Prayer Strategies Arising from Same Sex Marriage Bullying.

Freedom of speech and religion are under powerful attack.
Channel 7 & 10 have refused paid advertising to support marriage. Donny McGregor, from Generation Fire, helps us recognise the schemes at play and stand together in prayer.Your prayers and putting feet to your prayers is extremely important and dangerous to the devil. [Personal experiences have] opened my eyes to what are some of the major forces/drivers behind this whole same sex marriage debate…. that on the surface we may have thought was completely unrelated to the issues of marriage, family and freedom of speech & religion. Which in turn has inspired me to share these prayer strategies/ideas with you. Hopefully, it will also help trigger off new prayer ideas/strategies for you too.My guess, judging by the type of spiritual attack I received, is that there is a lot of bullying and intimidation combined with cut throat business practices that is inspired by a lust for power/control and personal/corporate greed (the “almighty dollar”) that is behind the push for same sex marriage, which is going on behind closed doors that we don’t have a clue about.

Also consider these bible verses:

1 Timothy 6:10; For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.

James 3:16 For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and every evil practice.

a.     Contextualised, corporate greed and a hunger for power will result in all kinds of evil in Australia including bullying, immorality, and rebelling against God’s laws. As the ‘end justifies the means’ to those who are greedy or selfish for more and more power/profit.

b.     It’s been pointed out to me that red light districts (Fortitude Valley, Kings Cross) are always close to the central business district where corporate greed and lust for power is prominent. Perhaps they are feeding into each other. Which is worse the white collar crimes/vices/corporate greed/bullying carried out in business suits in fancy office high rises, or the brothels/ nightclubs/drug dealers next door?

Some observations:

1.     Bullying is rife in Australia. Whether this be teasing, physical force, or smiling people implying how good they are at the expense of how inexperienced/ foolish/stupid or “un with it” another is to gain some advantage or use of peer pressure.

2.     Bullying is being used to bring “acceptance” to homosexuality and other vices. Bullying is being used to change marriage laws and thus give bullies more powers to bully others under the antidiscrimination act.

3.     Many politicians, media personnel, leaders, lobbyists have spent years in corporate environments where bullying is rife; and have either honed their skills at bullying; or have learnt what happens if they don’t toe the line.

4.     Bullying is so rife in Australia, that it must be assumed that it is also happening in parliament and is also being used by the same sex lobby groups through multiple different avenues.

5.     There may also be some other bullies behind the sex marriage lobby group that stand to gain extra powers or finances or advantage as a result.

6.     There is a lot of bullying and intimidation (control & manipulation) going on behind closed doors that we do not know about, even when you happen to work in the company or in the same building where it is going on for numerous years. Sometimes the only hints are a poor culture, lack of trust in the organisation, lack of morale or high staff turnover. Thus, there will be a lot going on behind the scenes with big business, the homosexual lobby, people with agendas, media and in parliament that we do not have a clue about, but which we need to cover in prayer.

7.     It is very hard to discern motives and why something might be happening….. so we need to expand our prayer net to cover a broader range….it’s not just about what people believe about “equal love”.

8.     Money speaks or “almighty dollar $$$” or “bottom line” is speaking too loud.

9.     Who is funding this push for “same sex marriage” and why?

10. We cannot be not sure whether the idea of same sex marriage originated solely within the homosexual community… ultimately it comes from the evil one (and our war is not against flesh & blood). It could also be from power or money hungry people/businesses/groups/UN/international agenda’s (or psycho’s) who see the antidiscrimination laws (if same sex marriage is legalised) as a means of gaining extra power & control over others to expand their influence, ”kingdom” or their empire…( ie use new “laws” (homophobic) as puppet strings to control/bully/manipulate/fine/gaol others).


Big businesses that could benefit from same sex marriage laws:

1.     The pornography industry is the biggest industry in the world far bigger than any other corporate business combined (eg coca cola). They would stand to gain lot from new same sex marriage laws in terms of increase market for homosexual porn. It would also increase the market and demand for prostitution and child sex slavery in the homosexual arena.

2.     Big businesses who have no scruples, that want to get rid of their competition and increase market share by putting other businesses who have more integrity than they out of business. This could include churches/charities and businesses operated by Christians/moral people. (When they couldn’t previously find any dirt on them to take them to court on, Antidiscrimination laws (“homophobic” accusations) could give them the leverage to do so, and play even dirtier).

3.     Any that have CEO’s who have a hunger for power and wealth (or psycho tendencies) and don’t care about the means.

4.     Advertisers could legally have new ways of effectively advertising their products (even bad publicity can improve sales).

5.     Greater influence over and access to our children by immoral and perverted people or companies that want to create new markets/niches, increase profitability and create loyal customers by marketing (brain washing) them with immoral material.



Extra Prayer Points & Strategies for “Miracle for Marriage”

1.     Please pray for spiritual protection over all that are praying in Australia at this time, particularly those that are encouraging others to prayer, intercessors, those on the front line of action, those involved with administration/ coordinating/ emailing/ getting word out etc. Also, that those under attack will be given discernment and insight into how to pray for protection for themselves. (Pray the Blood of Jesus, Ps 91, Isaiah 54:15-17, pray hiding prayers.)

2.     All politicians are under heavy spiritual attack and influence at this time. We need to pray for their protection! (Particularly so for those that have godly morals but who are not strong in prayer or do not have a personal faith in God).

3.     Forbid back lash, retaliation and spiritual attack. Pray that any of the enemies (ie people in the occult) supernatural insight/tools will be blocked/rendered useless (Isaiah 54: 16-17 all weapons are created from things God has made, and therefore Gods weapons are more powerful than what mere humans have access to). (We should not expect or tolerate backlash just because we are doing something for God. It is not a sign of spirituality to be attacked, rather it is a sign that we need to ask God for more insight and revelation into how to pray. Then ask God to turn the lemons into lemonade and trust/pray that God will work out everything for good. Romans 8:28)

4.     Ask God to throw the enemies camp into confusion (including the same sex marriage lobby), so that the enemies plans do not come to fruition.

5.     Pray that if anyone is jealous of someone in positions of power/influence/politics or ministry, that they will repent, so that the jealousy doesn’t become a channel for the devil to use in order to attack the person that they are jealous of….

6.     Ask God to despatch truckloads of his angels to protect his servants (people of prayer/front lines/politicians etc), to keep them strong, to prevent them from wavering, and to “set up” situations in God’s favour.

7.     Jesus was often confronted with bullies, politicians and lawyers who wanted to trip him up with their questions. (The high priest a few generations before was appointed by Roman emperor Caesar). Pray that people /politicians with godly morals and those who value marriage, will be given answers, stories, antidotes, research and parables by God that cannot be refuted. That they would be prepared to rebuke, call to account, and confront when reasoning is futile.

8.     You cannot argue or reason with bullies/predators (its like trying to reason with a thief or rapist), as they can’t be reasonable. So ask God, to grant people discernment as to what tactic they need to take in what situations. Ask God to help people confront these bullies. It could be as simple as a polite assertive “Excuse me” or “Can I/you check that (what you’ve just told me) with …..(more knowledgeable /senior person)”

9.     Pray that the cross of Jesus be placed between all parties, and individuals, so that the cross would “filter” any message that is heard so that the miscommunication (etc) is removed. Eg between Us and politicians, politicians and politicians, politicians and people from homosexual lobby, big business and politicians, media and politicians, media and public, journalists and editors, employees and employers, church and politicians etc etc

10. That the smog and pollution, including moral pollution, and the atmosphere of greed, lust, control, bullying, intimidation, manipulation , hunger for power, accusations, betrayal, oppression, hate, fear etc etc be lifted from Parliament, political offices, homes, social gatherings, business and offices all over Australia. Pray that an atmosphere full of peace and love in the Holy Ghost (and all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit) would blow through clearing the air of all evil pollution. So that politicians and Aussies would have the clarity of mind and freedom to think for themselves (“return to their right mind”) without being hampered by an atmosphere “they could cut with a knife” or of confusion or feeling like they are going crazy.

a.     If the thought of “Who in their right mind would legalise same sex marriage or think that a child doesn’t need a Mum or a Dad” had crossed your mind…. Then you need to be praying into this…

11. Pray that those who are being false accused, attacked, bullied (eg moral politicians) will be able to forgive their enemies, so that the devil doesn’t gain a foothold. Pray that Christians will be able to choose to bless and love their enemies (Matt 5:44), and so build bridges between God and their enemies, so that God can soften their hearts. Pray that Christians will not take revenge but leave room for God’s wrath, mercy and justice.

12. That like Stephen when being stoned (Acts 7) we will be able to pray “Lord, do not hold this sin against them”, and then allow room for God to give the “Sauls” (the persecutor/bully /terrorist) a “wake up call” (spanking in Acts 9:3-4) to turn them into becoming like the Apostle Paul.

13. Pray that webs of deceit will be exposed, that secrets will be brought to the light, that any hidden agenda will be brought into the light, and that bullies (etc) will be recognised for what they really are doing. That experts bias/source of funding/ twisting of truth/commenting outside scope of their expertise; will be exposed where relevant.

14. Pray that those who didn’t realise they were being bullied, manipulated, or a puppet/pawn in someone else agenda, will wake up or light will go on. Especially that those who are “green” & more naïve will have the lights go on (or don’t have inside story) and see the full picture of what is really going on.

15. That the “strings”, “levers”, “buttons”, “remote controls” that the puppeteers are using will be exposed and people will see the invisible puppet strings that they never saw before. Particularly where this involves politicians and media in the same sex debate. We pray that the “strings” between the people/ organisations/ companies that are acting as “puppeteers” and those who are “puppets” in their schemes will be cut in Jesus name…..

16. That those that have been “puppets” and “pawns” (especially in push for same sex marriage) will refuse to be no longer, and have a sense of “fight” (as opposed to “door mat”) given to them. That they will grow a strong backbone and grow in boldness, strategy and tact, and will learn to anticipate all the tricks and games and be given the wisdom to deal with them.

17. That God will move his chosen people into strategic places (like on the chessboard) to make a stand “for such a time as this”. (Like Esther)

18. That those that are being bullied, manipulated, tempted will be provided with a way out, and that they will ask God to show it to them. I Cor 10:13. Bullied politicians or those tempted to compromise will see godly alternatives, receive extra strength and courage, strategy, wisdom, backup plans to take away fear of worst case scenarios etc.

19. That words curses and the effects of knives in the back, effects of bullying will be cancelled in Jesus name. That people’s emotions (and personal spirits) will be healed and feelings of sanity will be restored.

20. Ask God to help those that are being bullied, feeling load of peer pressure (etc) to be able to manage their emotions and thoughts, so that they are not operating in stress and fear. That God would carry them through this difficult time. That instead of crumbling (or being a doormat) that they would rise with “fight” and “passion for righteousness” in their bellies combined with a good dose of wisdom.

21. That editors (etc) in media publications that are biased towards same sex marriage, will be offline/promoted/on holidays/out of office, at critical times when decisions are being made about articles/media that is moral, pro-God, for traditional marriage, so that beneficial media articles/news reports will get to the masses. That it will be profitable for the media to report in God’s favour, which will then open door for more articles to be written along same morally righteous vein.

22. Moral journalists will be given ideas from God for sourcing news, articles, headlines and for making their articles viral and well read/appreciated, and get the timing/strategy right to enable it to get published /to air.

23. As the love of money opens door for all other vices (including immorality and rebellion against Gods laws), pray into issues of greed and corporate greed. Similarly for selfish ambition (lust for power). 1 Timothy 6:10; James 3:16

24. It is not enough to pray out the negative 100% behaviour/sin/spirit/habit to get back to neutral (0), we also need to pray in the opposite plus/positive +100% behavior/habits/spirit/mindset/action.

25. Pray out bullying, and pray in freedom to choose, freedom to be, justice, openness and love etc etc

26. Remember to pray in the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22) into the whole situation.

27. Light chases out the dark. Don’t focus on demons, get rid of sin (access points by repentance & confession) so the devil doesn’t have a foothold. Pray in the good & holy. Ask for God to send his angels of light into the situation.

28. That any sin empowering a “victim spirit” or “unseen target/sign that people might feel that they are wearing” or “magnet attracting abuse” might be revealed by God, and then dealt with through repentance confession and forgiveness. …so that bullies/predators do not have easy targets. Also pray that they will develop mindsets of an overcomer, that walks in authority and joy of God. That spiritually they would now repel abuse/bullying behaviour.

29. (Negative to positive continuum -which is assisted by renewing of the mind with the Word of God). That people (including victims) will stop protecting and defending bullies/predators. That they would recognise that they are loved by God, recognise their own right and boundaries. Will gain a “God can help me” mindset. Begin to reinforce and protect their own boundaries. Repel abuse. Come to expect others in authority to protect and defend them. Become a protector and defender of others. Attract the honour they are due. Become people who help empower those who are being bullied to “see” that they have value and don’t deserve to be bullied.

30. We as Christians need to do the opposite to bullies. Whilst bullies (& those in the occult) curse others with their words, we as Christians need to be actively blessing others with Godly words and growing in our authority to do so, so that we see this blessing come to pass in their lives.

31. That God would send “wake up calls”, signs and wonders, whether this be in the natural environment or in unusual coincidences, to wake politicians and Australians up. Also that when they do occur, they will not be written off as rare scientific unrelated events, but that the relationships between rebelling against God’s laws and the laws of nature will be highlighted (ie same sex marriage). For example that if the earth were to moan and groan about the moral pollution (homosexuality/ same sex marriage laws), in the form of earthquakes “shake ups”, that people would realise that the earth is giving a socio-political comment (“objection”) to say that it disagrees with the laws of nature (God’s) being changed and that a “shake up” is required to restore Gods laws. (Perhaps what we have read in Psalms, Job, Isaiah (etc) about the earth, trees and animals and assumed was poetry should be taken more literally.)

32. Pray that we don’t give up in prayer/or become faint, just before the victory. Lets keep filling the bowl of incense in heaven (Revelations 5:8)

33. Pray that everyone who has contributed in prayer and social action will feel and know that they have played a valid part in preventing same sex marriage laws come into Australia.

a.     Consider the case of the “final straw that broke the camels back”. We need as individuals and in groups to be lifting the straw/s that God highlights to us, from one camel’s back and putting it on the opposite/other camel’s back through prayer & social action so that we can ‘break the back’ of the same sex marriage laws proposal. For example ‘bullying’ accounts for a few straws and there are many other straws that are contributing that God will highlight to different people.

b.     (If you want an example of straws breaking camels back consider the case of someone who has chronic backpain/injury/illness where you are often left wondering why the last event which triggered it was so small yet so significant. In truth it was more likely combination of childhood spills & falls, poor diet, poor posture, sitting at computer or in front of TV for too long, over doing it, stress, over work, burning candles at both ends, various accidents, lack of exercise, unforgiveness, toxic emotions, stinking thinking etc etc. The way to overcome chronic injury/illnesses is always a multipronged multidisciplinary approach. The same applies when we are confronting social justice issues and rebellion against God’s laws (eg abortion, same sex marriage), we need multipronged prayer strategies combined with many different forms of social action.

34. Pray that God will prompt a multitude of what might be considered by some to be small insignificant prayers and actions (that are right on target), but will in the end trigger a snowball in God’s favour to be created (that lands on the camels back that we want to see broken).


If you don’t believe how common bullying is ….and how engrained it is in our culture… And how it could be playing into the debate on same sex marriage laws (& what will happen if they are passed) consider the following…and cover these off in prayer.

1.     Many children are being teased and bullied in Australian schools for years often for no apparent reason.

2.     An occasional office assistant will bully others by cleaning the office fridge of more than old green furry lunches, by chucking other people’s property/containers straight into the bin without warning. (stealing)

3.     General atmosphere of “bitchiness” in some offices.

4.     Some who are so eager to climb the corporate ladder that they deceive, intimidate employees into feeling stupid, inexperienced, incapable and invalidated. They may appear very friendly to an employee when face to face but sow serious doubts in management (or office gossips) ears behind closed doors. They often steal credit for good work done by others/employees whilst blaming others/ employees/ circumstances for their own lack of personal productivity.

5.     Some managers and human resources staff bullying staff (or falsely accuse them) to “encourage” them to resign because the manager doesn’t have the same personality style as the employee, or the employee is due a lot of benefits from many years of service that they don’t wish to pay out.

6.     Watching the “debate” session on TV of the parliament in session, can remind you of school yard bullies, but in suits.

7.     To media bullying politicians/leaders by selective and biased reporting, including selective photos that put people in their best/worst light.

8.     Media blocking stories that don’t agree with their personal agenda’s, the media owners interests or doesn’t favour their big advertisers. Editors blocking truthful stories that their journalists submit.

9.     Media is essentially controlling how people vote, which then effects how politicians act if they want to keep their jobs.

10. A more “silent” form of bullying …Politicians also know that if they “annoy” in any way big business or the media, that their parties form of sponsorship, donations & perks could be in jeopardy from big business/rich people who have been large contributors in the past. They also know that the free or discounted favourable media coverage that they are currently receiving the benefit of, may be lost and be turned against them.

11. Many companies and big businesses selectively promoting and hiring of staff and managers that use bullying and intimidation and who let money speak (bottom line/shareholder profits) louder than integrity. (Whilst those who don’t bully either don’t get promoted or leave the organisation).

12. Companies & managers using fear (of losing their jobs) to increase productivity and the bottom line (general feel of white collar sweat shops/slavery), whilst employee health, safety and families suffer. Employees (especially those in debt/with mortgages) thus toeing the line and doing things that they don’t totally agree with ethically in order to keep their jobs. Employees not speaking up when they see something questionable or not wanting to find out more, because they wish to keep their jobs.

13. Selective facts and statistics are being used to twist the truth and tell lies, and can become powerful weapons of intimidation, because they are hard to argue against.

14. To hiring experts that will tell them what their itching ears want to hear. These “independent/unbiased” experts know which side their bread is buttered on, and so develop mindsets to look for what their “employer” wants them to see. Then those that funded the report misuse the report to bully and intimidate others. Consider these types of professional bullying.

a.     Insurance companies/ workcover/ employers not wanting to payout or admit liability so they hire medico legal specialists to interrogate patients/sick employees to hunt down “facts” to prove that the event was not work related, and omit work related causes. They state that that if the cause of the illness/injury/pain/inability is not (drop dead obvious) on film/tests that the person is healthy & the sickness or pain is just a figment of their imagination.

b.     Scientific research biased towards those who make large donations to the establishment or their own bias. (“processed food is nutritious”, “evolution proved once again”, “same sex marriage does not affect adversely children”).

c.     Biased experts/scientists often neglect other forms of valid diagnosis/investigation/experimentation. They may make statements/give opinions outside the scope of their speciality with no logic behind it. They may recommend to impressionable people that the patient/study/idea doesn’t need to referred to another specialist/scientist, thus preventing their false statements from being discovered or challenged. They use impressive language to fool the reader into believing them. To bias the report towards those who funded it, they leave out important information, word it so that is open for misinterpretation but very hard to challenge legally. They discredit anyone who does not have as many letters (qualifications) after their names.

d.     The same sex marriage lobby can find experts to tell them what they want to hear….

15. Being asked to change the conclusions of a report or change the final option selection, against logic or results of expert investigation or integrity.

16. Human resource sections of big corporates have huge public relations strategies to sell new initiatives (brain wash) to their employees in the same way as advertisers do, to make ideas that would be unpalatable if spoken in plain English sound desirable. Often cloaking hidden agenda’s with “corporate speak” and nice sounding policies that are good on paper only. Homosexual marriage lobby is doing similar things to the Australian population.

17. Lawyers being used to gain more than what is fair.

18. Laws being used outside their intended purpose. (We need to assume that antidiscrimination laws will actually be used by bullies to discriminate against those they disagree with routinely).

19. Scripture union chaplaincy program being taken to the high court in the past is another example of bullying.

20. Some supermarket chains/big businesses bullying their suppliers. Big business withholding payment for goods received when they have the money to pay for it now, whilst supplier is suffering.

21. Advertising and media can be bully/brain wash the Australian population.

22. Consider the history of bullying in Australia. From convicts being administered punishment/exile that far exceeded their crime. From soldiers going beyond normal levels of discipline with convicts to bully them around. To many migrants leaving countries because of “lords of the manors” were able to bully them around because they didn’t have the means to get justice, or the laws were biased towards the rich. Others have fled countries due to persecution (more severe form of bullying) to come to Australia.



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