pray that You will intervene to disarm, negate, overturn and expose every such foul scheme, that You will bring the truth out into the open, and that Your perfect will and Your true justice will be done.

 And Father God, I remind you of that river of spiritual filth in Canberra which flows elsewhere throughout our nation Australia. I pray, my Father, that You will uproot it and turn it back on itself until You destroy it with Your consuming fire, and set free those entrapped by it, so that they may come out of the darkness into the light to seek salvation and healing.

I pray  all this in the precious name of Yeshua HaMashiach.


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